Bring on the Skirts!

It’s been cold enough around here that wearing skirts even with tights or leggings just isn’t very warm. But I am SO tired of pants! So, despite the cold north wind, last night I wore a skirt to church.

 Scarf – knitted by book club friend SK
Yellow shirt – ??? (It’s so old, I have no idea where it came from!)
Apt. 9 skirt – thrifted
Mossimo western boots – Target
Up-close detail of the skirt hem
I cleaned out my mending basket a few weeks ago and ran across this skirt. My original plan was to cut off the bottom tiers of lace and fabric, making the top tier of lace the new hemline. However, because the lace makes the bottom 6 inches of the skirt more or less see-thru, I think the longer length is OK. (My photo doesn’t show the transparency.) No jewelry with this outfit – the beading on the skirt carried the “bling” factor. I thought about wearing a bracelet or ring, but in the end thought it best to go without.

A Frumpy Snow Hare

Because a Snow Bunny I am not. I did see two cute fuzzy bunnies romping in the snow in the pasture next door early this morning. This Frumpy Hausfrau does not resemble an adorable tiny bunny; she’s more like a thick layer of fat beneath the fuzzy fur kind of hare.

 Cato striped shirt – thrifted
Coldwater Creek sweater – thrifted
Faded Glory red corduroys – thrifted
 Wood Circle earrings – JCP
Carrot pin – thrifted
Earth Spirit boots – thrifted
Most of this outfit was thrifted! I’m not certain I care for the way it turned out. The colors blend fairly well, but it has a rather sloppy look. Tucking in the pants may have been a bad idea, but it sure did keep my legs warm. And those boots! I’d gotten them in the summer and tucked them away, forgetting all about them until I had to move my shoe collection from our “giant walk-in closet” to a tiny space in my sewing room/office. Sure wish I’d remembered them earlier this winter – my feet stayed cozy and warm while tromping thru slushy parking lots yesterday. 
The sweater may not be a keeper, after all, unless I wear a very lightweight shirt underneath. It’s a cotton/poly blend, but you could roast a chicken in it! What with the annoying hot flashes my body is currently insistent upon, a roasting sweater is not a good wardrobe choice. Warm feet are fine; ultra-warm torso is not. 
The carrot pin, while cute, looks out of place. None of my necklaces seemed right, however, and since I rarely wear my vintage pins, thought I’d give one a go. Might have been better to go without a pin. 

The Frumpy Hausfrau Returns

Even a mini-vacation set me back a bit from blogging! I’ve also found it more challenging to get outfit photos with Hungry Bird back in the nest, and one of my better photo areas out of commission. Add to that the fact that I’m feeling like a sausage, and you get fewer outfit posts. I know…you’re so sad about that. Ha ha!

JC Penney’s has not produced a coupon in over a year, since they began their new “square deal” plan. Until a few weeks ago, that is! I got a giant postcard in the mail that was also a $10 off coupon. While I’ve not found much to my liking at JCP in the past year or so, I did find this cute dress on clearance. After the coupon, it cost only $4! It will look better with heels instead of boots, but boots were necessary because of the snow on the ground.

 “Connected” dress – JCP
Riding boots – JCP
 Infinity shawl/scarf thingie – NY Fashion Exchange
(Pooka snooped into the picture!)
Necklace – thrifted
Did you notice the drywall in the background? Some Postman is working in the master bedroom and it’s beginning to take shape! yay!

Wardrobe Determined By Wind

Sometime during the wee hours of Sunday morning, the wind began to blow as if it needed to extinguish a cake full of those stupid re-lighting birthday candles. So much for the flowy skirt outfit I’d picked out for church the night before….and so I donned pants instead.

 St Johns Bay shirt – JCP
George ponte pants – Walmart
 Xhileration striped jacket – Target
Earth Spirit clogs – Walmart
When I do some pattern mixing, I like to keep my jewelry simple, so I wore a simple necklace and earrings with this outfit. Also, I’ve learned that pattern mixing works best if each pattern as at least one common color, and to balance the patterns in scale, with one smaller and one larger.

A Short Cuppa Cocoa

You know how some folks, especially tall good-looking ones, are described as a “tall drink of water”? Well, I’m more like a short cup of cocoa in this outfit:

 AB Studio cream shirt – JCP (I think?)
Isabella Rodriguez chocolate cardigan – no idea, probably thrifted
St Johns Bay cords – JCP
Polka dot socks – Walmart
Born shoes – thrifted
Necklace – Target
I’m finding that I really do prefer more classic or relaxed fashion. This is definitely relaxed and very comfortable, but without being sloppy. I’m also finding that I tend to shy away from bright colors when I am feeling my weight more. It’s as if, when I’m unhappy with how my body feels, I want to blend into the woodwork. It’s not just feeling fat that does that to me, either. Feeling depressed or having the pain flare up will do the same thing. Odd how that effects my use of color.

Did the Frumpy Hausfrau Get Lost?

Nope! She has simply been too busy to take photos of her fabulously frumpy outfits! Good news to report:  Hungry Bird (my son) got a job; this is his second week and he just learned yesterday that his pay rate is a little higher than was advertised. Happy Hungry Bird! And happy Mama! It’s so nice to have the house to myself much of the day again. I’ve been lounging about in my jammies far longer than necessary, simply because I can, but that is changing now. Too much to do to be so lazy!

This outfit was worn to church a couple Sundays ago.

Twenty-One Dress – Goodwill
Scarf – ummm…I don’t remember
Riding boots – JCP
Thankfully it’s not obvious in this photo, but those tights are super snaggy. My other pair of black tights has a giant hole in one foot, so last week while out shopping with my daughter for her birthday, I bought a two-pair-pack on clearance at Target. Oh, guess what my baby girl wanted for her birthday? A mop! So Mama bought her a Swiffer dry/wet mop, a heavy duty squirt bottle and a pack of microfiber cleaning cloths. She was happy!
The House Project has initiated yet another move for our closets. Some Postman is working in the master bedroom (which has been our giant walk-in closet for the past year or so) and I am excited about the possibility of being able to move back into it one of these days. Probably not until the end of summer…or by Christmas…but surely before next New Year’s! Anyway, my clothes are now hanging in the laundry room, shading the dogs’ beds; hubby’s clothes are hanging directly over the washer and dryer, making laundry a bit of a challenge since the washer is a top-loader. My shoes got crammed into my craft room/office, making this tiny room even more cramped. I’ve been going through everything, tossing stuff right and left, trying to reduce how much I have to cram in such small spaces. It’s been making me re-evaluate my fashion “needs”. Blogging about what I wear, despite how few readers this blog boasts, has had a tendency to send me shopping for more and more. Yes, I’m quite frugal about fashion shopping, but I really must ask myself if another scarf or pair of jeans is truly necessary. And so my style is evolving yet again…to a more pared-down, only the essentials wardrobe. Sort of. Except for some things I just can’t part with, even though they hardly get worn. 
I’d like to tell you about my sewing projects, too, but have run out of time for sitting here at the desk. The shower curtain needs to be hung on the line to dry, notes for tomorrow’s meeting need to be made, fabric sorting must be finished….the list goes on!