I’ve Been Nominated for a Liebster Award!

The lovely Mia of Reading in Skirts has honored me with a Liebster Award nomination! The Liebster Award recognizes up-and-coming bloggers with fewer than 500 followers. It’s also a great way to introduce “small” blogs and hopefully increase their readership.

The Rules:

1.  Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.

2.  You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to the nominee before you.

3.  You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated who also have 500 subscribers or less.

4.  You must create 10 questions for your nominees.

Here are the questions that Mia gave to her nominees:

1. What’s your desktop background right now?

A photo I took on our recent trip to Seattle of boats docked at Lake Union:

2.  Are you more of an asker or a guesser?

Hmmm…I suppose I’m more of an asker. It really depends on who I’m asking and what I’m asking about.

3.  If you drink, what’s your favorite cocktail? If not, what’s your favorite thing people ask you when they want to know why you don’t drink?

I’m not opposed to drinking spirited beverages, but I drink only at home or friends’ homes, never “out” so I honestly don’t know what is considered a cocktail. Mostly I drink wine. Cheap, sweet wine. I sampled some homemade raspberry wine once that was delicious, but totally curled my hair after one sip! Woo-ee, that was potent stuff!

4.  Would you rather have super-long fingernails or super-long eyebrows?

Egads! Neither! But if I have to choose, I’ll say super-long fingernails. I’ve always had rather bushy eyebrows and do my best to keep them trimmed up. I used to keep my fingernails longer, but since I type quite often these days and always have my hands in dishwater, it’s best for me to have them short now. If my nails extend any more than a quarter inch, it feels icky.

5.  Do you write the number 8 as two circles or as a “figure eight”?

Figure eight, starting at the top right and moving counter-clockwise.

6.  What’s your least-favorite fruit?

Mangos. Or papayas. Or watermelon. I know, it’s almost un-American not to like watermelon. I’ll eat it, but it’s not my favorite.

7.  What’s your go-to summer food or recipe?

One of my favorite summer time foods is home grown cantaloupe. Now there’s a melon I truly enjoy! I had to give it up when I was pregnant with my daughter, because it made my stomach churn, which made me really, really sad. Thank goodness that business cleared up after she was born! Our local grocery store will have a giant box full of enormous locally grown cantaloupe each summer. They are as big as basketballs and so sweet and juicy, your eyes will roll back in your head and you will sigh with rapture! Can you tell I really, really love cantaloupe? 🙂

As for a go-to summer recipe, it has to be a super simple ice cream recipe from an Eagle Brand cookbook:

1/2 a can of sweetened condensed milk

 2 cups half & half

1 tsp vanilla extract

Stir together and pour into ice cream freezer.

I’ve halved the amounts of the original recipe so our soft serve ice cream maker doesn’t overflow. This summer, I’ll need to come up with an alternative recipe for myself, because my lactose intolerance has returned. I’m going to try using coconut milk instead of the half & half and see if that’s enough of a dairy reduction. There isn’t a milk-free version of sweetened condensed milk available that I’m aware of.

8.  If it’s not too personal, do you have any food allergies?

Not that I’m aware of. I do have food sensitivities, like the afore-mentioned lactose intolerance. I do not eat meat, but not because of an allergy, just an inability to digest it without pain.

9.  How do you leave a party?

Usually by the same door I entered.

10.  If you’re unhappy with food, will you return it?

Honestly, I can’t say that I’ve ever been unhappy with any food I’ve ordered at a restaurant. I suppose if it ever does happen, however, I would send it back. After all, I’ve paid for it and want to enjoy it.

And now for the 10 bloggers I shall nominate for a Liebster Award:

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5. She Hath Done What She Could

6. + 1 Adoption

7. 14 Shades of Gray

8. Health Bent Life

9. Let’s Talk Tough Stuff

10. T. Webster Armstrong

Here are my 10 questions:

1.  Are you owned by a pet?

2.  What book are you currently reading?

3.  How do you take your coffee?

4.  Is there a music genre you enjoy that might surprise others?

5.  Have you traveled outside the United States? If so, where? If not, where would you like to go?

6.  Was there ever one event that completely changed your life or outlook on life?

7.  It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon. What are you doing?

8.  How many shoes live in your closet?

9.  What was your favorite toy as a child?

10.  Do you have a collection of any kind?

You are not required to participate in this meme, of course, but if you choose to do so, have fun with it!



Sometimes You Just Have to Let it Go

No, I’ve never even heard the song from the movie Frozen, at least not more than a snippet. My nieces have seen the movie, I’m sure, but it’s not my grandson’s kind of thing, so I’ve never seen it. But I can appreciate the sentiment.

This is what I wore to church this past Sunday morning:

Liz Claiborne top & skirt – JCPenney

Belt – Walmart

Blondo shoes – eBay

Necklace – gift from MA

This is one of a rare few outfits I’ve ever purchased both pieces at the same time to purposely go together. I’ve worn it before on the blog here, ironically in a post with a very similar title. At that time, I was letting go of my frustrations of not being a smaller size, the “right” weight, the ideal shape. This time, it’s an entirely different kind of letting go.

I like how this skirt looks when I’m standing up. Sitting down, however, makes me very self-conscious and uncomfortable. When I stand back up, the skirt has traveled up and must be tugged back down where it belongs. While I agree with myself from a few months ago that it’s fine to wear certain things even if that style isn’t “right” for my body, I’m also learning to say farewell to things that aren’t absolutely comfortable in every way. And so pencil skirts, at least ones with this type of waistband, are leaving my closet. After I’ve washed up this pink pencil skirt, you will see it on eBay. Eventually. I’m almost out of free listings for this month. (In case you care to stalk me on eBay, look up my seller name “dachshiemama”.)

I’d thought about making this skirt one of my “Use It or Lose It” items, to pair it with something other than the same top, but I don’t think a different top is going to make it feel any more comfortable. And no, I have not chosen anything for this challenge yet. Winter made a comeback early this week, although it is warming up again, and I have been on the go a lot the past several days. This is Holy Week, also, which means extra time spent at church and in preparing to have the kids over on Easter Sunday. So there hasn’t been a lot of time to spend on getting out the tote boxes of seasonal clothes. I’d hoped to have it done by the end of this week, but don’t hold your breath.

Short Giant with a Challenge

Since we got home from church last night while it was still plenty light out, I asked Some Postman to take some outdoor photos for me. He said that where I stood, it made it look like I’m taller than the barn. Granted, it’s not a tall barn, but I’m only 5’2″. I’m a short giant!

 Christopher & Banks shirt – thrifted

Isaac Mizrahi for Target skirt – thrifted

Belt – rue21

Michelle D flats – thrifted

 I wish Some Postman had thought to mention my hair was misbehaving.

As you can see, not only was I not wearing a jacket yesterday, but I was also bare-legged! Yes, the mercury reached 80° yesterday. The South Wind gusted mightily, too, but that’s part of the deal. If you want it warm, it’s gonna be windy.

It seems the time has finally come to put away heavy sweaters, tights and flannel-lined leggings. Next week, I believe I will dig out my totes of summer clothes. Of course, it’s far too early to put away such things as jackets, jeans and fuzzy pants, because we’ll have a good share of chilly mornings and evenings yet. But it will be nice to lighten up and brighten up the wardrobe.

With the “spring cleaning” of my closet, it’s a good time to implement Use It or Lose It once again. Why now, you ask, when it’s unlikely you’ll have an opportunity to wear that wool skirt anyway? Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen what’s in those tote boxes. There are most likely several items that were seldom worn last season; it’s time to decide whether they should stay or go. If you wish to join me in this challenge, here’s how Use It or Lose It works:

Select 4-6 items from your wardrobe that have not seen the light of day in a long time. Over the next three weeks, if you have not found a way to wear them, then they must be removed from your inventory. Sometimes, I have discarded items even though I did wear them – after wearing a shirt, for example, I may have rediscovered why it was shoved in the back of the closet in the first place. Use It or Lose It is a good way to ensure that what is in your closet is wearable and versatile.

Join me! 🙂

Thrifty Generations

Yesterday, my beautiful daughter came to visit me in the morning, since she had the day off from work. I had a giant stack of coupons, so we spent a lot of our time together cutting them out. We talked about where to find the best deals, others’ recent bargain finds and reminisced about past stashes I’d had when she was little. Remember the pyramid of 80+ boxes of cereal we built on the kitchen table, Min? Yep, she remembered!

Now that my little girl is all grown up with a family of her own, she tries to use coupons and get bargain deals when she can to help stretch her budget. Recently, she brought home this little stash:


Retail value: $24. Paid: $11. Min saved 54%!

My sister-in-law K, who happens to be only a few months older than my daughter, is also into couponing. Her most recent Big Bargain is a very absorbent stash:


Retail value: $61. Paid: $10. K saved 84%!

K learned how to do “super coupon shopping” from her older sister, just as Min learned it from me. I’m so happy to see the next generation being frugal and saving money!

Here is my own most recent couponing deal:


Retail value: $48. Paid: $24. I saved 50%!

Yes, that is a LOT of shampoo for just me and Some Postman, isn’t it? Some of this will be donated to a local food bank, and some might just find its way to Min’s house. I rarely keep my entire stash for myself. Half the fun of getting deals like this, for me, is to give part of them away! (Which is what I did with a LOT of those 80+ boxes of cereal way back when.)

Recalling past stashes with my daughter brought up some pleasant memories of couponing past. When we first moved to our little house in the Flint Hills, Glad products had an unlimited, long-dated mail in offer of which I took full advantage. On each box of trash bags, storage bags and freezer bags, there was a form printed on the box. You could send in unlimited amounts of these forms, along with the UPC code, and Glad would mail you a coupon for a free like product. I bought several, on sale and with coupons, to start out, and then used the free coupons to buy more boxes with the forms on them, sending off for additional free coupons. By the time the deal was over, I had trash bags, storage bags and freezer bags stuffed in every available nook and cranny this old farm house had to offer. That was about 16 years ago. I ran out of the storage and freezer bags several years ago, but we still have at least 5-6 boxes of trash bags remaining. That’s even after giving each of my kids a supply of trash bags when they flew out of the nest. That Glad bag deal has to be my best stash ever!

Denim and Lace

Pairing denim and lace has always appealed to me, for some reason. Perhaps because of the rural area in which I live, coupled with a love of looking feminine. I now have two lace dresses in my closet, a pink one and this teal one. And there are several denim jackets in my wardrobe to wear over them. Add cowgirl boots, and the look is complete.

Xhileration dress – Target

Mossimo jacket – Target

Mossimo boots – Target

Hmm…I’m a walking Target advertisement! 😀

Lip and eye color make a rare appearance.


 Necklace – self made


Ring – Avon? can’t recall & can’t read the eensy weensy print inside


Now, as for making more regular posts on this little old blog, I haven’t come up with any great ideas, but I am determined to get my act together. Not only do I want to get properly dressed each day, I also want to post more in the kitchen, crafting and thrifting departments. Blogging about those things motivates me to DO those things! And I’m tired of just slogging thru my days, not really getting much of anything accomplished. So what if the weather is chilly and depressing? I need to get off my duff and DO SOMETHING FUN!!!


See y’all later! I’m going to put on my workout clothes and bust a move. Ka-pow!

Slogging Through Mud

That’s how I feel like I am moving through my days lately – very slowly, with lots of muck on my feet. I don’t know why. It’s spring! I should be bounding about like a Dachshund chasing a rabbit in a field of tall grass. Maybe I need to give myself a good all-over shake like a dog does after a bath, and get a fresh start.

This past Tuesday, April Fools Day, I went grocery shopping and met my aunt for lunch. My outfit wasn’t anything noteworthy, but I took pictures of it anyway. Aunt D and I enjoyed our lunch together, although we could have used more time. We didn’t get all our gabbing done!


Allison Daley shirt – thrifted

Liz Claiborne jeans – thrifted

Born moccasins – eBay

Earrings – I think they were a promo item for doing a survey ages and ages ago.


Vintage pin – antique vendor


Chihuly glass ring – exhibit gift shop, Seattle

I think it’s time to come up with some ways to motivate me to get dressed properly every day again, and use my wardrobe better. Maybe “use it or lose it” again? Or “fun socks week”? How about “a skirt every day”? Well, it would need to be warm enough for that. Currently, it is not. Sigh….well, I need to get out of this rut somehow! Perhaps inspiration will hit me as I wash the dishes…