Adventures in Thrifting: What a Dollar Got Me

I’ve gotten out of the habit of documenting my thrift shopping finds, and it’s time to rectify that situation! This weekend, the local church-run thrift store is offering all their merchandise for 50% off. Yesterday was the first day of the sale, so I stopped by while I was in town for a meeting.

This is what $1 bought:


The purple slippers are brand new; so are the vacuum bags, although there are just two in the package. The book has a similar-sounding title to this month’s book club selection. Not the same story, I’m sure, so I’d better keep looking for the correct book. This book looked interesting to me, though!

My purchases may have been few, but I am happy with them. The primary reason I didn’t buy more is because next week the thrift store will have their $1 a bag sale. That’s when people line up at the door before they open, and I’ll be joining the crowd. Even though paper sacks are provided for shoppers, I always bring my own reusable grocery bags. They are about the same size, but have the benefit of long handles. This way, I can carry the bag over my shoulder and cram stuff in it.

There’s another little shop downtown that is on my frequent shopping rotation. It’s not a thrift store, but the propriator does offer a selection of vintage jewelry for fair prices. I love to stop in and see what’s new in the glass case of vintage pins and brooches, and nearly always leave with a treasure. This little show-off rooster pin came home with me yesterday:


He reminds me of Napoleon, my Banty roo!


What thrifty treasures have you found lately?


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