Sunday Style: Lace Dress and Ugly Sandals

I wore my white lace dress a second time to church a few weeks ago, styled very similarly to the first time I wore it. The only thing I changed was sandals instead of boots.


Outfit details:  lace dress ~ thrifted; jacket ~ thrifted;

sandals ~ eBay; necklace ~ MIL’s collection;

ring ~ Avon, I think (it’s old).

Sure, the sandals are comfortable, and keep my feet cooler than boots in the super hot temps we’re having this summer…but darn, if these aren’t about the ugliest sandals in my shoe collection! Don’t they holler “OLD LADY!!” ? Ugh… I bought a new pair of navy sandals a few months ago that are just as comfortable but a bazillion times more stylish; problem is that they are far too casual to wear with a lace dress. But honestly, don’t you think this outfit would look better without those barfy sandals?


The boots would have been MUCH better. Or even no shoes at all! Of course, it would be rather awkward to go barefoot at church.

Next time I wear this lace dress, I need to wear it with something other than a short-sleeved jacket, and definitely NOT those ugly sandals.

Since the jacket is pretty busy, I kept my jewelry simple.


Incidentally, this jacket has been added to the donation pile a couple of times. I bought it at a second-hand store while visiting my youngest sister in Iowa, four or five years ago. Every once in a while, I lose enough weight that it becomes too big for me, so I add it to the give-away bag at the semi-annual changing out of the seasonal clothing items. It sits there over the winter, waiting to be taken to the thrift store in the spring. And then, come spring, I realize it would really be perfect to wear with such-and-such, and go dig it out again. Sure enough, either it fits again (darn all those Christmas cookies!) or I can get away with it by wearing enough layers. So…I think the jacket should stay. And the sandals will go!