Simple Sunday

First, let me wrap up Get Dressed Every Day week…I did attempt to take pics of my outfit Saturday, but they all turned out so blurry and horrible, you’ll just have to imagine the outfit. Same black jeans as Friday with a gray Merona tiered 3/4 sleeve top, topped with a cream/plum/gray print pashmina scarf. I enjoyed the challenge of dressing with purpose each day, but must admit that yesterday was spent entirely in lounge pants, t-shirt and flannel shirt. A girl needs a down-day now and then!

Here’s what I wore on Sunday morning:

Xhileration dress – Target
Boots – JCP
Necklace – made by Salt City Hausfrau
It’s a very simple outfit, but not boring. When I came out of the bathroom, Some Postman said, “Wow, that’s a really vivid dress, but in a good way.” That’s the first unsolicited comment he’s made about anything I’ve worn in a long time! Maybe I should wear bright flowers more often. I did end up putting a black cardigan over the dress. The back is kind of low and I was chilly.

Getting Dressed on Friday

My order arrived in the mail yesterday, so I tried everything on this morning before I got dressed. After trying on the Favorite Shirt, I completely changed my mind about what I’d planned to wear today in favor of that shirt instead. It fits perfectly, and I can understand why they call it the Favorite Shirt! (Please forgive the wrinkles – I wore it straight out of the package and didn’t really want to iron it since the sizing hasn’t been washed out of it yet.)

Merona Favorite Shirt – Target
Merona jeans – Target
Scarf – thrifted

 Look – BIRDIES!!!!
Of course, what’s the best thing to wear with this outfit to head outdoors? You guessed it!
Alfani leather jacket – thrifted
At first, I’d paired an orange scarf with the birdie shirt, and I do like how it looks, but then decided I’d rather not wear such a bold color combination on our ventures later today.
These are the boots I found stashed away in the closet that made me wonder what on earth I was thinking when I’d bought them. They are fine with jeans, tho, and fairly comfortable with my special insoles inside. I have no idea what else I’d wear them with, however.
Mossimo Supply Co boots – Target
You won’t see a post by me for getting dressed tomorrow. I will get dressed, but won’t be home to do the post, and my barely semi-intelligent phone doesn’t give me the ability to do mobile posting. Maybe Sister B will do a post so we can finish the week with a full 7 blog entries???
Have a great weekend, folks!

Two Sisters Get Dressed on Thursday

I knew that getting dressed every day would be a challenge for me, but I had no idea just how much! I’ve not been sleeping well at night, due to persistent pain in my legs and feet, which makes wearing cozy flannel and fleece all the more appealing. However, I am a firm believer in dressing as if you feel wonderful, and in turn, you do actually feel better. So I’m donning real clothes.

Sister B is getting dressed every day, as well. She doesn’t always have to put on real clothes on a weekday, either, but my little sister is much better at looking good no matter what she wears than me. Here’s what she wore to Bible study this morning:

Axcess top – Target
Scarf – Amazon
Riders denim jacket – ???
Lee corduroy jeans – thrifted
Merona shoes – Target
I love this outfit on her! Pumpkin is definitely her color. That jacket actually looks a bit familiar…did I happen to pass that along to you? Maybe that’s where it came from!
And here’s what I’m wearing today:
No Name top – thrifted
(There’s no tag inside, but it doesn’t seem to be handmade.)
Mossimo sweater – Target
Loft chinos – thrifted
Dansko canvas shoes – eBay
This photo is included ONLY so you can see my shoes, since they got cut off in the above pic.
Also, this is how the outfit looks with the sweater buttoned.
It’s better left open.
Earrings – JCP
I fell in love with the dots on this shirt when I saw it at Goodwill. At first, I thought I’d do some tailoring on it – darts in back, shorten the sleeves – but I actually like it fine the way it is for now. It’s loose and flowy and comfortable. It’s not very easy to put the sweater on over it, what with the full sleeves, but I’m getting  plenty of practice. Off it goes while I snap beans; back on while I sit at the computer; off again to bathe the dog; on again to go pick peppers (there’s going to be a hard freeze tonight). 
The shoes don’t really look that great with this outfit, but my feet needed me to wear them today. These are one of several pair of shoes that somewhat reduce that pain in my stupid feet. I’m beginning to think the only way the pain will go away is to quit walking, standing, sitting or laying down. I need to learn how to hover.

I Got Dressed Too!

Yesterday was just a putz around the house and get stuff done kind of day and I never got around to taking a picture of my outfit.  It was just a t shirt and jeans and I usually run around the house barefoot.  But I did get dressed!  I kind of had to since the pool guys came to close the pool and I had to answer the door!
Today I’m putzing around the house again until this evening when I work in the church nursery with the toddlers.  So I decided on a t shirt and jeans with slip on’s but then I noticed that when a raised my arms up that my belly would show!  Ack!  Not good since I’d have to be picking babies up all evening and nobody needs to see my fleshy middle!  So I opted on a snap up shirt (don’t worry, the snaps are quite secure!) but I’ll need to safety pin the very middle since it tends to gap a little.  Once again, nobody needs to see that.

This is a very blurry picture!  Sorry, but it’s the best out of about 10 that I shot and I got tired of posing!  I don’t have anyone to take my picture so I usually do the full length mirror shot but wanted to try an outdoor shot this time.  The mirror is the better option for a better quality picture.  Anyway, the top is Faded Glory from Walmart, the jeans are Levi’s probably from JCPenney’s and the shoes are Sonoma from Khol’s.

Getting Dressed on Wednesday

Oh, I had a difficult time getting dressed today! It was too easy to linger over coffee and catching up on blog reading this morning. Eventually, I did put on my workout gear, pop in a Leslie Sansone DVD, shower and put on real clothes. Yes, what I’m wearing today is extremely casual, but it’s not jammies. And that counts!

 Mossimo Supply Co shirt – Target
Liz Claiborne jeans – thrifted
Ryka shoes –
Should have gotten this shirt in a size larger, since it’s junior sizing. But it’s not too bad. It’s quite thin, so at first I layered another tee underneath, but that made it kind of stiff and uncomfortable. So I’ll just have to move around a lot to keep warm. Not a problem! There is plenty on my to-do list.
Earrings – Avon
No makeup again today. I’m not going out in public and my skin needs to breathe today. Didn’t do much to my hair, either, except wash it and use the round brush with the dryer on low. No products in my hair today, since I plan to touch up the color tomorrow, so I’m sure by the end of the day the horns will be in full force. That will look nice, dontcha think?

Getting Dressed on Tuesday

Oy, has it been a busy day! This post is going to be short and sweet, to make sure it gets done while it’s still Tuesday. Besides, this is a repeat outfit from last fall, so you’ve seen it before. Except for one new addition!

Faded Glory chambray shirt – Walmart
Faded Glory corduroy jeans – thrifted
Scarf – Walmart
Born moccasins – eBay
Earrings – from MIL’s collection
Alfani leather jacket – thrifted
(What else could possibly compliment this outfit better?)
Jumbo ring – Target? or maybe JCP? can’t remember
Guess I’d better issue a warning here…you’re going to see a LOT of this black leather jacket in the months ahead! It’s just perfect and I can’t help but wear it ALL. THE. TIME.