Sunday Style ~ Denim, Dress, & Boots


Outfit details:  Dress ~ LuLaRoe Facebook boutique;

Denim Jacket ~ Christopher & Banks;

Boots ~ Target (old); Belt ~ thrifted;

Earrings ~ ??; Bracelet ~ flea market.



This outfit was worn on a Sunday in late May, when it was still cool enough to enjoy wearing a jacket. I do love a twirly dress with a denim jacket and cowgirl boots! The “Nicole” dress from LuLaRoe is so comfortable and easy to wear; I don’t save it just for Sundays. I’ve worn it to the grocery store and even around the house, although I don’t wear the boots for those occasions. Print sneakers or simple sandals look nice and allow for dashing about.


Sunday Style: A Dress, A Flower, and a Kitten

Well. Writer’s block. It happens.

This is what I wore to church a few Sundays ago.


Outfit details:  dress ~ eBay; cardigan ~ thrifted;

sandals ~ eBay; earrings ~ yard sale.

It was the first Sunday in August, and the Naked Ladies were in full glorious bloom.


Surprise! Kitty photo bomb! Puddin’ provides so  much entertainment. Candy Cat is even learning to tolerate her playfulness.


It looks like I have a sunburn in this photo, but it’s just the way the light was filtering through the clouds that morning.

Can’t really think of anything to say about this outfit. It appeals to me just enough to like it, and it was comfortable. The dress sort of has a maternity-ish look to it, but it isn’t.

The lack of words in this post will be more than compensated for in another post I started writing last week. Hopefully I’ll get it finished up by the end of this week. Stay tuned!

Sunday Style: Extra Peachy!

“If I had my little way, I’d eat peaches every day….” …or at least wear a peachy dress! The Sunday I wore this dress to church, my dear friend Robin wore a peachy outfit, also. As we were on our way to the church’s garden area so Some Postman could snap some pictures of us, we noticed that another friend of ours was adorned in peach, too. She was on the way to set up her Bible study class, though, and didn’t have time to join us for photos.


Outfit details:  dress ~; underdress ~ eBay;

sandals ~ eBay; necklace ~ Avon; bracelets ~ yard sale.


This summery “shell” necklace has matching earrings, but I never wear them with the necklace. It feels too matchy-matchy. The earrings are dangly and long, a style I haven’t felt like wearing since I got my hair cut short. Some people like to wear bold earrings when they have short hair, because the earrings are easier to see without hair covering them up. For some reason, it just doesn’t feel right to me, so I’ve been sticking with small earrings. Most of the time, bold statement necklaces don’t feel right to me anymore, either. Funny how one’s tastes in jewelry fluxuate…


Zulily has been tempting me all summer long to fill my closet with breezy, flowy dresses like this peachy dreamy dress. This one is the same style as the navy blue one I bought last summer; the nice thing about the peach dress is that it doesn’t turn my skin (and underthings) blue when I wear it. Yes, that blue dress still bleeds, even though I’ve washed it several times! I’ve added vinegar to the rinse, too, which is supposed to help “set” dark colors. It hasn’t helped. Any ideas?

Robin and I had fun getting our photos taken together that day. It took a lot of pics to come up with a few that we weren’t goofing around or making silly faces!





See? Goofy! LOL

In case you didn’t catch the reference to the Presidents of the United States of America at the very top of this post, here’s the song on Youtube.


Sunday Style: Blue & White

This summer has been rather on the hot side, so my tendency is to forgo pretty clothes and simply wear whatever will keep me cool no matter what it looks like. Extra loose and baggy is what that usually turns out to be, and I end up looking like a sack of wilting potatoes. Not very stylish! However, Sunday is church day, and that’s the one day of the week that I make an effort to put myself together. Makeup is still worn only at a minimum, but at least my outfits are presentable.


Outfit details:  shirt ~ JC Penney’s; skirt ~ thrifted;

Vionic sandals ~; 

pin and bracelet ~ thrifted.

White skirts must be magnetic…my closet has four white skirts already, and yet every time I’m out shopping or thrifting, I find my eyes drawn to more white skirts! I have to force myself to leave that pretty new white skirt behind; how many white skirts can I possibly wear??? Especially since I don’t dare wear them just banging about the house – bad idea with a black-and-tan Dachshund who insists on constant snuggles, even though it’s hotter than blazes; not to mention my propensity to wipe my hands on my clothes, forgetting that I’m not wearing an apron. White skirts are simply perfect for summer, though, aren’t they?

I purchased this particular white skirt last winter at Junk In The Trunk, a local consignment shop, along with a black/coffee/cream striped skirt in the same style (which I haven’t worn yet, silly me – it would hide that dog hair perfectly!). It’s a pinch too small around the waist, but wearing it as a high-waisted skirt alleviates that issue as well as bringing the hemline up just enough to make it my preferred length.

The blue plaid shirt has a lot of things going for it, but one almost deal-breaking problem:  the pintucks at the bust create a POOF of volume over my tummy. Worn tucked in, as in this outfit, it’s not obvious, but worn untucked, as I’d do with just about any other bottoms, it looks like a maternity top. I’m round enough without appearing pregnant to boot. To keep or not to keep?

Pins can be a bit challenging to wear in summer, I think, because they tend to be heavy and my tops and dresses are light-weight. This peacock pin, however, is very thin and light, so it doesn’t pull the fabric or flop downward. The bracelet is silver; I know this because each time I want to wear it, it must first be cleaned of tarnish. Is there a way to keep it clean longer?

And finally, here’s another outfit pic, complete with a kitty photobomber.


Sunday Style: Lace Dress and Ugly Sandals

I wore my white lace dress a second time to church a few weeks ago, styled very similarly to the first time I wore it. The only thing I changed was sandals instead of boots.


Outfit details:  lace dress ~ thrifted; jacket ~ thrifted;

sandals ~ eBay; necklace ~ MIL’s collection;

ring ~ Avon, I think (it’s old).

Sure, the sandals are comfortable, and keep my feet cooler than boots in the super hot temps we’re having this summer…but darn, if these aren’t about the ugliest sandals in my shoe collection! Don’t they holler “OLD LADY!!” ? Ugh… I bought a new pair of navy sandals a few months ago that are just as comfortable but a bazillion times more stylish; problem is that they are far too casual to wear with a lace dress. But honestly, don’t you think this outfit would look better without those barfy sandals?


The boots would have been MUCH better. Or even no shoes at all! Of course, it would be rather awkward to go barefoot at church.

Next time I wear this lace dress, I need to wear it with something other than a short-sleeved jacket, and definitely NOT those ugly sandals.

Since the jacket is pretty busy, I kept my jewelry simple.


Incidentally, this jacket has been added to the donation pile a couple of times. I bought it at a second-hand store while visiting my youngest sister in Iowa, four or five years ago. Every once in a while, I lose enough weight that it becomes too big for me, so I add it to the give-away bag at the semi-annual changing out of the seasonal clothing items. It sits there over the winter, waiting to be taken to the thrift store in the spring. And then, come spring, I realize it would really be perfect to wear with such-and-such, and go dig it out again. Sure enough, either it fits again (darn all those Christmas cookies!) or I can get away with it by wearing enough layers. So…I think the jacket should stay. And the sandals will go!

Sunday Style:  Patriotic

Sunday Style: Patriotic

Wearing blue, white and red  is both patriotic and summery. I prefer not to wear actual flag print, but I’m not completely opposed to it. There are a pair of heart-shaped flag print earrings in my jewelry box, and if I had a pair of blue/white star shorts, I’d definitely wear them with my red/white striped tee. But this is my favorite way to wear USA’s colors:


Outfit details:  white peasant top ~ JC Penney’s;

handkerchief print skirt ~ JC Penney’s; red belt ~ old;

red sea glass necklace ~ eBay;

Vionic sandals ~



I wore this outfit to church yesterday; it was a cool, drizzly day. Today it’s a bit warmer and a lot more humid. So far, just banging around the house, I’m wearing a blue t-shirt shift dress. If we go to the parade this evening, I may see if my closet has another patriotic outfit lurking inside, but one that is much more casual. Darn…now I’m really wishing I had some star-print navy blue shorts…

Sunday Style: Country Lace

One Sunday in May, here is what I wore to church. And I loved every aspect of this outfit! The lace dress, denim jacket, cowgirl boots, layered necklace and beaded bracelets. The only thing missing was a hat. I used to have a cowboy style beach hat, but must have purged it from my closet, because it could not be found. I’d only worn the hat once, and with the ever-present blow-the-hat-off-your-head Kansas wind, it required holding onto with one hand to keep it lodged. Which is a royal pain in the kiester. So…no more cowboy style hat for me. But even hatless, this outfit is a favorite!


 Outfit details:  lace dress ~ thrifted; denim jacket ~ thrifted;

boots ~ Target; necklace ~ JCP (I think); bracelets ~ thrifted;

earrings ~ had for ages.


If I could, I would wear pieces like these every single day. It truly defines my style. It’s doubtful I’ll ever tire of this outfit. I’m pretty sure I’ll cry if the day comes that any of these items wears out or no longer fits.


Not very practical for wearing inside the chicken pen, however. The lace might snag on the chicken wire, and white is a dangerous color around muck and poo. The boots may be cowgirl boots, but I don’t wear them for mucking purposes. A designated pair of “poop shoes” sits outside the back door for that job.


It’s perfectly fine to get down and pet the cat, though.