A Birdie of a Different Feather

A Birdie of a Different Feather

At last, an outfit post! I have been wearing clothes lately, you all, even though it has definitely been hot enough to consider abandoning clothing. Alas, no matter how naked one gets, one is still hot. The best option, therefore, is to wear a cute tee with a simple cotton skirt.


 Outfit details:  Merona tee ~ Target; Merona skirt ~ thrifted;

Nike flip-flops ~ JC Penney’s

From a distance, it looks like this t-shirt is covered in tiny gray triangles. But they’re actually birdies. Not chirping birdies…


….the kind you smack with a racket!

I’m a complete sucker for a novelty print, so it was a good thing this t-shirt was on the clearance rack and that it’s 100% cotton.

Now, if it weren’t so dang hot outside, I’d be inspired to dig out our badminton set and invite the neighbor kids over to play. OOOO….if the rain stays away a little longer, maybe we can find a lawn sprinkler and smack birdies across the net while keeping cool at the same time!

Down the Road a Piece ~ Adventures in Thrifting

Down the Road a Piece ~ Adventures in Thrifting

The photo file containing the pictures below got kind of lost, so these items didn’t get included in the previous post. That’s OK, actually, since that post was lengthy enough. And it gives me fodder for today!

Z-town, five miles down the road a piece, held a community-wide yard sale one drizzly day a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully the heavy rain held off until later in the day. We were able to stay mostly dry as we browsed folks’ treasures on their front porches and in their garages. Since Z-town is a teeny tiny spot on the road (smaller even than W-town, where we live!) several miles from the nearest actual city, not many shoppers made the drive out of town. Too bad for them…I found a LOT of great stuff!


I have needed a roll-y desk chair forever! My back hurts far less now that I’ve got a comfy chair in which to sit at my computer. While the vintage captain’s chair I’d been using is pretty, it’s not good for office use.

The story books are 1970s vintage – as old as me! Ha ha. I briefly considered selling them on eBay, but they don’t bring much there, especially in their well-loved condition, and they are happy to reside on my bookshelf. The glare in the photo makes it challenging to read the titles. They are:  The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown, It’s A Mystery, Charlie Brown by Charles M. Schulz, and The Best Nest by P. D. Eastman.

The large basket was a very timely find! I’ve been in need of a way to organize magazine back issues for the church library. One of those wall-mounted wood racks was my first preference, but my budget was cut drastically this year, so even a $40 purchase is out of the question. A friend suggested using a large basket to hold the mags and keep it underneath one of the end tables in the seating area. Great idea…but I didn’t have a large basket other than my laundry basket, which is plastic and in my use. So when I spotted this big basket for $3, I snapped it up! It works perfectly!

The green footed bowl was not a purchase. One of the Z-town ladies having a sale is a friend of mine, and she knows that I collect Frankoma. Instead of putting a price tag on it, she gave it to me as a gift! Wasn’t that sweet of her? It is a Plainsman pattern footed bowl or planter, marked “Frankoma 22S” on the bottom, and the glaze is Prairie Green. It is currently residing on the wood stove in the living room. I love it! Thank you, P!



Ever since I bought a pair of sparkly pink Converse (ten years ago?), I have wanted another pair of unique Chucks, but have been unwilling to fork over the cash required. These are Ed Hardy sneaks, not Converse, but they are the very same style. They are super cute! And pretty comfortable, too, although they are lacking arch support, the same as Converse. I’ve tried wearing my special insoles, but they tend to make the shoes too tight. As long as I’m not wearing them for an extended period of time, though, they are fine.


The thought of selling these Sperry Topsiders (and the Ed Hardys, above) did cross my mind, but only very, very briefly. Sure I could make a bit of a profit on them, but they fit perfectly, are quite comfortable, and SO cute! How can I resist black sequined boat shoes? I cannot, I just cannot. Especially since the price per pair was a mere $2.

A few more items were purchased at the Z-town sales, but since they are destined to be gifts or to be sold on eBay, I didn’t photograph them. Tomorrow is Saturday…the day for adventures in thrifting! I’m sure I’ll wake up bright and early, as I have been since the birds began chirping at 4:30 am in these parts, so I plan to grab a bite of breakfast, fill up a water thermos and drive into town to hunt bargains!

Adventures in Thrifting, Late May / Early June Edition

Adventures in Thrifting, Late May / Early June Edition

It’s time for another episode of Adventures in Thrifting! Here’s a look at the treasures I’ve picked up the past few weeks at second-hand stores and yard sales.

Lace shawl with fringe ~ C9 shorts ~ vintage pin

Lace shawl with fringe ~ C9 shorts ~ vintage pin

At the shop where I purchased the vintage pin, I noticed the owner had tied a lacy, fringed shawl around a lamp shade. This gave me inspiration for adding a pretty touch to the decor for the lingerie shower I gave my friend a few weeks ago. Then I found this purple shawl at the next shop I visited! It’s rather large, but I made it work, and it really did look pretty for the party. Now I don’t know what to do with it, though! While I enjoy scarves, I’m not big on shawls. As for those shorts… I’m not a runner, so I don’t plan to wear them for their intended purpose. They will be worn over that lime green swimsuit seen in a previous post.


Bon Voyage! That’s what I named this fun little vintage pin. Hot pink is not the best background color for it, though. I think it will be adorable with my navy & white striped shirt!

Pampered Chef baking stone w/ handle ~ Tupperware large Fridgesmart container ~ Pampered Chef mini whip

Pampered Chef baking stone w/ handle ~ Tupperware large Fridgesmart container ~ Pampered Chef mini whip

These items were acquired at a sale that offered a great deal – fill a HUGE bag for $7. Between Some Postman and me, we filled our bag with 14 things, so each item’s cost was only 50¢! I plan to give the baking stone to my son, if he wants it. The Fridgesmart container will be great for holding our garden produce this summer. I already have a mini whip in my kitchen catch-all drawer, but when you find a second one at a fill-a-bag sale, you get it anyway!


The devotional book will go in my friend MA’s birthday box. She’s one of those delightful people who thinks it’s just awesome to get a thrifted gift – it’s just like new, and the giver is able to give a more bountiful birthday box because she didn’t spend a lot of money on it! (I’m also one of those kinds of people, if you hadn’t already guessed.) Inside the plastic box is a bunch of thread – including a spool of Gutermann thread (high quality stuff!), needles, patches, etc. Check out the extra-awesome vintage packet of needles!



Thinking that I might sell the Caribou Coffee mug on eBay, I did a little research on it. This cup is called “Psychedelic” and is part of a ’70s themed collection. But they don’t sell for much on eBay, so I’ll keep it for myself. Besides, how can I resist the humor inside the mug?



Casual Workday Outfit

Casual Workday Outfit

Our church secretary asked me to fill in for her a few days recently, and I agreed…with a little bit of apprehension. You see, she is VERY good at her job, and is practically indispensable at church. How could I even begin to do as well as she? Thankfully, she prepared everything in advance, so basically all that I needed to do was “hit send”.

To help give myself some confidence, I put together an outfit that was comfortable with a bit of kick. Thankfully, the church office is a casual workplace (Pastor’s usual “uniform” is jeans and a plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up), so jeans and cowgirl boots were perfect. There’s just something about cowgirl boots that lend confidence!

(My apologies for the not-so-great mirror shots. The lighting in my room isn’t good this time of year, and I just can’t find anything the correct height on which to prop up my camera in order to use the timer.)


Outfit details:  Xhileration jacket-thingy – thrifted; Gap tee – thrifted;

(can’t remember which pair) jeans – most likely thrifted; Mossimo boots – Target.



Ring – thrifted

Even though this jacket-thing (what IS it, anyway?!) is 100% polyester, I could not bring myself to purge it from my closet. Since it’s a layering piece, I can easily wear a cotton tee underneath and take it off when it raises my temperature too much. The butterflies are simply too pretty and the colors too delightful, more than making up for being a bad choice of fabric for a woman of my age. How can I resist a polyester butterfly-covered, butterfly-wing-sleeved, navy-with-pops-of-poppy jacket-wrap-doohicky? I can’t!

Of Mice and Mothers

Remember that red-with-white-dots dress in my last post? It’s such a great dress that I wore it twice in the same week! First I wore it with the white sweater to church on Mother’s Day , and then wore it the following Saturday without the sweater to my nephew’s high school graduation celebration.


Outfit details:  Liz Claiborne dress – thrifted; Style & Co sweater – thrifted;

necklace – hmm…Walmart? Target?; BOC sandals – Vanderbuilt’s.


I imagine if I wore this dress with my black platform pumps and one of those silly hats from a certain theme park, I’d look rather like a famous lady mouse. Ha ha ha! But instead, I wore it like this and am just an ordinary wife/mother/sister/friend.