2nd Week of Work Outfits

Week 2 of filling in for our church secretary went pretty well, although I still didn’t quite get the bulletin printed totally correctly. When Alice returned home from her vacation refreshed and happy, however, it made me glad to give her a much needed break. She asked if I’d be willing to fill in for her again sometime, and I agreed, mainly because I would really like to get that bulletin done right for once!

Once again, I took Monday off to get my own work done at home.


I’m not a fan of wearing shorts. They don’t do my chunky legs any favors. Capri pants are OK, but still feel too hot to me. I did like this all-neutrals outfit, however, while I was working at church in the air conditioning. As soon as I got home, I switched to a skirt.

Outfit details:  top & cardigan ~ thrifted;

pants ~ JC Penney’s; Vionic sandals ~ zulily.com;

necklace ~ JCP (I think?)



Please forgive the wet hair. In the middle of watering the garden, before getting dressed for work, it began to rain. It was just a few drops at first, and since it seemed unlikely we’d actually get enough rain to justify not finishing the watering…I finished watering. And it poured on me until I was winding up the garden hose.

Wearing a maxi skirt that day wasn’t one of my better ideas. I don’t understand women who say they are cool wearing a maxi skirt. Once again, it was tolerable in the AC, but I hiked up the skirt to my knees driving home, and practically stripped as soon as I got home! Maxi skirts are better suited to fall and winter for me, I think.

Outfit details:  t-shirt ~ Thrivent;

LuLaRoe maxi skirt ~ Facebook group;

BOC sandals ~ Vanderbilt’s;

bracelet ~ yard sale


Print the bulletins day! A twirly skirt and tshirt is my ideal summertime outfit, so that’s what I wore for a day of darting around the office. And it was fine for getting stuff done at home, too! I didn’t think to get a close-up picture of the vintage fishy pin…but my explanation for why it goes with this outfit is that God created birds and fish on the same day, so a fish pin goes perfectly with a bird skirt.

Outfit details:  tshirt – JCP;

LuLaRoe Azure skirt ~ FB group;  sneaks ~ JCP;

vintage fish pin ~ MIL


There wasn’t much left to do in the office, so I went home after about an hour. If it hadn’t been so stinkin’ hot that day, I might have worn this outfit around the house, too, but even being indoors, wearing black on a hot day isn’t cool. I got a great deal on this skirt on eBay. The person selling it must have found it second-hand and didn’t know anything about LuLaRoe. I’m surprised I found it! Glad I did, tho – not only does the Madison skirt have pockets, but this one is a BIRD print!

Outfit details:  tshirt ~ JCP;

LuLaRoe Madison skirt ~ eBay;

sneaks ~ JCP; bird pin ~ thrifted;

bird earrings ~ ???



A Week’s Worth of Work Outfits

Our church secretary is taking a well-deserved vacation, and I am filling in for her while she’s away. It’s gone OK, although I did make a couple of mistakes last week. And I’m sure there will be more this week. This is not my normal gig, so it takes all of my concentration…and I still goof up!

While there isn’t a formal dress code for church workers, I believe it’s important to look nice. It’s also important for me to be comfortable and able to move about easily. This is not a job where one sits all day! Each outfit I wore last week featured at least one LuLaRoe clothing item, because the very definition of LuLaRoe is “Simply Comfortable!”

Monday is Pastor’s day off, so I have taken off Mondays as well. I’d planned to use that as my grocery day, but I’ve found that I need ONE day in which it is not required to get in the car and go somewhere. Some Postman gets home earlier on Tuesdays, so we decided that would be my grocery day because he can go with me and put gas in the car, a chore I dislike. Gasoline is stinky and the smell doesn’t wash off easily.


There wasn’t a lot to do in the office this day; most of my time was spent tidying up the sanctuary, which involved a lot of bending, reaching, and walking. In the afternoon, Some Postman and I did the grocery shopping and went out for dinner. This simple outfit was perfect for all the day’s activities.


LuLaRoe Carly Dress ~ eBay; Dansko Sandals ~ zulily



This outfit was just right for doing work at the computer and answering phone calls, but it also allowed for searching high and low for pens (which I did not find until Friday!). The LLR Cassie may be a slim pencil skirt, but it’s VERY stretchy, yet keeps its shape. And even though the top is too big for me, I could not resist buying it – it’s a constellation print! I’m not entirely pleased with belting it this way, but it was far too sloppy to leave it hanging loose with a pencil skirt.


 LuLaRoe Classic T & Cassie Skirt ~ Facebook groups
Sandals ~ eBay; Necklace ~ MIL’s collection


The BUSIEST day of the week at church! It’s the day the bulletins get printed. I was only slightly nervous about it, and only wasted one sheet of paper trying to figure out alignment of the large print music sheets. As it turns out, I made two mistakes in the weekly calendar section of the bulletin, which was pointed out to me on Sunday. Sigh…it’s a good thing the regular secretary will be back in another week!



Dachshund T ~ Walmart.com
LuLaRoe Azure Skirt ~ Facebook group
Sneaks ~ JCP


I didn’t anticipate being at the church for long on Friday, because the only thing to do was check email and tidy up the office for the weekend. But the computer decided it needed to update Windows first thing…and took almost 2 hours to complete! Tidying up lasted about 5 minutes; next, I set up a display of library books, answered a few phone calls, chatted with the older gentleman who drops by the church every day, and finally ♥’d pictures of my cute grandkids on Instagram until the computer was finished updating. (On a side note, my personal computer at home also updated – and now it makes me upload photos from my camera in a totally different way and I do NOT like it one bit! Gotta figure out how to change it back.)

This LLR Carly dress is probably my most favorite one in my collection; it’s 100% cotton – cool and comfy!


LuLaRoe Carly Dress ~ Facebook group
Belt ~ saved from an old dress
Floral sneaks ~ zulily

As you can see from the above photos, I’ve found a “new” location to take outfit pics with the timer on my camera. Our latest House Project was remodeling the upstairs gable room, which used to be our guest room / storage area. It is now my sewing/craft room and eBay inventory storage area; my old sewing/eBay room is now the guest room. It’s tiny, but it makes a cozy private place for guests to stay – without a bunch of totes and boxes making it feel like they’ve been squirreled away in the attic. The chest of drawers turns out to be the perfect height and distance from the opposite side of the room for taking outfit pictures, too!

Sunday Style ~ Denim, Dress, & Boots


Outfit details:  Dress ~ LuLaRoe Facebook boutique;

Denim Jacket ~ Christopher & Banks;

Boots ~ Target (old); Belt ~ thrifted;

Earrings ~ ??; Bracelet ~ flea market.



This outfit was worn on a Sunday in late May, when it was still cool enough to enjoy wearing a jacket. I do love a twirly dress with a denim jacket and cowgirl boots! The “Nicole” dress from LuLaRoe is so comfortable and easy to wear; I don’t save it just for Sundays. I’ve worn it to the grocery store and even around the house, although I don’t wear the boots for those occasions. Print sneakers or simple sandals look nice and allow for dashing about.

Best Thrifted Clothing Item of Winter 2017

So much for putting away my winter sweaters, boots, etc. The past two weeks have been rainy, gloomy, and cold, much like winter in England (according to one of my book club friends who’s been there). The temps weren’t really all that cold, in the 40s or 50s, but steady rain and north or northeast winds gave the air a damp chill, even in the house. I considered asking Some Postman to start a fire in the wood stove one evening, but it didn’t seem nice to ask him to bring wood in from the barn after he’d been out delivering mail in the rain all day. So we snuggled under a blanket on the couch with the dog instead and watched tv.

Sometime in January, I bought a sweater at Goodwill that has turned out to be my favorite thing to wear on a damp chilly day. One half of the snap closure at the waist was missing when I got it, so I removed the other half, wearing it loose at first. The sweater fits better with the waist drawn together, though, so I use a pin to do the job. It’s not exactly the most flattering piece on me, but I don’t care. I love it anyway!


Outfit details:  top and sweater ~ thrifted;

leggings ~ Charlie’s Project;

boots ~ JC Penney’s;

vintage Dachshund pin ~ antique shop.

The sweater came from Maurice’s originally. It is very soft, and keeps me perfectly warm without getting too hot, thanks to the short sleeves. If it had pockets, it would be The World’s Most Perfect Sweater. It’s hands down my favorite piece of clothing I’ve purchased at a thrift store in quite some time!

According to the weather man, spring will be back next week, so hopefully I’ll get to swap out my heavy winter clothes for breezy summer things soon. I’ve been scoping the thrift stores for cotton dresses and skirts, and already bought this summer’s everyday sandals from Zulily. Bring on the sun!

Winter Outfits in Review

My plan this week is to begin going through my closet and dresser, pulling out the heavy winter pieces to store away, and cull anything that doesn’t spark joy. Today I prepared the bedroom for such activity by dusting and sweeping up dust bunnies. Of course, the weather this week is chilly and damp, more suited to keeping those fuzzy sweatshirts handy. But I am determined…I can wear layers, after all.

A few weeks ago, while hunting for something among the totes in our storage area, I ran across a tote full of winter clothing that I’d missed back in October. Inside were some long sleeve tees, fleece lined leggings, and a sweater dress! I managed to squeeze in two wearings of the sweater dress before it warmed up too much (and I could probably wear it again this week, considering the chill). This reminded me that there are a few winter outfit photos in my blog folder that were never published. And so I’ll squeeze them in now…

This outfit is one that I would actually wear right now, but it was late October when this photo was taken.


Outfit details: LuLaRoe Carly dress ~ eBay; denim jacket ~ Christopher & Banks; scarf ~ thrifted; boots ~ Target

Here’s a dressy-casual outfit worn to church one Sunday in November:


Outfit details: dress ~ zulily; scarf ~ Walmart (I think); LuLaRoe leggings ~ Facebook group; Vionic boots ~ eBay.

My wardrobe has undergone a shift towards the casual end of the spectrum over this past winter. It seems silly to have so many dressy clothes when 95% of the time, they simply hang in the closet. The discovery of the comfort and ease of LuLaRoe clothing could not have come at a better time for me!


Outfit details: LuLaRoe Classic T and leggings ~ Facebook groups; sweater ~ thrifted; scarf ~ JC Penney’s; boots ~ JCP.

This is what I wore to have one last coffee date in late January with my dear friend and former next-door neighbor before she moved out of state. Miss you, Cassie!


Outfit details: dress ~ Target; tunic top ~ Amazon; LLR skirt worn as a scarf ~ FB group; LLR leggings ~ FB group; boots ~ JCP

Once again, this LuLaRoe Carly dress made an appearance, this time worn to church the Sunday before Valentine’s Day. I love, love, LOVE this dress, and have worn it many times. I hope it is exceptionally durable, because it’s going to be worn a LOT more and I don’t want it to wear out!


Outfit details: LLR Carly dress ~ eBay; cardigan ~ thrifted; underdress (barely peeking out) ~ eBay; LLR leggings ~ FB group; Born ankle boots ~ Vanderbuilt’s.


Something Old, Something New

So….that little experiment went well, did it not? My hope was to write more meaningful posts and post more often. I do like what I managed to post, but perhaps without my fallback of outfit posts, the length of time between posts will remain long. Also, who am I kidding? I love clothes! Especially now that I’ve figured out what I like and what’s realistic for me. Therefore, outfit posts are back, although I do hope to continue writing about less frivolous subjects as well.

To welcome back the lighter and highly unimportant subject of what this middle-aged housewife is wearing on her slightly chubby self, let me introduce you all to a small business I recently discovered. It’s called Charlie’s Project – Leggings for a Cause. A young woman named Anna was blessed with a precious little boy born with Downs Syndrome; he was also diagnosed with autism a few years later. Anna designs beautifully patterned leggings made of “milk silk”, a super-soft fabric that is perfect for people with textural issues. (My own skin is sensitive to certain fabrics, and I’ve found these leggings to be made of the most AMAZING fabric I’ve ever felt! If only all my clothes could be made from it!) Anyway, Anna formed her company, called Charlie’s Project, to make her wonderful leggings available to others and to raise awareness and to donate a portion of proceeds to charity. (Currently, the Autism leggings and Paw Prints leggings are contributing 100% of proceeds to charity!) The charities vary, but all have something to do with special needs children.

While I never expected to be a leggings-wearer, I’ve discovered that they’re more comfortable than I ever imagined. Plus, they come in so many pretty designs! You know of my love of wearing fun socks… that love has expanded to wearing fun patterns on my legs. By far, though, the best benefit of wearing Charlie’s Project leggings is the softness of the fabric. These leggings are SO comfortable – and cute! – that I wear them almost every single day. The skin on my legs hurts a lot less often now that I cover them in “milk silk”. I’d recommend them to anyone, even if you don’t think you’d look good in them. (Not that I look great in them, either, but I’m past caring. Ha ha!) Now, of course, I don’t treat leggings as regular pants; wearing long shirts or tunics with them is a must. I’ve found that I prefer wearing leggings with dresses or skirts instead of tights, too. For outfits that busy prints aren’t appropriate, I purchased a few pair of LuLaRoe leggings (made from the same “buttery soft” fabric) in solid colors. (Charlie’s Project does not yet offer solid colors.)

Outfit details: plaid flannel shirt ~ bought at my friend’s yard sale;

long navy top ~ JC Penney’s; chicken leggings ~ Charlie’s Project;

cowgirl boots ~ Target (several years ago).



Outfit details:  top ~ zulily.com; Love Birds leggings ~ Charlie’s Project;

Vionic tennies ~ eBay

(When I went out in public wearing this, I wore a long red jacket over it because the shirt isn’t as long as I’d like.)

You may have noticed that the leggings gather at my knees (you can see it best in the pic of the chicken leggings). This is because I prefer to buy the larger size – Tall & Curvy. One Size leggings fit me as leggings should, but I prefer a looser fit. Wearing the bigger size also ensures that the leggings remain opaque and greatly reduces the chance that they’ll develop a hole or tear while I’m putting them on. The more you stretch and stress fabric, the more likely you are to damage it.

Just to clarify, I have not been asked by anyone to tell you about Charlie’s Project. It’s simply a matter of loving the product so much that I want to share it with anyone who cares to read this little ol’ blog! If you make a purchase using any of the links I’ve provided, however, I will earn a tiny affiliate commission. Please also note that you may not see any pictures of the leggings unless you follow their menu underneath the big photo of Charlie.

Last Two Outifts for Summer 2016

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that I took a brief break from the blog. This happens occassionally, and I’ve decided that is just the way it is. No apologies, no excuses, no resolving to keep to a regular schedule. I’ll compose posts when the spirit moves me, and if a week or two passes without a post, so be it. This blog’s purpose is to provide a creative outlet for me, and it’s focus is on simplicity. Trying to stick to some rules might ruin that for me ~ ha ha!

Despite not having written anything for a couple of weeks, I have taken some pictures! We must travel back in time, but not too far back. To catch you up a bit faster, I’ll feature two outfits here. Both were worn in mid-September, just as summer was giving way to fall, at least on the calendar. This first outfit was worn to church on a Sunday:

 Outfit details:  Skirt ~ thrifted and altered by me;

Tee ~ JCP; Scarf ~ thrifted; Vionic sandals ~ zulily.com;

Earrings ~ MIL’s collection; Bracelet ~ taken off an old purse.

This is one of my favorite summer skirts; if it had pockets, it would be absolutely perfect! I like that it has pattern-mixing built in. Pattern mixing is not my strong suit, but I did add a third pattern to the mix with the polka dot scarf. I’m thinking of paring down my summer scarf collection drastically, because Kansas weather just isn’t scarf-friendly in the warmer months. Most of my light-weight scarves never see the light of day outside my closet.

And here is a casual outfit, featuring (as promised in my two plus week old previous post) a new-to-me brand of clothing that I am LOVING. LuLaRoe is one of those consultant-based companies, and their clothing line is sold primarily via Facebook “pop-up” sale events. It’s not overly complicated (after all, I figured it out!), but I’m not going to take the time to explain it here.


Outfit details:  Top and Leggings ~ LuLaRoe;

Belt ~ old; Ed Hardy sneaks ~ yard sale.

Let me tell you the story of how I discovered LuLaRoe….my neighbor Jen came over to see me one afternoon. She was wearing the cutest pair of leggings with BEES on them! After I exclaimed over their cuteness, Jen told me I really needed to pet her leg and see how they felt. OH. MY. That was the softest fabric I’d ever touched that didn’t snag on my velcro fingers! Jen generously loaned me a pair of her LLR leggings to “test drive” for a day…and I was hooked.

I never thought I’d be a legging-and-long-shirt wearing girl, but it’s become my favorite at-home uniform. The skin on my upper legs regularly hurts, so that wearing clothes is painful, but LLR leggings are actually pain-free for me. I recently learned that LLR occassionally makes some of their other items (shirts, skirts, and dresses) out of the legging fabric, so I’ve purchased a couple of shirts, too. The shirt in the outfit pictured is not made from legging fabric, however.

I’ll be hosting my own LuLaRoe pop-up sale event on Tuesday, November 1st, so if you’d like to learn how it all works, send me a message and I’ll add you to the invitation list! I’m hoping the consultant will offer a special deal of some kind, since I’m known for that kind of thing.