The Best Laid Plans…

Last Friday, after I declared my goal of writing three times per week, beginning with this week, Some Postman came home from delivering the mail and told me that he would be taking the week off in order to replace the roof. My job is to assist him in whatever capacity I am able, mostly handing him shingles, trimming them to fit (tin snips are similar to dressmaker’s shears, but quite a lot bigger for my wee paws to manage!), fetching the tape measure after it slides off the roof, etc. Since I will be up on the house top much of the time, I have set aside my blogging goals until next week. Any time I have free from my roofing obligations will be spent in the kitchen, preparing food we can simply reheat for meals. (That is exactly what I’m doing right now, while Some Postman is up above, removing shingles.)


We finished up the south side of the steepest peak this morning. Looks good, doesn’t it? The rest of the roof won’t be as difficult, so it should go a little faster. We are hoping and praying that it won’t rain this week!


If it works out, I’ll compose some outfit posts this week, but I don’t anticipate having the time or energy for it. Back to the kitchen for me now – the eggs are about done boiling, and the quinoa is ready. Laters!


Where I’ve Been

This week began with a determination to resume blogging, and yet it has taken until today, Friday, to compose my first post in a couple of weeks. I do have a good excuse for my absence the first week; Some Postman and I went to Arizona for several days. We had a very nice visit with his family, and celebrated the life of our beloved brother-in-law, who went to heaven at the end of July. Per his request, his wife (Some Postman’s sister) planned a lovely party with family and friends. His ’57 Chevy and her ’53 pickup were on display in the cul de sac, as well as a handful of car club friends’ classic cars.


                                                                              My dress matched the car!

I so enjoyed spending time with my sis-in-law, I wanted to pack her in my carry-on and take her back home with us! We left just as the flooding began in Phoenix, our flight delayed and we ended up having a long layover. An airport is an entertaining place, though, with people-watching opportunities galore! I find it fascinating the clothing choices folks make for travel. Some go for complete comfort, in yoga pants and baggy sweatshirts, while others wear suits and heels, ready for the meeting as soon as the plane lands. A lady with a whimpering baby snuggled inside a loaded down stroller looked perfectly capable of handling it all with one hand tied behind her back. (Go, Mama, go!)  Two men with full beards, wearing conservative suits and hats, strode past, and my first thought was that they were Amish. But then I remembered that Amish folks wouldn’t be in an airport, and as the men moved out of range of the row of seats in front of me, I saw the tassels dangling from the hems of their suit jackets. Aha – Jewish! So many diversely interesting people!

Back home again in the Flint Hills, I’m nearly caught up on laundry and cleaning, although I did clean the house before we left. The heat nearly did in the garden while we were away, but I am babying it along, trying to keep the squash vines alive as long as possible so my pumpkins will stay fresh until Halloween. The apples on our dwarf Jonathan tree ripened up nicely, and they are awaiting being turned into applesauce. Some Postman has begun work on the roof, and I am helping as much as I’m able, which at this point is only picking up the old shingles after he’s removed them.  This job is doubling as my workout, since conveying them by wheelbarrow to the burn pile next to the garden proves to be quite aerobic. And I’m hoping to get my eBay auctions revved up again soon.

All of this has resulted in pushing blogging to the back burner, BUT — I am determined to post regularly again, as this is a necessary creative outlet for me. The blog also encourages me to put some thought into my appearance, which tends to be a struggle for me most days. My goal is at least three posts a week, beginning next week. Fingers crossed!