A Good Haul – Adventures in Thrifting

I survived last week! Making a list of all that needs to be done sure does make a big difference. Everything got done and I was only mildly exhausted by the end of it all. On to this week’s challenges!

For today’s post, we’re going back in time about two weeks, when our little town had their annual spring city-wide yard sale day. Some Postman decided to go along with me; we had a fun time hunting for bargains together. Here’s most of our loot from the day:


Counter-clockwise from the top:  It seems I’m on a purse-gathering kick…how many have I bought at yard sales or thrift stores so far this year? Don’t answer that – it’s incriminating evidence! Ha ha! This is a nice, roomy black faux-leather Rosetti bag, originally from Dillard’s, that I got for a dollar. The red polka dot piece there is a sleeveless dress, which I’ve worn twice since I got it (you’ll see it featured in the next blog post). The denim capris did not fit well, so they will be donated. For the life of me, I can’t remember what that gray thing is in the corner. A shirt? skirt? Sorry, folks…it will remain a mystery, because I don’t feel like going through my dresser and closet to figure it out. The last two things are swimsuits; the lime green one fits really well – and it has no brand or size tags inside! The red one is Faded Glory, size 14 – and fits horribly! It’s too big in the belly/butt and far too small in the bust. Strange thing…I almost hate to donate it, but maybe there’s a lady out there who’s more pear-shaped than me who can wear it. I accidentally sprayed bug killer on it while chasing a Big Giant Hairy Spider across the room. It washed up nicely. The swimsuit, not the spider. The spider is still shriveled up just beyond my reach under the living room floor. I should get tongs and remove him, but even getting that close to a dead spider gives me the willies. He’s serving as a warning to any other spiders who might think venturing into my house would be a good idea.


Fun stuff for a lingerie shower I gave for my friend a couple of days ago. The teddy bear was a prop for a game; the bra was new, so it was a gift. The nighty was like-new; I tried it on to test whether it might fit my friend (we’re close to the same size, except she has more bosom than me). Since it is snug across my chest, I didn’t think it would work for her, so I kept it for myself. It’s Victoria’s Secret…and it only cost $1!


Counter clockwise, from top right: series of books for the church library…a game to play with Boo (we tried it out, and the ants don’t jump very well on carpet)…vintage wood alphabet blocks (thought to sell them on eBay, but it turns out they aren’t worth much more than we paid for them, so they have joined the other toys in our stash)…a Pampered Chef rotary grater (currently for sale in my eBay listings)…a bag of mini vehicles (Boo LOVES them!)…a container of old watches (possible use in decorating tables at a convention next year)…and finally, a vintage Snoopy transistor radio (he might go on eBay, but for now, he’s sitting on the mudroom counter, adding to the decor).

I didn’t go yard saling this past weekend, since I had the lingerie shower going on, but I hope to get out there next Saturday, barring rain. It has been raining SO much lately! The ducks are happy, but we would like for it to dry out a little now. It’s almost necessary to wear waders when herding the ducks back to the henhouse in the evenings!


This is right outside my office window. Some Postman has dug a trench around the house for landscaping with river rock, but it keeps raining and filling up the trench with water. So we have a moat around the house…just right for yard ducks!


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