Adventures in Thrifting:  A Good Haul Week!

Adventures in Thrifting: A Good Haul Week!

The Thrifting Fairies must have scattered some pixie dust on me this week! If you’re a regular thrifter, you know that sometimes it’s like fishing with a dead worm and coming up with an old boot. Other times, it’s like when Jesus told the disciples to cast their nets on the other side of the boat, and they caught so  many fish the boat started to sink! I came home with a good haul this week; not quite sink-the-boat big, but better than an old boot!

On Monday, I visited Goodwill during my weekly grocery trip to town. I’ve been in the habit of stopping in there each week ever since I found a few pieces of LuLaRoe clothing about a month ago. I keep hoping whoever donated those pieces will clean more out of her closet (she hasn’t yet). Here is what I found this week:


I’m not a huge fan of polka dots, but something about this Quacker Factory jacket appealed to me; the red tee with stars looks cute with it. Add jeans and there’s an outfit! The blue Aztec print top is made from super-soft material – the exact blend as LuLaRoe leggings – and it’s Bobbie Brooks, a brand from Walmart. Apparently I really love olive green tunic tops; this one joined three others already in my closet. (One of which got culled, because I like the newest one with the lace hem better.) The purple print boho top is Mosimo from Target, and is similar to several other tops of the same brand I found at a yard sale last summer. They are cool and breezy for summer.


Do you wanna read ABC books with a snowman? Ha ha ha! Olaf will be a birthday gift for a certain niece of mine who loves the movie Frozen. The vintage-looking (but completely modern) letter shape books will be a birthday gift for my grandbaby Miss Pie.

I stopped at the mall on Monday, too. While JC Penney’s is a department store, NOT a thrift store, occassionally one can score a very thrifty deal, especially when combining clearance sales with coupons. I spent a total of $3.00 for everything seen in the two photos below:


Outfits for Miss Pie


Valentine pin for my collection; card of pins to add to niece L’s birthday gift.

Remember the $1/bag sale at the local thrift shop I mentioned in my previous post? Well, the sale is now in the history books, but I did get over there for the first day of the sale. In fact, I was one of the first people in line. I came home with three paper grocery sacks filled to the brim! Much of that will be eBay fodder, but I did get a few pretties for myself.


The black hooded swing-style all-weather coat is a tad big on me, even though it’s a size medium, but I love it enough that it doesn’t matter. The floral top is another of those Mosimo boho tops from Target. Pretty plates speak to my heart, and when I find one as sweet as this fruity one with gold trim, it’s an easy purchase. Books are another easy purchase…and when I saw one of my favorite Nancy Drew titles, of course I had to buy it! Three bags cost $3, and since I bought about 30 items, each piece cost a neat dime. Not too shabby!


While placing The Hidden Staircase on my bookshelf, I thought it sure would be fun to get a few more of the first books in the Nancy Drew series. And so I went hunting online…and found a listing on eBay for the first five books in perfect condition! I’ve put in an offer, so we’ll see if I get them.

Today was the monthly sale day at the Catholic church in another town; normally, I would have gone to the sale with my daughter. However, our early spring weather is taking a break and allowed Winter to remind us that she’s not finished yet. It’s snowing and cold. Bleh. So my dear daughter went to the sale by herself. She shared some pics of the goodies she found:


Laundry sign


Shirts for Miss Pie


For a future birthday party


A yellow pail for holding chalk ~ She has a chalk wall just around the corner.

If you’re out thrifting this weekend, I wish you happy hunting!


Adventures in Thrifting: What a Dollar Got Me

I’ve gotten out of the habit of documenting my thrift shopping finds, and it’s time to rectify that situation! This weekend, the local church-run thrift store is offering all their merchandise for 50% off. Yesterday was the first day of the sale, so I stopped by while I was in town for a meeting.

This is what $1 bought:


The purple slippers are brand new; so are the vacuum bags, although there are just two in the package. The book has a similar-sounding title to this month’s book club selection. Not the same story, I’m sure, so I’d better keep looking for the correct book. This book looked interesting to me, though!

My purchases may have been few, but I am happy with them. The primary reason I didn’t buy more is because next week the thrift store will have their $1 a bag sale. That’s when people line up at the door before they open, and I’ll be joining the crowd. Even though paper sacks are provided for shoppers, I always bring my own reusable grocery bags. They are about the same size, but have the benefit of long handles. This way, I can carry the bag over my shoulder and cram stuff in it.

There’s another little shop downtown that is on my frequent shopping rotation. It’s not a thrift store, but the propriator does offer a selection of vintage jewelry for fair prices. I love to stop in and see what’s new in the glass case of vintage pins and brooches, and nearly always leave with a treasure. This little show-off rooster pin came home with me yesterday:


He reminds me of Napoleon, my Banty roo!


What thrifty treasures have you found lately?

Simple Summer Style

Simple, breezy dresses have been my uniform this summer. I’ve always loved dresses, but even more so as I get older. Dresses keep me cooler than shorts and tees, especially shift, A-line, or swing dresses. I find them more comfortable, too, like wearing a nightgown during the day. Something I discovered recently is the boho-inspired slip dress – which I wear underneath shorter dresses to add modesty and a bit of feminine flair.


Outfit details:  chambray dress ~ thrifted; slip dress ~ eBay;

necklace ~ gift; bracelet ~ thrifted; sandals ~ eBay.


Of course, living out here in the hills and valleys of rural Kansas, finding a slip dress, especially one that is 100% cotton, in a brick-and-mortor store is nearly impossible. As much as I enjoy shopping, I don’t have the time to scour every shop in town when I make the trip. It’s so much simpler to plug in “cotton slip dress” into the search box on eBay and get exactly what I want delivered to my front door!


A very dear friend of mine gave me this necklace for my birthday. It’s not something I would have picked out myself, but it turns out that it’s perfect to wear with a simple dress to add a touch of boldness. I think it will be great to wear with layers in the early spring, too. My friend has good taste!


Buying shoes online can be a gamble, unless you are familiar with the brand. These strappy sandals are Earth shoes, a brand that I’m just beginning to get to know. I purchased a pair of Earth shoes earlier this year from on blind faith, and that venture turned out so well, I was willing to bet on this pair of sandals found on eBay for a fraction of retail value. The gamble paid off! These sandals fit well, are comfortable, provide adequate arch support, and don’t look “old lady”.

My recommendation to people who are a tad gun-shy of buying shoes online:  Visit a local shoe store and try on every pair possible. Take notes on brand, size, and style name of the shoes that suit your needs. Then search online to find the best possible price. and eBay are my go-to sources on the web for the brands that work best for my feet: Vionic, Earth, Merrell, Keen, and Dansko. I’ve heard from others that Poshmark is a good place to find deals on name brands, but I have not shopped the site personally. The best source, hands down, for finding great shoes on the cheap is thrifting, either at yard sales or second-hand stores. I’m very, very particular about purchasing used shoes; they must be in nearly new condition or I’ll leave them behind. Once I get them home, I clean them with a Norwex microfiber cloth. Of course, it’s almost pure luck to find your size and the particular style you’re after, but it sure is exciting when it happens!

Adventures in Thrifting, Early Summer Roundup

Adventures in Thrifting, Early Summer Roundup

Summer is yard sale season, which is the thing I like best about that hot, humid season. I haven’t gone sale-ing each weekend, but I’ve gotten out often enough. It’s not like I’m in particular need of anything. But it sure is fun discovering thrifty treasures!


The child’s rocking chair is solid oak, made by a little family-run furniture store in Minnesota (so small, they don’t even have a website). I had to ask what the price was (which usually irritates me, but in this case, it turned out to be a good thing; if it had been bearing a price sticker, I’m sure it would have been gone long before we arrived to the sale). When the lady said $5, I nodded and casually picked it up…but inside my head, I was doing the happy dance! Woot! The pretty little rocker is now sitting in my baby granddaughter’s room, in her book nook.


Some of my most favorite pieces of jewelry have come from yard sales. It’s certainly the cheapest way to add to one’s collection! This bracelet and watch each cost 50¢. After wearing the bracelet a few times, I discovered why the person sold it; one of the pins has fallen out, making the bands go wonky. Thankfully it doesn’t fall apart, but it’s still kind of bothersome. My husband believes he could fix it for me, but he’s busy working on The House Project currently. Maybe later.


Goodwill is still a favorite way for me to get in some thrifting, even in the summer. This was a good haul – jeans, lacy top, workout top, red leather purse, and the best thing:  a piece of Frankoma!

I tagged along with my daughter and her family to a small lake community’s area wide yard sales a few weeks ago and found something I’ve been hoping for – a large bunch of fake philadandron greenery. It’s too dark in my kitchen to keep a live plant perched on top of the cupboards. I was a lot happier to spend $3 than what it costs at Hobby Lobby, even if it’s on sale for 50% off.

The bag is an expensive designer one, according to the woman who sold it to me. For $2. Lucky me! I really don’t care if it’s a designer bag or not; I think it will be nice to pair with fall outfits.


I really should have taken a “before” shot of this copper bangle. It was so very dirty, you couldn’t even see the fish! While it’s not actually an antique, as the seller claimed, it is vintage and possibly from Mexico. There is a similar bracelet on eBay for $16.99; mine cost $1, plus lots of metal cleaning paste.


My obsession with all things lacy continues to be fueled by thrifty finds like this. My sisters and I took our Daddy out for lunch a few days after Father’s Day, and on the way back to our cars afterward, we popped into a tiny hole-in-the-wall thrift store. It was worth the while! This lace cardigan was my treasure; sister B found a pair of Justin gypsy boots; sister L found a cowgirl hat for her youngest daugther; Daddy enjoyed sampling the chocolate donut holes the propriator kept urging him to eat.


Finally, another terrific Goodwill find:  new, in the shrinkwrap, DoTerra Essential Oils starter pack. Three bucks!

Happy thrifting!

Adventures in Thrifting, Winter Edition

Adventures in Thrifting, Winter Edition

For some reason, no one around these parts cares to throw a yard sale very often. The North Wind and danger of frostbite must be a deterrent. Thankfully, there are several thrift stores in our area, so I can get in a thrifting fix now and then. Some Postman and I enjoy visiting antique stores, also, which isn’t quite “thrifting”, but we do strive to get a good bargain when we make a purchase.

Here are a few of my recent thrift store finds:


The Sirloin Stockade glass is for Some Postman’s collection. We both used to work for the restaurant; he has a few pieces to remember it by. I think I may have my old name tag somewhere… Even though I already have a Pampered Chef Chillzanne divided tray / deviled egg holder, I couldn’t resist nabbing another one at Goodwill. If the Chicken Girls keep up the good work, I’ll be able to take two dozen deviled eggs to any given potluck, so the extra holder will be handy. The polka dot tumblers match a set of shorter glasses in my cupboard. Our family has grown, and this past Christmas I realized I was a couple of dotty glasses short. They are just cheap plastic from Walmart, but no longer available, so I was happy to find a stack at Goodwill. Some Postman found the shot glass with my name on it, and the little bowl isn’t anything special, except that it makes me smile.


The monthly thrift sale by the Catholic women in the next town over can almost always promise additions to my book shelf. Most books are only a quarter and I am helpless to resist! My left arm has been giving me trouble for the past few months, so I’ve been searching for a smaller, more light-weight purse to carry. This one is leather and boasts many pockets; a dollar well spent. The two sweaters are both wool, intended for use in craft projects. The pink one was half-price at Goodwill; someone had put it in the dryer by mistake and shrunk it. I’m sure they were quite sad, but for me, it is perfect – now I won’t have to felt it! The wire plate rack will display a few of my favorite Frankoma trivets when we eventually remodel the kitchen.

This is my bounty from our recent antique store shopping:


Frankoma Wagon Wheel salt and pepper shakers in Prairie Green glaze.


Frankoma Aztec individual creamer in Prairie Green glaze.

I think this one must have been made towards the end of a mold’s life, since the pattern isn’t very clear. It’s definitely Frankoma, though, and I love the rutile of the glaze!


Vintage Dachshund ceramic table wear.

The salt shaker is 10 inches long! It isn’t marked; I haven’t found any information about it online.

The fat little Dachshund creamer isn’t marked, either, but according to one eBay listing I found, it is made by Artmark. Sadly, I didn’t notice until we were home that the nose has been repaired. I still would have purchased it (hey, it’s adorable!), but would have asked for a better price.

Down the Road a Piece ~ Adventures in Thrifting

Down the Road a Piece ~ Adventures in Thrifting

The photo file containing the pictures below got kind of lost, so these items didn’t get included in the previous post. That’s OK, actually, since that post was lengthy enough. And it gives me fodder for today!

Z-town, five miles down the road a piece, held a community-wide yard sale one drizzly day a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully the heavy rain held off until later in the day. We were able to stay mostly dry as we browsed folks’ treasures on their front porches and in their garages. Since Z-town is a teeny tiny spot on the road (smaller even than W-town, where we live!) several miles from the nearest actual city, not many shoppers made the drive out of town. Too bad for them…I found a LOT of great stuff!


I have needed a roll-y desk chair forever! My back hurts far less now that I’ve got a comfy chair in which to sit at my computer. While the vintage captain’s chair I’d been using is pretty, it’s not good for office use.

The story books are 1970s vintage – as old as me! Ha ha. I briefly considered selling them on eBay, but they don’t bring much there, especially in their well-loved condition, and they are happy to reside on my bookshelf. The glare in the photo makes it challenging to read the titles. They are:  The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown, It’s A Mystery, Charlie Brown by Charles M. Schulz, and The Best Nest by P. D. Eastman.

The large basket was a very timely find! I’ve been in need of a way to organize magazine back issues for the church library. One of those wall-mounted wood racks was my first preference, but my budget was cut drastically this year, so even a $40 purchase is out of the question. A friend suggested using a large basket to hold the mags and keep it underneath one of the end tables in the seating area. Great idea…but I didn’t have a large basket other than my laundry basket, which is plastic and in my use. So when I spotted this big basket for $3, I snapped it up! It works perfectly!

The green footed bowl was not a purchase. One of the Z-town ladies having a sale is a friend of mine, and she knows that I collect Frankoma. Instead of putting a price tag on it, she gave it to me as a gift! Wasn’t that sweet of her? It is a Plainsman pattern footed bowl or planter, marked “Frankoma 22S” on the bottom, and the glaze is Prairie Green. It is currently residing on the wood stove in the living room. I love it! Thank you, P!



Ever since I bought a pair of sparkly pink Converse (ten years ago?), I have wanted another pair of unique Chucks, but have been unwilling to fork over the cash required. These are Ed Hardy sneaks, not Converse, but they are the very same style. They are super cute! And pretty comfortable, too, although they are lacking arch support, the same as Converse. I’ve tried wearing my special insoles, but they tend to make the shoes too tight. As long as I’m not wearing them for an extended period of time, though, they are fine.


The thought of selling these Sperry Topsiders (and the Ed Hardys, above) did cross my mind, but only very, very briefly. Sure I could make a bit of a profit on them, but they fit perfectly, are quite comfortable, and SO cute! How can I resist black sequined boat shoes? I cannot, I just cannot. Especially since the price per pair was a mere $2.

A few more items were purchased at the Z-town sales, but since they are destined to be gifts or to be sold on eBay, I didn’t photograph them. Tomorrow is Saturday…the day for adventures in thrifting! I’m sure I’ll wake up bright and early, as I have been since the birds began chirping at 4:30 am in these parts, so I plan to grab a bite of breakfast, fill up a water thermos and drive into town to hunt bargains!

Adventures in Thrifting, Late May / Early June Edition

Adventures in Thrifting, Late May / Early June Edition

It’s time for another episode of Adventures in Thrifting! Here’s a look at the treasures I’ve picked up the past few weeks at second-hand stores and yard sales.

Lace shawl with fringe ~ C9 shorts ~ vintage pin

Lace shawl with fringe ~ C9 shorts ~ vintage pin

At the shop where I purchased the vintage pin, I noticed the owner had tied a lacy, fringed shawl around a lamp shade. This gave me inspiration for adding a pretty touch to the decor for the lingerie shower I gave my friend a few weeks ago. Then I found this purple shawl at the next shop I visited! It’s rather large, but I made it work, and it really did look pretty for the party. Now I don’t know what to do with it, though! While I enjoy scarves, I’m not big on shawls. As for those shorts… I’m not a runner, so I don’t plan to wear them for their intended purpose. They will be worn over that lime green swimsuit seen in a previous post.


Bon Voyage! That’s what I named this fun little vintage pin. Hot pink is not the best background color for it, though. I think it will be adorable with my navy & white striped shirt!

Pampered Chef baking stone w/ handle ~ Tupperware large Fridgesmart container ~ Pampered Chef mini whip

Pampered Chef baking stone w/ handle ~ Tupperware large Fridgesmart container ~ Pampered Chef mini whip

These items were acquired at a sale that offered a great deal – fill a HUGE bag for $7. Between Some Postman and me, we filled our bag with 14 things, so each item’s cost was only 50¢! I plan to give the baking stone to my son, if he wants it. The Fridgesmart container will be great for holding our garden produce this summer. I already have a mini whip in my kitchen catch-all drawer, but when you find a second one at a fill-a-bag sale, you get it anyway!


The devotional book will go in my friend MA’s birthday box. She’s one of those delightful people who thinks it’s just awesome to get a thrifted gift – it’s just like new, and the giver is able to give a more bountiful birthday box because she didn’t spend a lot of money on it! (I’m also one of those kinds of people, if you hadn’t already guessed.) Inside the plastic box is a bunch of thread – including a spool of Gutermann thread (high quality stuff!), needles, patches, etc. Check out the extra-awesome vintage packet of needles!



Thinking that I might sell the Caribou Coffee mug on eBay, I did a little research on it. This cup is called “Psychedelic” and is part of a ’70s themed collection. But they don’t sell for much on eBay, so I’ll keep it for myself. Besides, how can I resist the humor inside the mug?