A New Year is Coming!

If you’re a regular follower of this little ol’ blog, you may have noticed that I’ve not written anything in a few weeks. Sure, the holiday season has been busy, but mostly I’ve been bored with my blog and the direction it has been going. The majority of my posts are style-related; however, I feel like I’ve settled into a good style groove and no longer need to make regular outfit posts to keep from dressing like a frumpy frau. Sure, there are other subjects I write about, but inspiration has been eluding me, and I feel like doing something a little bit different.

So I’ve been pondering, mulling over ideas to freshen up Peace & Crumbs. As I folded a basket of laundry this afternoon, a thought occurred to me. It might be fun to choose a random topic submitted by a reader, and write my thoughts on that topic. A little interactive blogging, if you will. This could be a great way to stretch my writing muscles! Here’s the plan… Once a week or so, I’ll request your random topics on the blog’s Facebook page; the next day, I’ll pick one for a blog post. Ah, a new thing to do in the new year!

All the categories in my blog will remain, but instead of posting mostly about clothes, there will be a more balanced representation of all the categories. Actually, I think I tried to accomplish this feat before, but got lazy and slipped back into the clothing posts because it was easiest. I’m determined to make it happen this time! Peace & Crumbs is a lifestyle blog, after all, and my life is certainly more than what I wear.

To a new beginning in 2017!