Busy Week!

The week of Thanksgiving is always a busy one, it seems. Some Postman had Monday off, so we made a trip to Town after I got back home from my hair cut in Small Town. We had lunch at Carlos O’Kelly’s, which is fairly vegetarian friendly, I learned. We did a little Christmas shopping, picked up some groceries and ordered a new mattress set. Oh, I am looking forward to that arriving! The mattress we have now is at least as old as our daughter. I have a difficult time finding a comfortable way to sleep on it. Some Postman could sleep like a puppy dog just about anywhere. I wonder how he does that?

On Tuesday, I’d planned to get some prep work done for the food I’ll be taking to our family Thanksgiving at my uncle and aunt’s house. But early that morning, my aunt let everyone know that Grandpa was in the ICU and the doctor said the family should come. So as soon as SP got home from delivering the mail, we went back to Town and spent the rest of the day at the hospital. I’m very pleased to say that Grandpa responded well to the treatments he received, and today he was moved into a regular room! Praise God for answered prayer!

And so today has been spent finishing the laundry that had to be left half-done yesterday. (I think my dryer is about to give up the ghost. It’s been making a clunking noise when it first starts up, but today it also paused numerous times. I begged it just to finish up today and then it can die later! It’s much too cold to hang laundry on the line.) I donned my apron, too, and made a Big Huge Mess in the kitchen. So far, I’ve made Honey Wheat Rolls, Caramel Cranberry Bars (with dark chocolate instead of pecans, in case my nephew with a nut allergy wants to sample them), and Old Fashioned Fudge (gluten-, dairy- and nut-free, but NOT workout-free – I believe I burned enough calories beating the daylights out of that fudge to earn several “free” pieces!). In a few minutes, I’ll get a beef roast in the oven for SP’s supper, then make a batch of Quinoa Dressing. Thankfully, I don’t have to make cranberry sauce, because Grandma Hoerner’s makes the best sauce ever. My beverage contribution to the Thanksgiving meal will be egg nog; the grocery store had half gallons on sale for 99¢. I am sure our dinner table will be overflowing with delicious dishes!

Going back to Sunday…this is what I wore to church that morning. I must say that I really, really liked this outfit. This dress lends itself to being worn so many ways, I am tempted to wear it again next Sunday! But I will try to wait at least another week. Or wear it to a meeting or to the grocery store, so as not to wear it too soon to the same place. How I do love the colors!

Xhileration dress – Target
Next ♥ Era sweater – thrifted
Merona tights – Target
Ciao Bella boots – eBay
I’m still not fully familiar with how the photo program on this new computer works, so the above picture isn’t cropped, like I wanted it to be. For some reason, it’s a copy. I have no idea what happened to the original! I’ll get this thing figured out eventually…
Necklace – JCP, I think
Looking at these pics, I almost miss my longer hair. Yeah, I got it cut short! Ah well…it’ll grow. 
 Ring – JCP


It’s been a few days since I made a post here on the Flint Hills Hausfrau…not because I haven’t been wearing decent outfits, at least most days. Rather, it’s due to my slowness in learning how to use a new computer. This new one uses Windows 8, which some folks don’t care for, I’ve heard. I’ve found it to be fairly easy to navigate, although there have been times I’ve had to hunt all over for the obscure little thing for which I’m searching. No, the biggest problem has been transferring files from old Putie to new Rosey. (I named the new computer Rosey after the robot maid on The Jetsons. Yeah, I’m weird like that!) And setting up my husband’s email was a bit challenging – I had to call tech support for that. And then I had to learn where and how to store and edit photos. Kind of hard to create outfit posts without pictures! I think I’m finally ready to make a post, tho, so here we go….

This is what I wore on Thursday. Book Club met that evening, so I wanted to incorporate some items given to me by book club members. The pants were given to me by Ursula and the scarf was made by Sharon. As it turns out, I didn’t end up going to Book Club because the weather got nasty. I hear the few who did make it had a really great time….now I’m sad I missed it. But not sad I snuggled on the couch with my Postman and Pooka all evening instead.

Mossimo sweater – Target
Cecil pants from Germany – gift from Ursula
Hand-knit scarf – gift from Sharon
My plan, if I had braved the sleet and bitter cold north wind, was to wear my congnac tall boots and that fuzzy soft cozy sweater/jacket thing draped over the chair behind me in the above photo. Instead, I wore these comfy shoes all day until after supper when I donned my slipper booties.
Merrell shoes – eBay
Check out these super Fun Socks! I enjoy wearing goofy socks in the cold weather, too, even though they aren’t seen much, being covered by shoes and pants most of the time. I really like the socks from Dressbarn, as they don’t develop holes too quickly and they stay up without cutting off my circulation or leaving a band mark around my lower calf.
Socks – Dressbarn
The scarf stayed on most of the day, too, except when I was cooking and eating soup for lunch. That sweater has a wide, drape-y cowl neckline so I got cold without the warmth of the scarf.
Earrings – Target
Yeah, I have a hard time with selfies. Always cutting something off or angling the camera oddly. One thing I like about Rosey’s photo editing is the auto adjust. It fixed a lot of the color issues in my photos. Now if I could just find an editing tool that will fix my goofball expressions…

Feeling Like Myself

Some Postman had this past Friday off from work. After I got back home from my cleaning job that morning, he said we should go to Town for lunch and some shopping. This sounded good to me! I didn’t want to delay things by showering and putting on nicer clothes. He said what I had on was fine, so away we went.

We had a good time together, but I felt ill at ease and not like myself the entire time we were out and about. The problem was that my hair felt yucky and I was wearing lounge pants, a t-shirt and a flannel shirt. It wasn’t until we popped in to Walmart that I felt appropriately dressed. Not that I “dress up” to go to Town, but I don’t normally wear grubbies, so I just didn’t feel like myself.

After we got home, I showered, did something to my hair and put on jeans, a long sleeve tee and a drapey sweater, with a necklace and earrings. Nothing fancy, by any means, but it certainly felt more like me! Some Postman and I attended the high school musical that evening, which we thoroughly enjoyed. It’s amazing how much more I enjoyed that outing, simply because of my clothing! It really does set the mood.

Now, today, for church, I wore pants. Definitely NOT the norm for me, but a good idea, as it turns out. The wind is quite ferocious today! A skirt or dress would have been up around my ears. Eek!

 Xhileration top – Target
George pants – either Walmart or thrifted, I can’t remember which
Scarf – gift from Bestie

Earth Spirit Classics mules – Walmart

Sunday Morning and Letting It All Go

 Liz Claiborne top & pencil skirt – JCP
Studio 1940 cardigan – Fashion Bug
Clarks shoes – thrifted

This outfit was purchased at least a month ago, on sale, with a coupon, but I have felt too self-conscious to wear a pencil skirt lately. The black knit dress with the floral print sides a few weeks ago seemed daring enough. Anything close-fitting feels like it accentuates my belly entirely too much. But….I am doing my best to wear these things anyway. They fit; they are comfortable; they are nice styles. Just because my body doesn’t fit the mold of perfection doesn’t mean I cannot wear any style I choose.

Earrings – from MIL’s collection
Necklace – JCP

While I am not throwing in the towel in regards to my diet – I’m trying to reduce sugar intake and weaning myself off coffee – or exercise routine, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the size my body has settled upon and I might as well accept that fact. No more wishing to be a smaller size. No more slavery to the bathroom scale. (By the way, I had to move the scale out of the bathroom to make room for a stack of paint cans [house project, see my personal Facebook page if you aren’t already aware of it]. The scale now resides in the laundry room in plain view of the porch door. I don’t get on it very often at all anymore! Should have done this ages ago…) 
I am a size 12 or 14. My weight hovers around 150 – 155 lbs. My arms and legs are chunky, and my belly is soft. So what?!
I am a wife. My husband likes – no, LOVES the fact that I can cook and bake food that he enjoys eating. He likes to snuggle with me on the couch of an evening. He doesn’t spout compliments to me very often, but I know that he loves me just the way I am.
I am a mother. My kids don’t seem to mind that I’m not perfect; at least not now that they are grown up. They don’t seem too embarrassed by me anymore. I’m sure that will change in another twenty years or so, though! Ha ha!

I am a Grammy! My Boo likes to snuggle with me and read books. I can pick him up and hug him tight. (He’s growing so big, tho, it won’t be long before I can’t pick him up any longer!) I have just enough energy to run around the yard with him. Boo loves me just the way I am.

I am a sister and a daughter. My parents and siblings love me just the way that I am. So do my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.
I am a daughter of the King. God loves me more than I can even imagine! He sees every aspect of my being, flaws galore, and transforms me into His very own child, perfect in every way, by His mercy and grace. 
If the people I love most in this world love me just the way I am, and the God of the universe deems me perfect, then how can I wish to be anything than what I already am? What makes me ME is so much more than my size and shape.  There is absolutely no reason at all for me to hide behind fear and shame any longer! I’m letting it all go…

The Leaning Teapot, Short and Stout

You all know one of my theme songs is “I’m a Little Teapot”, right? Well, the quick mirror shots I took of yesterday’s outfit made me change the lyrics a bit to “I’m a leaning teapot, short and stout…”

Cardigan – Old Navy
Danskin Now tee – Walmart
Maurices skirt – thrifted
Faded Glory leggings – Walmart
Boots – JCP
Scarf – thrifted
Earrings – thrifted
Mirror shots don’t work in the bedroom; I end up being back-lit, so the mirror image is dark. The only other alternative is the bathroom mirror, but in order to get a full shot, I have to angle the camera wonky. Mirror pics almost always turn out blurry for me, too. Ah, well, it’ll just have to do…I didn’t have time to use the timer and attempt decent pics. I wore this outfit without the scarf and boots most of the day, and only remembered I wanted to document it with a blog post minutes before I needed to head out the door for a meeting at church.
My other theme song, of course, is “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen. We make the rockin’ world go ’round!

Truly Beautiful Women

There are so many women in my circle of family and friends who are truly beautiful, inside and out. I admire them for their confidence, joy, love of life, personal style, grace and generosity. Not all of them know about this little old blog of mine, but a few do, and have agreed to allow me to share a little about them here.

This is Christy. She’s a petite wonder! Christy always dresses in a young, cheerful way, and I’ve never, ever seen her without her nails done. (This is quite admirable in  my book; my own nails rarely get done because manicures don’t last more than a day or two for me.) Christy loves kids, as is evidenced by her teaching Sunday School and working as a para educator. I do believe this woman must have the patience of Mother Theresa. Christy shares my adoration of super cute shoes, and she is blessedly able to wear them comfortably.

Next is Maurenne. Another fellow “shorty” friend, Maurenne is one of my most favorite people to hug. She’s soft and cuddly, so loving and yet so strong of heart. And she is a master markswoman! She can hunt, dress and cook game like a pro. Maurenne also has great personal style. She always wears what is comfortable, yet she always looks nicely put together. I love this shawl she’s been sporting lately!

Wrapping up today’s post is Robin. Robin is not short. She’s one of my tallest friends! Robin exemplifies the Proverbs 31 woman to me. She is a wife, mother and career woman all rolled into one. Robin is a beekeeper, soap maker, seamstress, cook, gardener…I’m not sure there’s anything this woman cannot do! Robin has a terrific personal style as well. This outfit is quite simple, true, so I will try to remember to take my camera to church more often so I can catch one of her more amazing outfits for another post. I just had to include her in this post, tho, as she is one of the most fashionable people I know!

Thank you, ladies, for allowing me to share your truly beautiful selves on my blog. Be warned, the rest of my family and friends — I plan to pack my camera everywhere I go and (with your permission, of course) capture your loveliness, then feature you here at FHH. You inspire me!

Mad Men-esque

Our church is making a new pictorial directory, so Some Postman and I had our photo taken between services yesterday. We dressed in coordinating outfits. Does that make us old? You know, you’ve seen the retired couple who wears matching sweatshirts or entire sweat outfits or other goofy clothes. No, I think we just looked like we belonged together, and rather Mad Men-esque, too.

Not the greatest photo (poor lighting, etc) but we’re both smiling and don’t have dorky looks on our faces. It’ll do!

 Xhileration lace dress – Target
Studio 1940 cardigan – Fashion Bug
 Just call me Bambi…must be headlights shining in my eyes…duh…
 Vintage Sarah Conventry pin worn as a pendant – thrifted
(I didn’t want to risk tearing the lace by pinning it on.)
Ribbon flats – Target
My black platform heel pumps would have been more appropriate, but my feet hurt too much to consider the possibility. Going without the cardigan would have been more Mad Men-esque, too, but I just can’t do sleeveless, especially this time of year. And my handsome hubby could have worn a hat of some sort to look like a Mad Man, but his hat is a beat up old thing he wears to do yard work. Not Mad Men-esque. So we were close…but that’s not really the look we were going for anyway. Or rather, that I was going for. I picked out his clothes for him, ha ha! (That rarely happens, just so you know. He does a pretty good job picking out his own attire. This was a special occasion and he humored me.)