A Few Thrifty Finds

Oh my…time is galloping along this week! I’d hoped to write this post a few days ago, but just haven’t had an opportunity until now. And honestly, I should be washing dishes instead. I baked scones for this weekend and the kitchen is a mess! Ah well, dishes can wait. 🙂

My daughter and I went to a nearby town’s city-wide yard sale event last Saturday. She found a nice Eddie Bauer stroller for the new baby for a mere $5. That alone was well worth the trip! Here are the treasures I brought home:


The taller Starbucks mugs will become part of a gift basket for a certain someone this Christmas. The smaller mugs and canister are eBay fodder.


I gave the Fire King glass casserole to my son; he’s been using his skillet to bake such things, which works in a pinch, but this dish will be so much better. The “Golden Age Couples” Frankoma mug is kind of funny to me, but I couldn’t pass it up for only 50¢. Some Postman found the pink Lazybones pattern S&P shaker (also Frankoma) at the automotive swap meet he attended that same Saturday. Wasn’t that sweet of him to buy me a little gift while he was scoping out tires and car parts?


In a couple of weeks, I’ll be giving my dear friend D a lingerie shower in honor of her recent wedding. The polka dot nighty will be a part of the decorations (which D can take home with her, if she likes it), as will the length of tulle netting (it looks like a pillow in a bag in the photo). The tiny Nikes are more eBay fodder, and the adorable baby bunny slippers are for my grandbaby-in-the-making, if she turns out to be a girl (we’ll find out soon!).


More purses…I didn’t notice how worn is the handle of the black bag until I set up the photo, so we’ll see if I end up keeping that one or not. The Hollister scarf is super soft! My first intention in purchasing it was to sell it on eBay, but since they don’t appear to be a very hot item there, I will keep it for myself.


The little shoes and dress set were purchased for my brother’s little girl, and I sent them home with my daughter so she could give them to my sister-in-law (they work together). Min took a picture of these cuties for me before she delivered them. I could not resist that gingham dress – it is SO cute! And those little shoes….oh my! My toddling niece will surely  be the cutest thing ever wearing them.

And finally, here’s a fun photo of Min and Boo enjoying the cookies I packed along for our yard sale adventures. I think I should print out a poster-sized copy of this and put it on my office wall!

My Cookie Monsters!

My Cookie Monsters!


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