A Day with my Bestie

 Christopher & Banks sweater – thrifted
George lace t-shirt – Walmart
Christopher & Banks denim skirt – thrifted
 Necklace – small shop in Tucson, AZ
Mossimo cowgirl boots – Target
My Bestie is back in town for the week, and we took the opportunity to spend the day together on Wednesday. We don’t get to see one another very often since she moved out of state, so we take the chance when it comes! How did we spend our time together? Brunch at Panera Bread, then a couple hours at Target (of course! how can you not spend at least a couple of hours there??), followed by a trek through Goodwill and ended with Cokes at Soda Central in Dillons. Bestie and I had a fabulous day together, and I’m hoping we’ll be able to have a little more time together before she heads back home.
Love you, Rox!

What a Frumpy Hausfrau Wears to Book Club

St Johns Bay sweater – JCP
Sonoma white shirt – thrifted
Merona black jeans – Target
Orange scarf – NY Fashion Exchange
Lizflex shoes – thrifted
Last night was Book Club meeting – our first for the year and a make-up meeting since we had to skip December (our hostess had to go pick up her son from the airport that night). Our hostess, T, served some tasty cheeses, merengues, deviled eggs and the most amazing baby pickled beets. We read two short stories by Truman Capote – A Christmas Memory and The Thanksgiving Visitor. Some of the ladies read a few of his other works, as well. We all decided that he was a somewhat odd character, but those two stories were quite good.
Our book club has established a Christmas tradition: we have a Book Exchange “Ruthless Dirty Santa Game” – which T renamed “Ruthless New Year’s Yeti Game” since we delayed until January. Each lady brings a wrapped book (a Really Great Read! favorite book) and…well, I’ll let T’s email speak for itself:

Pick a book to bring as a wrapped gift.  Used, new, whatever.  BUT!  It must be OneHeckOfARead, and one of your favorites.  Not a thoughtless cast-off.

Wrapped book shall remain wrapped all evening, until the end of Ruthless New Year’s Yeti Game.  We don’t unwrap at the first round of cards.  That’s too easy, dainty, nice, and polite.  The elements of anticipation and surprise are what it’s all about!  (That, and stealing.)

Wrapped book may be wrapped in really, really fancy wrap, as to 1) pique WBC members’ interest, or 2) give literary clue as to what the title is.   

Card rounds will be called (2-3), and you WBC members should be conniving, ruthless, and stealth in your stealing and hiding of said gifts.  Gifts may be hidden in your immediate seating area.  (? Wear a fluffy poncho?)  Stealing a gift requires the precise physical description of said gift.  (E.g., “Margaret, I would like the red-flocked gift topped with a white damask bow”, or “Sharon, that pinecone-covered gift you just tucked under your ankles?  It’s mine.”) The card rounds will be swift.  (It hones our middle-aged (gasp!) thought processes.)   

At the end of the game, one gift per WBC member, and those of you who have acquired a library of sorts, shall unwrap ONE and put the others into “the pile”.  WBC members with no gift at the end (SEE?!  This is why you are ruthless!) will choose from “the pile”, and enjoy the  OneHeckOfARead you have picked.  It’s a win-win.  (But the memory/ruthless competition is oh, so perfect!)  If this sounds atrocious?  You should experience our Big Family Christmas in Oklahoma.  We are barracudas.  But you, too, can be a Wabaunsee Book Club New Year’s Barracuda.

Oh, let me tell you, we had SO much fun! And I really, really needed that! My Book Club friends are simply amazing women and I adore each one of them. We laughed, stole gifts, forgot who had what gift, and tried to hide our stashes from everyone else. I laughed so hard my sides hurt! (Of course, the full glass of wine I’d consumed had nothing to do with that. T’s wine glasses hold at least twice what my own glasses hold. So I’ll admit I felt a bit fuzzy.) The books were all wrapped so imaginatively – one wrapped in a map with a little toy bicycle instead of a bow (I forget the book title, but it was about biking across the Sahara or somewhere exotic like that), a square red tin with a clear lid filled with candy and a set of Erma Bombeck titles, a book of NPR interviews wrapped in a Presidential scarf (on which Barak Obama’s name is not – pointed out by the person who gave the scarf as a Christmas gift to the Book Clubber who was re-gifting the scarf), a shiny blue wrapped book tied to a small round hatbox (the contents of which I cannot recall), a book wrapped in floral paper tied with twine and holding a bookmark (this one remained hidden with the first person who snatched it, because none of us could remember who had it!), and my contribution, The Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas, wrapped in a 9 patch quilt block that I sewed together that afternoon. I ended up getting the book of NPR interviews wrapped in the scarf. How appropriate – I love scarves! And I know the perfect occasion to wear this scarf: at a Presidents of the United States of America concert, if Some Postman and I ever get to attend one again.

It was such a fabulous evening. I do love Book Club!

About the outfit….the jeans are one of my favorites, and I love how the orange scarf brightens up the otherwise dull outfit. But that sweater, and that shirt – well, I wanted to give the sweater a shot, since I hadn’t worn it at all in over a year. I’m still on the fence about it. It bunches up in the back, which bugs me. But the shirt is definitely going away. It just doesn’t fit well. I even tried the trick of buttoning only the top and bottom buttons, which is a tip I learned from Allison of Wardrobe Oxygen. Nothing helped that stupid shirt stay in place. So into the thrift store bound sack it goes!

Sunday Morning Attire

After culling my closet yesterday, it was obvious that I need to use what I have more creatively and not purchase any additional items for a while. Not sure I’ll actually be able to do this, since the end of January is a great time for clearance rack bargains. Maybe I should make a list of pieces to look for specifically instead of just buying stuff willy-nilly.

At any rate, here’s what I wore to church this morning. A good mix of new and old. Don’t you just love the fab background in the photo? With yesterday’s rearrangement of stuff, I’ll have to do outfit shots in not-so-pretty places. At least it’s somewhat neutral…

 No Boundaries dress – Goodwill (nwt!)
White tee – ?? probably Target
Gray tights – ?? Kohls?
Gray booties – Payless
I love the detail on these booties! 
They aren’t the most comfy things to wear anymore, tho.
 My feet are getting pickier about what goes on them.
Today’s pics were taken in the master bedroom. See that pink carpet? I’ve lived with pink in that room for over 16 years. Not only is the carpet pink, but the walls were paneled with barnwood painted PINK! Pepto Bismal pink. With baby blue trim. GAG! Before we moved into this house, I wanted the walls repainted, so at least the pink could be toned down, but I was informed that it would take many gallons of paint to cover that awful color and ultimately the barn wood would be removed. So I waited…and now, finally, the Pepto walls are gone. Soon, the Pepto carpet will be outta here, too! Oh, I am so looking forward to moving back into the master bedroom one of these days. Some Postman says it could happen in a year or two. I’d be willing to move back in even if the walls are unpainted and the windows untrimmed, just to have room to move around the bed as I make it in the mornings. Currently, our queen size bed, two chests of drawers, small dresser and a shelf unit are crammed into a 9′ x 10′ room. But, I think Some Postman probably wants to completely finish the room before we move the furniture back in, so he doesn’t have to haul it out again to paint. So what’s a few more months? I’ve waited this long. It will make the day we move back in that much sweeter!


Last time I posted a blog was Jan 1, almost two weeks ago. It’s not that I’ve been overly busy, although I have had a lot going on. Most days, I even dress fairly decently. It’s just been difficult adjusting to having another person in the house all day. You see, our son has moved back home to live for a while, until he can find a job and get back on his feet. One of my birdies has returned to the nest, and this Mama Bird is still trying to figure out an adjusted routine.

Add to that the ongoing House Project – it’s time to work above the floorboards in the old master bedroom, now that Some Postman is finished with underneath the floorboards. Since he blew out our old closets in the laundry room a year or two ago, our clothes have been hanging in the master bedroom. It’s been like having a giant walk-in closet! Now the clothes must return to the laundry room, sans closet, so the dust can fly in the bedroom. I am trying to find spots all over the house for the rest of the things we had stored in there, too. Like my shoes…scarves…Boo’s toys…my plants…

I’m getting all discombobulated again.


On the up side, I went through my closet and removed a bunch of things I haven’t worn. Forget “use it or lose it”! Time to simply LOSE IT! I’ve come to realize that I buy entirely too many clothes at thrift stores, yard sales and clearance racks that don’t go with anything else I already own. Then those pieces sit in my closet, taking up space and rarely, if ever, get worn. Not sure I will be able to stop this bad habit entirely, as I simply ADORE bargain shopping, but the goal is to be more particular about what I actually purchase. Another thing I noticed as I edited my closet is that I have a lot more dress clothes than casual clothes. The only place I wear dress clothes is church, and less than a handful of other occasions. I guess it’s more fun to buy dressy clothes than everyday ones, but I need to cut that back considerably, since my “job” as a Frumpy Hausfrau doesn’t require such attire.

Can’t leave this post without an outfit photo, so if you will forgive the silliness….here are my two Dachshunds sporting the same little coat that I found at Goodwill last week.

Etta doesn’t like it much. I could barely get the top snap fastened! 
She is a stocky Dachshund. 

 The coat fits little old lady dog Abby much better. Abby has to live in the laundry room. 
It’s kind of like Doggy Nursing Home. If she piddles on that hideous green floor,
it mops up easier. And she can’t get lost in there like the rest of the house.

Final Outfit of 2012

We didn’t attend or host a New Year’s Eve party this year. Instead, we celebrated it the way we usually do: by going to bed at our regular time and going to sleep. Oh yeah, we are party animals!!

This is what I wore to church for the last Sunday of December. I bought the dress at Target last week while I was there returning some defective gifts. The dress was only $6! I didn’t try it on at the store – with all my winter layers, I’d rather just take a chance and try it on at home. It can always be returned! But this cute little black dress fit me just fine and I like it a lot. Should have had Some Postman take a pic without the sweater and scarf so the shape of the dress could be seen, but I’m sure I’ll wear it on its own eventually.

Xhileration Dress – Target
Studio 1940 Sweater – Fashion Bug
Scarf – knitted by friend RL
Black leggings – Walmart
Riding Boots – JCP
Coldwater Creek wool blend coat – Goodwill