Ready, Set, GO!

Ready, Set, GO!

Life has been quite full here on the Farm lately. All in good ways! We’ve been on the go, spending time with family and friends, having fun adventures, and keeping so busy I haven’t even had time to read a page in my current book (I can’t even remember the title or author, it’s been so long since I picked it up!). All this going and doing has fried my brain, which is why I’ve not been inspired to sit and write lately.

However, a thunderstorm is keeping me awake this morning (it’s 4:30 am as I type this), and it seems like a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity. For some reason, I feel bright eyed and busy tailed, despite having only slept 5.5 hours. There may be a nap happening later this afternoon…

A couple Fridays ago, on Sept 2nd, Some Postman took the day off and we made a little road trip up to a tiny town near the northern KS border called Sparks. Twice a year, they hold a flea market; our life insurance agent had told us about this event a year or two ago, knowing how we enjoy thrifting and old stuff. We left before dawn and arrived before many of the vendors were even open. The weather was cool early in the day, almost to the point of wishing we’d worn jackets, but the sun quickly warmed us up.

Arriving so early, we snagged a prime parking spot. When we took a haul back to the car a few hours later, cars lined both sides of the road all along the main intersection. Sparks’ population had exploded! I read on their website that there are about 9 people who live in Sparks year-round. I’m not very good at estimating accurately, but I’d guess that they hosted 1000 visitors that day! Learn more about the Sparks flea market here.

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I came home with more new-to-me Frankoma than I really needed, but it was all too pretty and wonderful to leave behind, especially since I got some good bargains. All of this for $32:


We did a LOT of walking that day, and by the time we packed up the car to head home, we were tuckered out. I’m pretty sure we both slept really well that night!
The next morning, we hopped in the car again, this time to attend the funeral of a family friend back in Abilene. Some Postman’s sister and her fiance had driven in from out of state for the funeral, too, and afterward, we all went to see SP’s twin brother (and his wife), who was in town with his Mustang for a classic car show. His sister and fiance came back home with us to stay a couple of days, and we all walked down to our neighbors’ place that evening for their annual community hog roast. Sunday was spent going to church, then prepping for the next day’s adventure.
On Monday, we went to Chapman (just a few miles from Abilene) for the annual Labor Day festivities. There was another car show, vendors downtown, and a parade. We recruited our son, his girlfriend, and a couple of nieces to ride in SP’s “Hillbilly Hotrod”, which he drove in the parade. It was HOT that day, but we had a good time! After the parade, we enjoyed a potluck lunch and hanging out with my family back at my parents’ house.

It took all last week for me to recover from all that going and doing. Am I getting old??? I’d better get used to lots of activity – the lazy days of summer are over. My day planner is packed, all the way through December! Being busy is good; I just need to remember to schedule regular rest days so I don’t get overwhelmed. And I need to remember that writing in the pre-dawn hours is a much more productive way to handle insomnia than playing games on Facebook. Although, I will admit to doing some online shopping before the sun rose one morning last week…more on that to come!



His Smile Was Worth It!

So…you know how I said in yesterday’s post that I wasn’t going to make Peanut Butter Snowballs? Well, yesterday when my weary Some Postman got home from work, he saw I’d been making candy while he delivered a bazillion letters and packages. Poor guy was sadly disappointed when the candy turned out to be Mocha Truffles instead of the beloved Peanut Butter Snowballs. My Postman doesn’t like coffee or coffee-flavored anything.

I really don’t like to disappoint that man.

Yeah…. I made a small batch of Peanut Butter Snowballs today.


PB Snowballs for him, Mocha Truffles for me

The smile on my Postman’s face when I showed him the PB Snowballs was definitely worth the effort!

An Outfit I’ll Never Forget! SIA: Book Club

An Outfit I’ll Never Forget! SIA: Book Club

Style Imitating Art (SIA) is hosted by Jen of Librarian for Life and Style this go-around. Her choice was this 1936 – 1940 WPA “Be Kind to Books” poster by Arlington Gregg:

I’ve been wanting to participate in this fun challenge again, but have simply not been struck with inspiration for an outfit until this one. As soon as I saw the poster, I knew exactly what pieces from my closet would work.


Outfit details:  Top ~ Goodwill; Jeans ~ Target; Dansko shoes ~ eBay; Socks ~ Modcloth; Necklace ~ MIL's collection; Ring ~ yard sale.

Outfit details: Top ~ Goodwill; Jeans ~ Target; Dansko shoes ~ eBay;
Socks ~ Modcloth; Necklace ~ MIL’s collection; Ring ~ yard sale.




I chose these socks not only because of the theme of the poster, but also in honor of Banned Books Week (Sept 27 – Oct 3, 2015). It seemed fitting to have books hidden under my pant legs. 🙂 After hiking up those black jeans all day, I decided it’s time to replace them. They are simply too big. Not a bad problem to have!

I wore my SIA outfit on Thursday, Oct 1st, feeling a little more dressed up for running errands and attending a meeting at church in the afternoon. It also turned out to be what I wore to witness my granddaughter’s birth! As I pulled into the church parking lot, my phone buzzed with a text message. I didn’t read it until after getting my ducks in a row for the meeting…it was my son-in-law saying he’d taken my daughter to the hospital and it was FOR REAL this time! Squeal! The ladies wanted to send me back out the door right away, but there was plenty of time for me to lead the meeting. I’m not sure I remember everything we discussed, however. I hope someone took notes…ha ha!

After I got home, I kept busy until Some Postman arrived home from work. We left for the hospital within the hour, and by the time we got there, Min was in the throes of hard labor. Poor thing, she burst into tears as soon as she saw me enter the room. She’d told me days earlier that it was up to me whether to be in the birth room with her or not, but I think she really did want me there. I’m so very glad I went! B wiped her forehead and spoke softly in her ear, while I braced her right leg (a nurse had the left) and had the joy of seeing my precious granddaughter enter the world. I’ve witnessed the miracle of birth several times, but I have to say…this one was the most wonderful!

Meet our sweet baby girl….


And here she is, all cleaned up (3 days old):


If you haven’t guessed….this Grammy is in LOVE!!! She is so precious, sweet, cute, lovable, soft, cuddly, and wonderful! Big brother Boo loves her and is a good helper. Soon Grammy will come up with a nickname for this bundle of joy. For now, she’s simply my sweetheart!

My Sister, at a Spa, in Stripes

Sounds like a suggestion in a whacky game of Clue, doesn’t it? Ha ha ha!

Today’s post is brought to you by Salt City Hausfrau, aka Sister B. She writes:

After a “spa day” put on by some of our sweet ladies at church I needed to pick an outfit that would go with my newly painted nails.  I knew just what would work!  A few days ago I had gone shopping with our youngest sister and had gotten this cream and black striped skirt and the coral and gold necklace at Gordman’s (I LOVE that store!).  I paired it with a basic black Sonoma tshirt from Kohl’s, a cream and metallic gold Merona cardigan from Target and Merona black flats from Target as well.



Sis, your outfit looks comfortable and pretty – I especially love the striped skirt. And such a happy color of orange you chose for your nails! Thank you for popping in to Peace & Crumbs today!

Gingham, a Vintage Dachshund and BABIES!

Gingham, a Vintage Dachshund and BABIES!

Oh boy oh boy….I had hoped to post something each weekday this week, but that did not happen. On Wednesday, I went to town (wearing the outfit below) and it completely wiped me out. What did I do? Not that much…returned some things at Target, made a quick stop at Bath & Body Works (to use a coupon for a FREE full size product – love when they offer those!), did a not-so-quick trek through Walmart (stood in line FOREVER at the deli counter…sigh…), ate two slices of cheese from the pokey deli while I zipped over to Dillons (loaded up on groceries there) and then went home, completely forgetting to go pick up my baby chicks at Orcheln’s.


Outfit details: Christopher & Banks top – thrifted; vintage pin – antique shop; jeans – thrifted

It’s not like I ran a marathon or anything, but I still haven’t recovered from Wednesday. Good grief, you’d think I was OLD! I’ve got my little GreenAir diffuser pumping out “alertness” right this minute, trying to work up the energy I’ll need for today’s busy schedule.

Somewhere out in Blogland, I saw that gingham is THE pattern for spring. Florals are also big, according to others. Happily, this shirt has both! Some Postman saved this lavender gingham shirt from the donation pile last year. I thought it was too boxy on me, but he said he liked it. He so rarely says anything about what I wear, that when he does, I don’t get rid of that item until it falls apart!


Wearing one of my many vintage pins makes me happy, and this one especially so. Isn’t it adorable? This little Doxie joined my collection last year for my birthday. I spotted it while we were out antiquing, and my dear husband bought it for me.

While my clothing choices made me happy on Wednesday, they didn’t aid my memory much. Can’t believe I totally forgot to pick up the baby chicks! And so we had to go back into town yesterday when Some Postman got home from work. It turned out fine, of course. Since we didn’t have any other shopping to take care of, we took the opportunity to look at bathroom cabinetry at Custom Wood Products and check out landscaping rocks at MCM. Those are next on the list for The House Project. While I’m looking forward to an all-new bathroom, the process getting there causes me a bit of anxiety. How long will we have to bathe in the kitchen sink? Will we need a port-a-potty? Projects like this ALWAYS take longer than expected.

Look at the babies we brought home!


Six adorable, fluffy Black Sex Link pullets! They are so cute and such good little babies. It was too cold to leave them out on the porch last night, so we put their box in the laundry room. I thought they would peep all night long, keeping us awake (or me – SP can sleep thru most anything), but they were quiet and peaceful. Etta Pooka was VERY curious about them the first hour or so, but she calmed down and left them alone after that. Next week, a pair of ducklings will join the chicks. My husband cannot resist ducks! He ordered a couple of female Rouen ducklings, which will arrive on Tuesday.

There are more babies on the farm, too! Our little barn cats are blessing us with a supply of mousers. Candy had her babies last Saturday; Cookie will have hers in another couple of weeks, at my best guess. Candy made the hen house her nursery.


So many babies! And guess what….there will be a new GRANDBABY in our family! This Grammy is thrilled! Our daughter is expecting Baby #2 in early October. Boo said he wanted a baby brother at first, but then he changed his mind and decided a sister would be fun. We’ll find out what he’s going to get in a few weeks.

Happy, happy, happy!!!!

Edible Easter Memories

Each year for our Easter meal, I like to make a gelatin salad of some sort, in memory of Some Postman’s mom. She made those special salads often, not only for holiday meals, but also for many Sunday dinners, church potlucks, family reunions and funeral lunches. Gelatin salads aren’t part of my regular menus, but I do make one in honor of Mom G on Easter.

Please forgive the unappetizing photo below. Despite my numerous attempts to capture this salad in all its glory, I was unsuccessful. It really does taste much better than it looks!
Gingered Orange Salad
1.5 cups boiling orange juice
1 (6 oz) pkg orange gelatin
2 cups ginger ale
2 (15 oz) cans mandarin oranges, drained
1.5 cups cottage cheese
Stir gelatin into orange juice until well dissolved; cool to room temp. Stir in ginger ale. Chill until slightly set; fold in oranges and cottage cheese. Chill until fully set.
Of course, I did not follow the original recipe exactly. For one thing, it called for 1/2 cup chopped celery, which I did NOT add. Celery does not belong in jello, if you ask me! Because I didn’t add that, I increased the amount of oranges from 11 oz cans to 15 oz cans. Also, I didn’t measure the cottage cheese; I just plopped big scoops of it in until it looked right. I’m not big into measuring. Oh, and just a hint….if you chill the ginger ale first, it’s really going to fizz up when you pour into into the gelatin mixture! Of course, maybe it fizzes a lot even if it’s not chilled, but that was my experience. So it might be a good idea to use a big bowl in the first place. That way you won’t have to quickly dump it from a smaller bowl into a bigger one before the stuff spills over the brim all over the place. (Yes, I avoided disaster, but only just barely!)
Somehow, I doubt my mother-in-law had the same troubles in the kitchen as me. She probably followed the recipe.
And so we raise our spoons to you, Mom G! Thank you for all the sweet memories shared around your table and in your kitchen. I’m doing my best to feed love to our family and friends in the same way, around the same table. I love that connection I still have with you, even though you’re in heaven now. Food is love!

Weekend Style, 1-31 & 2-1

This weekend, I wore pretty much the same thing both days, and didn’t get any photos taken either day. Because the outfits turned out fairly well, I laid out the looks on the surface of the bed so I could still share them with you.

On Saturday, my daughter and I went to town for a Girls’ Day. We shopped at Goodwill, went to Caribou for coffee and a game of checkers, and looked around the new Marshall’s store. On the way home, we stopped at a little bakery for nourishment. The weather was not nice – a cold rain fell the entire time, with a few snow flurries tossed in occasionally. We didn’t let it hamper our fun, though!


Outfit details:  Sweater – Modcloth; scarf – handmade, gift; Cecil pants – gift; Fitzwell boots – eBay; earrings – JC Penney.

Despite the frigid temperatures, I was quite warm in this outfit. In fact, I got overheated eventually and wrapped the scarf around my daughter, who hadn’t worn a heavy coat. The cold rain changed over to snow overnight, so for Sunday’s church outfit I decided to wear the same thing, except change out the sweater and scarf so I wouldn’t get so hot.


Outfit details:  Faded Glory chambray shirt – Walmart; Dachshund scarf – Amazon; Cecil pants – gift;

Fitzwell boots – eBay; earrings – Premier Designs Jewelry party ages ago.

As it turns out, I should have worn the chambray shirt on Saturday and the sweater on Sunday. It was slightly cooler at church than I’d anticipated, but I never got cold. Boo snuggled up next to me on the pew most of the time, sharing his little boy heat with me. It was SO nice to have Boo and his mommy and his daddy in church with us! Sure made this Grammy happy!