Sunday Inspiration: 9.25.16


Look here, you people who say, “Today or tomorrow we are going to such and such a town, stay there a year, and open up a profitable business.” How do you know what is going to happen tomorrow? For the length of your lives is as uncertain as the morning fog—now you see it; soon it is gone. What you ought to say is, “If the Lord wants us to, we shall live and do this or that.” Otherwise you will be bragging about your own plans, and such self-confidence never pleases God.

James 4:13-16

Ready, Set, GO!

Ready, Set, GO!

Life has been quite full here on the Farm lately. All in good ways! We’ve been on the go, spending time with family and friends, having fun adventures, and keeping so busy I haven’t even had time to read a page in my current book (I can’t even remember the title or author, it’s been so long since I picked it up!). All this going and doing has fried my brain, which is why I’ve not been inspired to sit and write lately.

However, a thunderstorm is keeping me awake this morning (it’s 4:30 am as I type this), and it seems like a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity. For some reason, I feel bright eyed and busy tailed, despite having only slept 5.5 hours. There may be a nap happening later this afternoon…

A couple Fridays ago, on Sept 2nd, Some Postman took the day off and we made a little road trip up to a tiny town near the northern KS border called Sparks. Twice a year, they hold a flea market; our life insurance agent had told us about this event a year or two ago, knowing how we enjoy thrifting and old stuff. We left before dawn and arrived before many of the vendors were even open. The weather was cool early in the day, almost to the point of wishing we’d worn jackets, but the sun quickly warmed us up.

Arriving so early, we snagged a prime parking spot. When we took a haul back to the car a few hours later, cars lined both sides of the road all along the main intersection. Sparks’ population had exploded! I read on their website that there are about 9 people who live in Sparks year-round. I’m not very good at estimating accurately, but I’d guess that they hosted 1000 visitors that day! Learn more about the Sparks flea market here.

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I came home with more new-to-me Frankoma than I really needed, but it was all too pretty and wonderful to leave behind, especially since I got some good bargains. All of this for $32:


We did a LOT of walking that day, and by the time we packed up the car to head home, we were tuckered out. I’m pretty sure we both slept really well that night!
The next morning, we hopped in the car again, this time to attend the funeral of a family friend back in Abilene. Some Postman’s sister and her fiance had driven in from out of state for the funeral, too, and afterward, we all went to see SP’s twin brother (and his wife), who was in town with his Mustang for a classic car show. His sister and fiance came back home with us to stay a couple of days, and we all walked down to our neighbors’ place that evening for their annual community hog roast. Sunday was spent going to church, then prepping for the next day’s adventure.
On Monday, we went to Chapman (just a few miles from Abilene) for the annual Labor Day festivities. There was another car show, vendors downtown, and a parade. We recruited our son, his girlfriend, and a couple of nieces to ride in SP’s “Hillbilly Hotrod”, which he drove in the parade. It was HOT that day, but we had a good time! After the parade, we enjoyed a potluck lunch and hanging out with my family back at my parents’ house.

It took all last week for me to recover from all that going and doing. Am I getting old??? I’d better get used to lots of activity – the lazy days of summer are over. My day planner is packed, all the way through December! Being busy is good; I just need to remember to schedule regular rest days so I don’t get overwhelmed. And I need to remember that writing in the pre-dawn hours is a much more productive way to handle insomnia than playing games on Facebook. Although, I will admit to doing some online shopping before the sun rose one morning last week…more on that to come!