A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Look what arrived via the Box Man last Friday…my birthday present from Some Postman. He put it together for me that same day, and we’ve both spent some time testing it out.


This is a Marcy Air 1 Exercise Bike. After trying out the one my neighbors bought earlier this year, I decided that I’d rather have one of these than a bicycle. While I love being outdoors, I do not enjoy bike riding all that much, nor do I enjoy wearing a helmet or bike shorts. A stationery bike should be perfect for me, especially since this one has moving arms.

No, I am not on a quest to shed 25 lbs or train for a long bike race. I have two goals in mind:

a) regain muscle tone

b) improve sleep

This morning, since it’s early in my use of the new bike, I weighed and took measurements (arm, chest, waist, hip, thigh, calf). After six weeks, I hope to see some reduction in the measurements. I’m not counting on any weight loss; exercise has rarely had any effect on my weight. And I’m fine with my weight and size, honestly. I’m far more interested in the health benefits of exercise, and I’ve missed being able to work out since my foot injury.

My friend Rox told me I should name my new bike so she can ask me “have you ridden ____ yet today?” Har har har! Well, she’s already got “MARCY” tattooed on her side, so perhaps that ought to be her name, although Rox wants her to be a him. 😀 Nah….I think I’m going with Marcy. Of course, one of these days as I’m pedaling and rowing away, inspiration may strike with something more imaginative.

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that Marcy is sitting in one of my usual spots for outfit photos. Well, Marcy has those two little wheels on the front, so I can move her around if needed. Hopefully Some Postman will be able to do outdoor outfit photos for me, with the warmer weather. But the wind does play havoc with us a lot…we shall just have to see what unfolds!


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