A Melissa Garden

My dear friend Robin gave me a most lovely birthday gift at church this past Sunday:  a Melissa garden.


What is a Melissa garden? The name “Melissa” is of Greek origin and means “honeybee”. This container garden features herbs of the same name and of course, a miniature bee hive figurine. The herbs are Lemon Balm, Bee Balm, and Peppermint. I can harvest them to make a refreshing tea. How amazing is that?!


Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) – on the left side of the planter – is a “seasonal delight to be enjoyed while the weather is mild and the plant is green.” I hope it lasts all summer long! Kansas weather isn’t known for its mildness, so I may need to bring my little garden indoors eventually, once the heat and humidity arrive.

Peppermint (in the center) is a refreshing addition to many dishes and drinks. It’s also useful in banishing a headache or freshening one’s breath. Perhaps I ought to feed a handful to Etta Pooka daily. She has terrible dog breath!

Bee balm is the leafy plant behind the bee hive figurine. It will produce flowers as it grows, which are as edible as its leaves. The flowers are noted for their fragrance and attract bees.

One of these days, probably when The House Project is finished, Some Postman will build an herb garden for me. We chose the location already; he will use stone taken from the old fireplace to build a raised bed. I look forward to growing my favorites basil and lavender in it, and now I’ll have a Melissa garden to add to it!

Thank you, Robin! Your gift is lovely and perfect!


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