Wear It Again, Sam

Wear It Again, Sam

This outfit is a variation on a look I’ve enjoyed since Fall 2012. You can see my first version of it here and a second here. I’ve changed one or two elements of the outfit each time I’ve worn it, but the basics of chambray top, rust red pants, and Southwest print scarf remain the same.


Outfit details:  Chambray shirt ~ Walmart; mustard tank ~ thrifted;

pants ~ hand-me-down from friend; earrings ~ JC Penney’s;

scarf ~ Walmart; boots ~ eBay.

Since this is one of my most favorite fall outfits, I wore it to go Christmas shopping with my son’s girlfriend (nearly two weeks ago, now). The mocs previously worn with it have been demoted to “outdoor shoes”. I’ve replaced them with a chocolate brown pair of moccasins, but elected to wear boots instead this day due to rainy conditions. The boots are OK, but mocs definitely look better.


Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving Day! Mine was spent with family at sister B’s house. I’m so thankful for my family and all that God has blessed us with!

This Week’s Sunday Style

This Week’s Sunday Style

This is what I wore to church this past Sunday. That’s right – it’s only been a few days since this outfit was worn and I’m already writing about it! Please don’t fall over from the shock. I’d be sad if you injured yourself.

Outfit details:  sweater – thrifted; top – Target; skirt – JC Penney’s;

earrings – MIL’s collection; scarf – thrifted; boots – zulily.com.


Pairing olive and plum makes me happy. Adding the gold sweater gave the outfit some sparkle, and the scarf helped to tie all the colors together. I was quite pleased with this outfit.



These earrings came from my dear mother-in-law’s collection. I wear them every autumn and think of her.


Fun socks! Of course! Having little sweater-wearing Dachshunds peek over the tops of my boots was the perfect finishing touch, don’t you think?

Orange and Blue Sunday Style

Orange and Blue Sunday Style

Sometimes it’s fun to wear a color combination that’s a bit different. One of my favorite combos is purple and green. Or red and lime green. On this particular Sunday in October, I put together pumpkin orange and royal blue. With cowgirl boots, of course.


Outfit details:  dress ~ eBay; sweater ~ Target;  boots ~ Target; bracelet ~ Walmart.

Outfit details: dress ~ eBay; sweater ~ Target; boots ~ Target; bracelet ~ Walmart.

I didn’t get a close up photo, so you can’t really see it, but I had to do some adjusting to this dress in order for it to fit better. One of the biggest problems I have with dresses is my narrow shoulders and more-pear-than-hourglass shape. Without the sweater, it would have been much more obvious, but the top of the dress gaped on me. My solution was to gather the front of the neckline into a few pleats, then secure it with a simple bar pin. Not only did this solve the problem of it falling off my shoulders, but it added a little extra design detail. I like that it isn’t a permanent alteration; I can use a different pin or even change the location of the pleating for a slightly different look.

The Annual Wearing of the Fall Maxi Skirt

The Annual Wearing of the Fall Maxi Skirt

A few years ago, I found a beautiful floral maxi skirt in colors that sing FALL to me. I’m pretty sure I paid a whopping 25¢ for it. The fabric is simply gorgeous and the skirt fits me nicely, too. Finding a top to go with it has proven to be a challenge, and I have no idea why! There are so many colors in the skirt from which to choose, and yet nothing in my closet actually matches. And so I end up coordinating colors awkwardly, wearing the skirt once during the fall season and letting it languish until the next fall, frustrated at my shortcomings. There’s something about the browns in the fabric that refuse to mate up with any other brown on the planet! What I’d love to pair with my fall skirt is a sweater in that lovely shade of dark red – not the color of the roses in the print, but the subtle red meandering with the brown in the background.

This year’s attempt at creating an outfit with my Fall Skirt was moderately successful. The shell-pink button down shirt coordinates fairly well, although I’m not certain I like the high contrast between the dark skirt and very light shirt. It was absolutely better than the cocoa brown sweater top I’d thrifted over the summer in hopes it would match (it doesn’t – at all! – and the sweater is all droopy and baggy on me now, for some reason). Some Postman suggested adding a belt to the outfit to tie the two pieces together, and by gum, he was right. I do believe the man is learning a bit about fashion! LOL

Outfit details: skirt, shirt, belt, pin - thrifted; earrings - gift from hubby;  purse - handmade by church friend; boots - zulilly.com

Outfit details: skirt, shirt, belt, pin – thrifted;
earrings – gift from hubby;
purse – handmade by church friend;
boots – zulilly.com


Do you see Some Postman’s shadow on my shirt? 🙂


Can you spot the photo-bombing kitty?




This purse never fails to prompt the question “Where did you get that?!” It’s one of a kind…designed and made by an older lady from church. Just about everyone in our LWML group carries one of Mary’s purses; she has made hundreds of them, I’m sure! Aside from the whimsical print, what I love about this purse is the bazillion POCKETS it has. There’s a pocket for everything, including a pen!


Fringe is a trend for fall that I have embraced. In small ways. That’s how I prefer to sport trends. After several years of blogging, trying to figure out what my style is, there is one point I’ve finally gotten nailed down:  trends, for me, should be done in small doses. So, while I won’t wear a full-out fringe dress, I will wear ankle boots adorned with a double layer of fringe. On a side note, it took two weeks of airing them out before I could actually put on these boots. The chemical smell of the fake leather was atrocious!