It’s About Time!

Summer doesn’t want to let up its heated grip on the Flint Hills; the heat and humidity continue to plague me day and night. Thankfully, we are blessed to have central air in the house. Thus, I spent as much time indoors as possible! The garden is putting up a valiant fight against the blazing sun and hungry squash bugs, and I spent a good hour or two out there every morning. Except for one morning this week – we actually got a nice rain one day, so I didn’t have to drag the hose around to give Seymour a drink. It was a very welcome break, because I’m using a brand new hose and it is quite reluctant to come out of its packaged tightly coiled state.

In light of the heat, you might wonder why on earth I decided to wear a long sleeved shirt to church this past Sunday. This delightful shirt is a cotton and silk blend, and it is wonderfully cool and comfortable to wear despite the heat of the August sun. The sleeve length was welcome in the church’s cool air conditioning, and the breath-ability of cotton and silk kept me from getting all sweaty walking to the car after services. Another great thing about this shirt – it’s the first one I’ve found that goes with my Isaac Mizrahi navy skirt, other than standard white! This pleated skirt has endured numerous closet culls, because it seems like a classic to me, and yet all I’ve ever worn with it is a simple white button down (when I have one in my closet that fits well, which sadly isn’t often). I love the print and colors of the shirt! 



Cotton/silk shirt – JCP

Isaac Mizrahi skirt – Target

Comfort Plus sandals – Payless

Necklace – ??? Walmart or Target or JCP ???

Earrings – JCP


While shopping at JC Penney’s, I discovered something interesting. I always buy button up shirts in a size Large to fit my tummy and hips, which means they are always too big from the waist up. This shirt, being on clearance, was available only in size Medium. It fits so much better on top! The bottom-most button must be left undone in order not to strain the fabric over  my lower half, but as long as it’s tucked in, who cares? And if I do want to wear it untucked, again…who cares? I’m tired of wearing ill fitting shirts! I’ve only ever found ONE SINGLE button up shirt that fit me perfectly – the “Favorite Shirt” by Target in size Petite XL. I bought one online, and have never seen that size and style since. I’m sure if I were willing to spend more money on it, I could find a button up that fit nicely, but I’m too frugal. After clearance and coupons, I paid just $8.22 plus tax for the JCP shirt. So I can deal with that undone button! And I might just start getting size Mediums again…


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