Three in a Row!

Today is Friday; it’s been 8 days since I left for my little three-day escape from the Farm, and I think I am finally caught up on things around here. I think. Still have beans to pick, but I’ve been doing that every other day anyway. I was going to attempt canning the beans, but because I need a refresher lesson (the one and only lesson I’ve had in canning happened three years ago, and we’ve barely harvested a single bean since then, until now), I’ve opted for freezing them instead.

On Tuesday, I went grocery shopping. We were spoiled with milder summer temps for the first part of August, but this week the mercury is busting out the top. Keeping as cool as possible is the goal. While my outfit appears cool and breezy, as I mentioned before, this top is surprisingly good at keeping the heat in. It is definitely retiring to the back of the closet for a few more weeks!

Liz Claiborne top – JCP
Merona shorts –
Dansko vegan tennies – eBay
Of course, I’m a sucker for bird print fabrics, so when I saw these shorts go on sale at Target, they were immediately put into my online cart. I should have gotten a size smaller, as the waist gaps badly in the back. Using safety pins, I made temporary tucks in the back, but that created some odd wrinkling in the seat, so I moved the pins to the sides. Better, but a size smaller would be the best solution. I would have exchanged them at the brick-and-mortar Target on Tuesday, but hey, I was WEARING them! How do you make that exchange??? Besides, I didn’t have the reciept with me. The shorts came with a cute navy blue with white polka dots cloth belt, but it didn’t look right showing thru the white shirt, and I flat out refuse to tuck in this heat, so off went the belt.

Bracelet watch – thrifted
(See the awesome bird print?)
Bird earrings –
As mentioned in yesterday’s post, my hair is driving me nutso. Putting it up like that keeps it out of my eyes, sure, but yikes, it’s not pretty! Yesterday afternoon, I called my hair dresser, but she must be on vacation this week. Well, drat. I don’t really want to wait to get this mop fixed, so I called the salon in town that I’ve gone to occasionally. I have an appointment later this morning. Here’s hoping for a new ‘do that I’ll like…

Lost Things, Hot Sheers,a Mop Head and Stirrups

Liz Claiborne shirt – JCP
Dressbarn skirt – Dressbarn
BOC Born sandals – Vanderbuilt’s
There is a reason I don’t tuck in shirts very often. I’m short-waisted with a poochy tummy…bad combination for tucked-in tops! This shirt is long enough, however, that it looked pretty sloppy untucked. All I can say is that I will be very glad when the weather is cool enough to wear cardigans again!
Earrings – Target
Necklace – Walmart
Sadly, this will be the first and only time these earrings graced my lobes. The one in my right ear fell out every time I leaned over ever so slightly, despite pinching the hook tighter. By the time I got home from church, there were only two of the wavy disks left. Drat. I did like these earrings! Ah well, at least I didn’t spend much money on them. They were part of a three-pack that cost less than $4.
Amazingly enough, this shirt is not very cooling to wear. You’d think with the sheer top it would be nice and breezy, but whatever that stuff is, it’s sweat-inducing. I’ve worn it twice this week and both times end up shedding it as soon as possible for a regular t-shirt. It will have to wait for fall to be worn again. Who cares what they say about wearing white after Labor Day?!
It’s getting more difficult for me to be patient with my hair growing out. Right now, it looks like an old string mop no matter what I do with it. (I have to say, tho, that I did like how it looked in yesterday’s post. If only I could remember what I did differently!) I bought a new boar bristle hair brush and use it faithfully every day; it’s helping to reduce the fuzziness, but….still… It is so tempting to call my hair dresser and make an appointment to get it cut. Hmmm…I wonder if she could just do a little transition trimming that would help? I really don’t want to go as short as it was at the beginning of summer. With my full face, short hair makes it look that much rounder. And I’m round enough as it is. Something to ponder…
Oh, I did make an appointment of a completely different nature yesterday! It’s been nearly two years since my last “yearly” exam; I’ll put my feet in the stirrups in about a month. Oh joy. AND — drum roll, please — after having health insurance for nearly 9 months, I finally located new general doctors for Some Postman and me! We rarely visit the doctor, being in very good health most of the time, which is probably why I put it off so long. However, Some Postman is in full blown allergies and if it gets worse, I might have to force him to see a doctor…so I thought it would be pre-emptive to get him one. And, yes, I’ve had these pain issues for the past several years that really should be dealt with, so I need one, too. I just hope this one won’t tell me what the last one did – “I really don’t know what it is. Probably just fat.” Is it any wonder I stay away from the doctor???

Comfortably Put Together, a Blurry Quail and a New Friend

Am I the only one with this problem? I go away for three days, and it takes me a full week to catch up on everything. There was a weekend conference in Wichita that I attended, and since Sister B, aka Salty Hausfrau (my newly modified blogger name for her), lives nearby, I went down a day early to get in some quality Sister Time. I brought my camera along for the visit, but the only picture I took was of a classic car to show Some Postman when I got home. Imagine that! ME taking a picture of a CAR! Ha ha ha! B and I had a fabulous time together, drinking coffee, gabbing, thrifting, being goofy. We didn’t want our time together to end! But not a single photo of us together…so sad.

This is what I wore the second day of the conference. It is always a fairly casual atmosphere where jeans and tees are perfectly acceptable. However, I wanted to look somewhat put together, yet keep comfort the primary focus. The jacket came off for the drive home; the temperature had gotten close to 100° and even air conditioning couldn’t keep me cool enough.

Faded Glory dress – Walmart
ny collection denim jacket – thrifted
Dansko sandals – TradeHome Shoes
Quail necklace – thrifted
I really wish the close-up of the necklace hadn’t turned out so blurry. Sadly, this is the only pic I snapped of the necklace, so you’ll just have to imagine it’s a quail and not just a colorful blob on a chain.
The conference I attended was the annual Kansas Assembly of Leaders for the LWML. I saw many “old” friends from across the state and made a new friend during the Tea Party held Saturday morning. MJ and I discovered that we have MUCH in common; we are kindred spirits! It was not mere chance that we sat next to one another at that particular table – God wanted us to meet and spark up a friendship. That is the best part about these conferences…the lasting “sisterchick” friendships that are hatched and nourished! 

A Bit of Progress in the Master Bedroom

It certainly took long enough, but we finally have real curtains on the windows in our master bedroom. No more beach towels! I never did find the fabric that existed in my imagination; one piece came close, but it would have been quite expensive. My goal was to find something simple, affordable, machine washable and at least similar to my imaginary curtains. It would have been nice to make the curtains myself, but store-bought was certainly an option. To keep it affordable, I ended up getting store-bought.

Walmart and Hobby Lobby ultimately had what I was looking for. The side panels in chocolate brown are Walmart’s cheapo brand Mainstays; the swirly brown sheers in the center are some generic made-in-China for Hobby Lobby. I bought three pairs of the solid panels (they came with tie-backs) and the last three sheers on the peg. Since there are three windows in the bedroom, I put together three different looks, and Some Postman and I chose the one we liked best. Brown panels only, with tie-backs; swirly sheers only; and brown panels with a sheer in the middle. Thankfully, we both liked the same option…otherwise, we’d have had to ask Pooka Dog to cast her vote.

The winning option:

The rods also came from Walmart; they are Better Homes and Gardens. I like the little leaf accents at the ends.

Eventually, we will get the window frames stained and trimmed. And there will be trim along the bottom of the wall. Those are cool-weather projects. Right now, while it’s still warm, Some Postman is building a new side porch. Oh, I can’t wait to deck out that room!

Other than new bedroom furniture, which we will get….someday…, the master bedroom needs artwork and accents. I’ve got fabric chosen for some throw pillows to toss on the bed (next week’s project), and I’ve looked at all kinds of pretty wall art at Hobby Lobby and Target. For now, I placed wall decals above my dresser. I’d originally bought these to put on the sewing room walls, but since those walls are already full, I put them in the bedroom. They may not stay forever, but for now they look nice. There’s also some wall art behind the door, above the mirror. My daughter gave it to me for Christmas a couple of years ago. It’s been waiting all this time for a wall to hang upon!

Slowly but surely, this room is shaping into the cozy sanctuary that I’ve always hoped we would have. I’m taking my time because I want to be sure it’s just how we want it. No settling for stuff that’s just “okay” – it needs to be very close to what we have in mind. After all, Some Postman and I plan to live in this house until we croak, so it needs to be a place we love!

Sunday Morning Fashion with Sister B!

Hi, folks! Sister B here. I had a free second and motivation to snap a quick picture of my outfit this morning for church to share with everyone. A few weeks ago I was able to snag some great items at Cato’s on their sale and clearance racks and this dress was one of them! $21! I just love that store! It’s probably a good thing that we don’t have one in the town we live in. I really thought a sandal with a heel would be the better choice of shoes with this dress instead of my usual ballet flats but I’m not sure these were all that great. What do you think?

After I got home I realized that the strap on the left shoe had come unglued from the sole so I hope I can superglue it back into place! They are my most comfortable wedges and I got them from my big sister! Anyway, the necklace and earrings were from either Walmart or Target (don’t remember now). I got several compliments on the dress and how funny that my best friend showed up wearing a dress of the same color! We were twinsies this morning!

Note from FHH: I am so glad that B did a fashion post today. While I *did* get dressed for church, there was no time for photos either before we left or when we got home. Thank you for a lovely post for the ol’ blog, George!

Dress Re-make — Pass or Fail?

Betsy and I did it. We made a new hemline on that striped dress:

I didn’t want the hi-lo hemline to be very drastic, so I kept the front straight across and the curve in the back subtle. I was going to use the rolled hem foot on my sewing machine to make a tiny hem, but it just wouldn’t work right with this fabric. Thank goodness I used the trimmed piece on which to practice, because it looked horrible and really messed up the fabric. Jersey knit does not lend itself to a rolled hem, I learned!

Here’s how I wore the dress to church this morning:

Unknown brand dress – thrifted
American Eagle bow flats – Payless

An up-close look at the hemline:

I’m not sure that I like it. For one thing, I don’t like to wear dresses so short. If I had made a straight hem all the way around, it would have been the length of the tail part all the way around. So, as it is, the dress will probably be worn only around the house from now on. The hi-lo part isn’t too bad, in itself, but I think it would look better if it were more of a maxi-dress length.

Meet Betsy!

Here she is….meet Betsy, my new sewing friend!

Betsy is wearing a striped dress of unknown brand and size — I bought the dress at a yard sale for $1 and the tag had been removed. The reason Betsy is showing you a side view is so you can see the hemline. I did not realize that this was a maternity dress until I saw pictures of me wearing it! Betsy is going to help me turn this maternity dress into one with a hi-lo hemline. I’ve hesitated to buy anything hi-lo, mainly because it reminds me too much of the ’80s, but also because it is a trend, and I would rather stick to classics. But…since I paid a mere dollar for this dress, it can’t hurt to make it trendy, right?

Unlike me, Betsy had a difficult time adding bulk to her waist and hips. Singer seriously needs to make a dress form that is more sympathetic to the pear-shaped woman! Betsy’s bust was adjusted to match mine, but unless I gave her a bigger chest, she couldn’t also have a bigger waist and hips. OK, Singer…very few women are actually perfectly proportioned!!! At first I thought I would have to take Betsy back to the store and purchase a Bertha in her place (a size large/extra-large), but I knew that the smallest bust measurement Bertha could have would be at least two inches bigger than mine. Betsy and I put our heads together (ahem…well, my head and her pincushion) to come up with a solution. This is what we did:

Betsy now wears a belt made from the whacked-off bottom of a skirt I shortened last winter. I knew I saved that scrap of velvet for a reason! We decided not to worry about the hips, since I tend to wear things pretty loose over that area anyway. Hopefully she’ll be able to take the belt off one of these days, but for now, we’re both OK with it.