Fashion for a Cause

What a blur the past week or so has been! My blogging goals are certainly not being met, but I’m determined to keep plugging away at them. When things get busy or complicated, I tend to think I should discontinue the blog…but it brings me joy when I do have time for it. So my posts aren’t as frequent as I’d like them to be, but at least I’m writing once in a while.

This outfit was worn a few weeks ago to church. I’m glad I have time today to write about it, because the earrings I wore have a very special meaning behind them that is quite timely. This coming Sunday, November 2, is “Orphan Sunday”, a day in which many churches, ours included, will be raising awareness of the need of adoption and care of orphans around the world. Two families in our congregation are in the process of adopting children overseas. They have both held various fundraisers over the past few months, one of which is the sale of some lovely jewelry.


Outfit details: Xhileration dress ~ Target; St Johns Bay tee ~ JC Penney’s; scarf ~ thrifted; socks ~ Target; St Johns Bay boots ~ JC Penney’s.




The jewelry is the most important part of the outfit, of course. The bracelet and earrings that I purchased are made from upcycled materials (even the earring tag is cut from a Cheezits box!) by Haitian parents working to provide for their families so they won’t have to give up their children. The jewelry is very affordable; half the funds go to the Apparent Project and half to the White family for their adoption. You can read more about the Apparent Project here, and follow along with the Whites in their adoption journey here. If you would like to buy some of the jewelry to benefit the Whites, you may contact them on their blog page, or you may contact me and I will get in touch with them for you.


An Everyday Hausfrau Outfit

This outfit was worn a couple of weeks ago on an ordinary average day at the farm. I don’t remember exactly what I did while wearing it, but I’m sure it included chores, poking around in the garden a bit, puttering in the kitchen, and printing up my notes for the church ladies’ meeting that night. I’m positive I did NOT do any laundry while wearing this outfit, because my washer has been on the fritz for more than two weeks now. Some Postman has been on the phone with Maytag every other day, trying to convince them that the warranty on our washer does indeed include the transmission. It says so in the owner’s manual! He finally connected with someone willing to honor the warranty, and so I’m headed to the library today to send them a fax of the page in the manual that proves the point.

Oops…I chased a rabbit. Sorry!

Here’s the outfit:


Outfit details: Dressbarn top – thrifted; jeans – I don’t remember which pair of jeans I wore that day! I’m sure they were thrifted, as are 98% of my jeans.


Can you see the details of this top a little better here? It has kind of criss-crossed rouching in the bust area and drapes gracefully down from there. Very comfortable and pretty!


I did not notice while taking these photos that the hem of one sleeve was turned up. The main purpose in sharing the above photo is because it was the only shot in which the earrings weren’t blurry. They are very swingy! I’m pretty sure I picked them up at a yard sale. Our local thrift stores have very little jewelry for sale. I heard once that any jewelry donated to our Goodwill store in Manhattan gets sent on to Kansas City because they can get more money out of it there. That kind of chaps my hide, but what can I do about it? Two things: ┬ádon’t donate any of my own jewelry to Goodwill and buy jewelry at yard sales.


So, you know me and my love of Fun Socks! Aren’t these AMAZING???!!! They are called “I’ve Tread Them All” socks; you can buy them on Modcloth, who offers so many adorable Fun Socks, I have to force myself not to put a boat load of them into my shopping cart. The shoes are Merrels, thrifted at Goodwill. Can’t get jewelry there, but I sure do have the best luck with shoes.


Finally, these are my new glasses. Seeing the eye doctor was long overdue; the little card they gave me the last time told me to come again in 2009. While my vision is pretty good, I had begun to notice a need for holding books away from my face in order to read, even while wearing my old glasses. What a difference these new ones make! I can even thread a needle on the first try again! I decided to go with plastic frames this time, because the nose pads on my old metal frames made dents in my nose. Sometimes they even made it hard for me to breathe. As it turns out, my nose is rather broad, making it a challenge to find a pair of plastic frames that fit well. These fit nicely, and they were marked down in price, happily. Good thing, because our insurance doesn’t cover much when it comes to eyewear.

A Rather Boring Sunday Morning Outfit

This dress has been lurking in my closet for several years, so I figured it was time to “use it or lose it”. Wearing it to church one Sunday a few weeks ago, I discovered that I really don’t like the dress anymore. It fits well enough, and the shape is okay…I think it’s the pattern and colors that make me yawn. Honestly, looking in the mirror and at the photos of this outfit bores me. Ho-hum. Yawn! Snore….


Outfit details: Chaps dress ~ Kohl’s; Be Comfortable by Blondo shoes ~ eBay; monogram necklace ~ gift from Salt City Hausfrau.



The main reason I’m posting this snooze-fest of an outfit is because of the necklace that my sister gave me. Also, because these are the first photos of my fall hair cut and color, although it had already faded a bit by then. The auburn didn’t stick around very long. Next time I’ll use a permanent color instead of the wash-out kind.

I almost fell asleep while wearing this dress, but before it could cast its Sleeping Beauty spell upon me, I added it to the sack of things destined for Goodwill. Farewell, drowsy dress! Perhaps another lady will find you appealing.

Nothing Spectacular…Just An Everyday Outfit

I am having a difficult time getting back into the swing of things. My body is still complaining loudly about the rigors I put it through while up on the roof, and most days just getting chores done is enough of a challenge. I still feel like I’m about a week short on sleep, but if I try to nap, sleep eludes me. Next week, hopefully, will be back to normal…right?

This outfit isn’t anything to jump up and down about, and it was worn on a day going grocery shopping pre-roofing. Aside from socks and earrings, everything else was thrifted. I’ve had such a good run on shoes at Goodwill the past several months. Someone who wears my size buys quality shoes and hardly wears them before she donates them. Lucky me!



These Born moccasins, a wonderful half-price find at Goodwill, replace the Born mocs I bought on eBay a couple of years ago. They are so very comfortable, I’m sure these will be equally shot in two years!


My hair suffered some damage while I worked outdoors, but after fresh color and a trim, it’s looking much better. Hopefully I will get some photos taken before the color fades. (I used a wash-out color this time.) I do quite like the way it turned out, though, so maybe I will use a permanent shade to keep my hair auburn throughout the fall.

Some Vacation That Was!

Last week, Some Postman took a vacation from delivering the mail in order to put a new roof on our house. Our son and I helped; we all put in many hours of hard labor on top of the house! It took longer than we’d anticipated, of course, this being a Moron House (you know…they kept adding “more on”…and sometimes not very well). We removed three layers of shingles from more than half the roof, including the original wood shingles from 1917 on the two peaks! The peaks, being so old, needed sheathing (OSB particle board), since they didn’t build roofs like that nearly a hundred years ago. The living room roof had square nails! (The living room was a pre-1900 house that was added on sometime in the 1930s, at our best estimate.)

Removing old shingles

Removing old shingles

Original wood shingles!

Original wood shingles!

This short chunky girl is not accustomed to hard labor! Some days I put in 12 hour shifts, yanking out shingles (those old ones were crumbly! yuck!), pulling nails, dumping the wheel barrow, pounding down small nails. Those were “deconstruction days”. On Tuesday last week, we had the east side completely stripped down to the sheathing – and it began to rain. Hard. Some Postman and Hungry Bird lay down tarps as quickly as possible, but the rain made its way into the house anyway. My sewing room and the office room had streams flowing from the ceiling and walls. Thankfully, I had several empty tote boxes to put under the leaks, and a box full of rags for mopping the walls. What a mess!

Once we got to “construction days”, my job was primarily to cut shingles to the correct length for the starting sides as well as row ends. Tin snips are not easy for me to handle! They are like enormous dressmaker’s shears, but made for men’s hands. I found it simpler, albeit just as painful, to use a heavy-duty box cutter. My hands are very, very achy now, and my right hand won’t even close around my toothbrush or a pen. When Hungry Bird wasn’t there, I also handed the new shingles to Some Postman so he could nail them in place. Those suckers are heavy!

Front of house

Front of house

Back of house

Back of house

It took a solid nine days of working dawn to dusk (or beyond), but we got ‘er done! I think we need a REAL vacation now!