Sunday Morning – and I’m still paying the price!

 L.E.I. dress – Walmart
I had originally planned to wear my new bird-print scarf with this dress, along with one of my new belts, but since I was serving Sunday School snacks, decided to keep it simpler. The scarf is rather bulky, so would have gotten in the way.

My sister-in-law made this wonderful bag for my birthday. She’s sew-crazy and cranks out more finished projects in a week than I do in six months! In addition to the perfect-sized bag, she made coordinating accessories for it – tissue holder, glasses case and a couple of small zippered bags. I am not brave enough to attempt sewing a purse yet, but obviously there is no need for me to do so, since JG is so very proficient at it!

Because I kept accessories to a minimum, this loud belt carried out all accessory duties by itself. The earrings did coordinate, but in a small way, to allow the belt to blast away.

Crazy-quilt belt – thrifted
Premier Designs earrings (came as a set with a necklace) – PD home party
The shoes I wore for the photos were not the ones I ended up wearing to church. After ten minutes of walking around the house, my right heel had a big ol’ icky blister on it. While these shoes are comfortable, my tender feet can’t tolerated being bare in them. I tried a couple other pair of shoes before finally settling on my old brown ballet flats. (No photo.) Not as pretty with this outfit, but much easier on my feet. And that blister is still hurting! 
Softspots heeled loafers – thrifted

The Frumpy Haufrau Goes Shopping

This past week has been a difficult one for me, and putting on real clothes or doing anything much constructive has been fleeting. On Wednesday, I decided that the only way out of this bog was to determine to look for the good and do something that brings me joy. So I made a grocery list with the Wednesday ads, and Thursday morning, I went shopping.

My first stop was the gas station. Some Postman was finally able to get the Green Escort running again (it nearly gasped its last wheezing breath while I was out shopping almost a month ago), but he’d drained the gas tank as part of the process of figuring out what was wrong. Greenie breezed into town on fumes and prayer – but we made it to the gas station!

Next stop was Hobby Lobby, where I purchased an adorable bird tealight holder, a cute clock (with a bird on it!) for my sewing room, some flannel remnants and narrow bias tape for a baby gift project. Everything was 50% off!

After that, Greenie and I went to Menard’s, where I bought two register vent covers. Sorry, no picture of those. Too boring! But they were also on sale – 99¢ after mail-in rebate. And then it was on to one of the main reasons for this shopping trip, and to where I would have gone first if Greenie had had enough fuel — Goodwill!

I always spend much more time browsing at Goodwill than I realize, and this time was no different. I think I spent an hour and a half in the store! They had several sets of Anchor Hocking snack sets, the grape clusters pattern, two in original boxes. Since I already have a set in that pattern (and more vintage – mine are from the 60s, whereas these were ’80s) I passed those up. It was fun to see something in my line of collecting, though. I tried on about six dresses, left all but one behind, and a stack of skirts and tops. My purchases ended up being a pair of Cato jeans with the button missing (manager gave me a 50% discount for that), green tiered Chadwicks jersey knit dress (doubtful I’ll wear it in public due to length, but SO comfy for a house dress!), striped J. Crew t-shirt, and a swingy Apt. 9 top (will need to take it up under the arms a bit to keep things from showing). As it turns out, the missing button for the jeans was in one of the pockets; it fell out as I was pulling my purchases out of the sack at home. Some Postman thinks he might be able to fix the button, but even if he can’t, I can always sew on a shanked button to replace it.

The mall was my next stop, where I hoped to get that pair of coral flats at Payless. They only had gray, navy and black in that style, and sadly, the cute coral slings I’d thought would be a good substitute only came in wide width. Sad, sad, sad. But as it turns out, it’s a good thing I didn’t buy anything there, because while I was out, a $10 off $25 purchase coupon for Payless came in the mail. I see more shoe shopping in my future! I had a free undies coupon and $10 off a purchase and a “secret reward” card (that almost always ends up being $10) for Victoria’s Secret (no pics of those purchases, either! No one needs to see  my bloomers.). JCP, TradeHome Shoes and Maurices yielded no coral shoes or other purchases, but I did find some neon at Rue 21. This store is not one I frequent, since its main audience is teens, but I thought there would be a good shot of finding the neon I was after because of that audience. No shoes in the right color, but I did find some cute belts on clearance, including a neon one, although it’s more orange than coral. Another item that caught my eye was a wonderful bird print eternity scarf! Oh, love!

By this time, my tummy was growling fiercely, and I was on my way to the grocery store. This is a bad idea…grocery shopping while hungry only yields extra impulse purchases in your basket! However, my recent experiences with fasting proved valuable. Nothing extra ended up in my basket except for a small baggie of nuts and berries trail mix from the Health Market, which I nibbled while making my way to the next grocery store. No impulse purchases there, either, and then it was back on the road to home.

This shopping trip was just what the doctor ordered for helping to cure my fowl disposition this week. Hmm…I hope this doesn’t mean that I have a shopping addiction. Oh well, at least it’s bargain shopping!

Sunday Frumpiness

Some Postman helped me figure out which shoes to pair with this dress. I knew what shoes would look best, but those shoes don’t exist in my closet yet. So this is what I had to settle for:

No Boundaries dress – Walmart
Butterfly earrings – Walmart
Not that these denim peep-toe espadrilles are a problem. I love them! They have been lurking in my closet for over a year, not really looking right with much of anything, so I’m glad to have found something with which to wear them.
a.n.a. shoes – JC Penney’s
Silver and bead bracelet – thrifted
Can you guess what shoes I would have worn with this dress? Neon flats! I have shied away from the neon trend, mainly because it reminds me entirely too much of the whackadoodle ’80s, but also because I think I am too old to be wearing neons. However, I saw Gracey from Fashion For Giants wearing the most adorable neon flats here….and the idea grew on me. I began hunting for a pair of my own, and found just what I want at Payless:
I’m planning a trip to the store on Thursday – I even have a 20% off coupon, plus it’s BOGO time! Oh, a-shopping I will go! 

Life Gets in the Way

Last week was busy, challenging, and I didn’t feel much like blogging. Here’s some of what I was up to, as I muddled through the days:

Baked Three-Day Sugar Cookies (Day one – make the dough. Day two – roll, cut and bake. Day three – decorate. It’s exhausting, but so worth it!)

Attended my Grandpa’s 90th birthday party:

He blew out all the candles in one breath!

Met my newest nephew for the first time:

Baby James, six weeks old

And captured photos of my tulips before tonight’s potential snow tries to freeze their delicate petals:

I’m hoping to have a couple of Frumpy posts this week, as well as a Crafty post, and maybe even a Frugal post. We shall see what this week holds…

Tweet Little Skirt

I have a thing for birds. Not only do I love to hear birds chirping in the trees, watch birds nibbling from the feeders outside my window, keep chickens in the backyard and enjoy our Dancing Ducks meander about the yard, but I also love to wear birds. Birds on t-shirts, bird print fabrics, bird jewelry…I love birds! Spring, of course, is the best season to wear all things bird, but birds are also good year-round.

Danskin Now t-shirt – Walmart
Maurice’s shrug – Maurice’s
Birdie Skirt – made by me
I’m pretty sure I got this necklace at Target.
I’ve posted about it before, but don’t feel like digging thru past posts to find out for sure.
Born shoes – thrifted
Isn’t this fabric FUN?! I love it so much, I actually bought it on two separate occasions at the fabric store! And so I decided to use one length of it to make a simple skirt. The one skirt pattern I have in my “library” uses panels, and I didn’t want to break up the line of the print with seams going down the center, so I took a skirt out of my closet and used it for a pattern. I didn’t quite cut the top of it correctly for the kind of waistband I planned, so I improvised and put in an elastic waist instead. Since I wear my shirts untucked most of the time, it really doesn’t matter that the waist is elastic. I think I could have raised the hemline just a pinch higher, but it’s OK like it is.
Looking at the photos of this outfit, I think I look like a granny, especially with those shoes! But they are such comfortable shoes…and I can’t get to my sandals easily. (They are crammed in the back of the future closet behind me in the top pic. I have to lay on top of the junk in the front and “dive” for my shoes in the back. Not fun.) The outfit looks a little better without the jacket, but I needed the extra warmth of the sleeves. So…I look like a granny. Huh. Well, I am one, so there ya go!

Last Day of Fun Socks Week!

Yesterday was a long, tiring day. Much of it was spent at the church, working at a funeral lunch. Not only did I help prepare, serve and clean up with that, but also did some organizing in the church library and the kitchen. Afterward, another lady and I delivered to residents of the local nursing home a bunch of flowers that our ladies’ group had potted the night before. Then I took some of the leftover food to my daughter, who was ailing from a nasty migraine. By the time I got home, it was time to do afternoon chores and fix supper, and then wash two days’ worth of dirty dishes. Writing a blog post was the last thing I felt like doing by the end of the day!

Even though I was at a funeral yesterday, I still wore Fun Socks. They just didn’t show, since I wore pants and closed shoes. I found these and two other pair of Snoopy socks with my summer clothes totes. They are printed with the date 2011, so I’ve had them for a while and can’t remember where they were purchased.

Joe Cool!

Today is the last day of Fun Socks Week, but it’s been so fun I plan to have another Fun Socks Week again soon! These are the Fun Socks I’m wearing today:

Ice Cream Cone Socks – Walmart

It’s not as cold as it was the past few days, but still need a sweater today. Maybe by this afternoon I’ll be able to take it off. I need to plant the pansies that were left over from our ladies’ group project this afternoon and clean out the ducks’ pond, so I’m sure between the work and the sun, the sweater will come off. No jewelry today – the sequins on the neckline of this shirt are carrying the “shiny” factor of this outfit.

 Merona shirt – Target
Mossimo sweater – Target
Daisy Fuentes jeans – not sure
(These jeans sat in my mending basket for a long time. I think I thrifted them, and planned to hem them and take a tuck in the waist. One day I needed clean jeans, pulled these out, rolled the cuffs, added a safety pin and called it good. I’ve been wearing them this way every since. Ha!)
Like the fancy shoes?
I plan on doing a lot of walking today, so proper footwear is a must, fashion be hanged!
Please pardon the wet hair in the photos. I’ve got a busy day ahead and didn’t want to wait for my hair to dry. And I’m off! Have a good weekend, folks!
Oh, yeah…I thought I’d share a funny shot. It looks like I’m getting ready to punch somebody’s lights out. Gotta love the timer feature! LOL!

Today is Thursday

I’m not feeling the greatest today, due to a headache that just won’t go away, so I am hoping that my Fun Socks will help me feel better. That, and another cuppa joe.

Grape-y Socks – Walmart

Tonight is our monthly LWML ladies’ meeting at church, so of course I am wearing purple. Winter came back to visit us for a couple of days, which makes me glad I didn’t put away all my sweaters with my winter wear.

Old cream ruched top – no idea where it came from!
Charter Club sweater – thrifted
Merona black jeans – Target
Privo! by Clarks flats – eBay

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