An Old Standby

I know that I’ve worn this outfit many times, although I’m not sure I’ve posted it on my blog before. Maybe I have. If it looks familiar to you, then I guess I have!

Top – Cato via eBay
Pants – eBay
Earrings – thrifted
 Born Shoes – thrifted
Ring – NY Fashion Exchange
Some Postman and I went to Town yesterday after he was finished delivering the mail. He needed some House Project supplies and we needed a few groceries. It turns out that those shoes are not all that comfortable for walking all over stores. With some inserts, however, they should be fine. And those pants…dare I admit that they are maternity??? Yes, they are! When I had more tummy, they fit pretty well. Now that some of that blob has shrunk, the pants tend to droop at the waist, but they still fit nicely everywhere else. I’m going to attempt an alteration, but if that doesn’t work, then I’ll be on the hunt for a new pair of elastic waist pull-on knit boot-cut pants. I refuse to wear leggings or tapered-leg knit pants. Ick.
Yesterday morning, our kitty Tiger was nowhere to be found all morning. I was very concerned, because we’d heard coyotes howling VERY close to the house during the night, and coyotes think kitties make a good midnight snack. Toward noon, however, Tiger strolled across the front patio, fine and fancy! Apparently, he’d been out hunting. A few minutes after he’d been spotted on the patio, Etta Dachshund discovered him in the garage, chewing on a packrat:
Tiger the Mighty Packrat Hunter!
We were thankful that our kitty wasn’t a snack and that he’s earning his keep here on the farm! His sister Buttercup conquered a smaller packrat just a few days ago, too. Good job, kitties!

Deja vu all over again

Jacket – thrifted
Skirt – JCP
Belt – thrifted
Boots – Target
Bracelet – Walmart
If this outfit looks familiar, it’s because it’s a newer version of this outfit worn last October. This time, however, I chose a different skirt (because it FITS this year!) and my new Target cowgirl boots fit so much better than those old clunkers I’d thrifted last year. I’d planned to wear chocolate brown tights with the boots, but since I lopped off the tip of one of my fingers on Friday while chopping peppers, it was too painful to use my hand to pull up tights. And that is not something one can do with only one hand! So, socks it was. Also, I had on a rust-colored top and a green-and-rust stone necklace to bring out the colors of the skirt, but didn’t have time to take a pic without the jacket. Besides, I never took off the jacket at church anyway.
Looking ahead to November, I plan to have another round of  the “Use It or Lose It” challenge. Since we have a week-long trip planned for the week of Thanksgiving, this will be a good opportunity for me to incorporate some little-used items from my wardrobe in new ways.

Thursday’s Outfit, sort of…

 Jacket – NWT at Goodwill
Shirt – thrifted
Cord pants – JCP
 Preparing to head outside into the cold wind…
Scarf – ??? don’t remember, but think it was thrifted
A closer look at the jacket. It looks kind of like leather, but it is a soft, almost velvety fabric with a sheen.
Earrings – from MIL’s collection
Finally got a pair of brown cowgirl boots!
– Target
While I did like how this outfit looked, I ended up changing after I got home from town. There was a book club meeting that evening, and I wanted to be super comfortable for that. This dark red top fits kind of snugly across my tummy, so it looks – and feels – icky when I’m seated. And, as cute as the jacket is, it’s not all that warm. That north wind kept pushing the mercury further down, so the long sleeve tee under a thick sweater was a better plan. And I ran out of time later in the day to take a pic of the altered outfit. 

What a Frumpy Hausfrau Wears When…

…She’s Having a “Fat Day”.

You know, those days when you feel lumpy and bleh. That’s when you pull out a dress that never fails to slenderize you and make you feel great. Here’s mine:

Dress – JCP
Scarf – ???
Shoes – thrifted
I didn’t realize until after we’d arrived at church that I’d forgotten to put on earrings. Oh well. Usually I wear the pink disk necklace that my crafty sister B made with this dress, but this time I wanted my neck to be more covered. Not used to that bare neck yet!

A Thumbs Down and a Thumbs Up

On Thursday, it was absolutely necessary that I get to Town to buy some groceries. My body was still recovering from donating blood for the Red Cross on Tuesday, but I got dressed and hopped in the car anyway. I really think that Tuesday’s donation will be the last one for a while. I’d taken a year off, since donating seemed to affect me more adversely every time. Eight weeks ago, it went well, but this time it was back to blacking out and feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. My arm still hurts today and I have to take frequent sit-down breaks.

Anyway, this is what I wore for my grocery shopping venture yesterday:

Top – Target
Jeans – thrifted
Scarf – thrifted
Shoes – eBay
I just love this purple top! The layers across the front of it really camouflage lumpy-bumps well, despite this being a clingy knit. I’d bought it on clearance at Target a few weeks ago and decided to look for another color while I was out shopping yesterday. Alas, there are no more of this top at my Target! It is still online, however, so I may just have to place an order. 😉 The main reason behind the trip to Target yesterday, however, was COWGIRL BOOTS!!! I’ve been stalking thrift stores for two years, hoping to find an affordable pair of western boots in dark brown. I did find one pair last fall, but the leather was pretty far gone, so I ended up tossing them (well..sort of…that’s a long story!). Several pair of amazing cowgirl boots have called my name over at Vanderbuilt’s, but they are out of my price range. And then…this week, Target put a bunch of their boots on sale for $30, including this simply lovely pair of cowgirl boots. They are comfortable, affordable, and just what I was looking for. You’ll see them on the Frumpy Hausfrau soon!
This was not the outfit that I started out wearing on Thursday, however. Here’s how the day began:
After taking several quick blog pics, I looked them over to make sure my eyes were open, head not cut off, etc, then took care of some loose ends around the house and headed outdoors to take care of the critters before leaving for Town. The more I walked around, the more uncomfortable I became. This sweater is just too big and too boxy. It does nothing for my shape. At first, I was just going to wear it to Town anyway, so I wouldn’t have a late start to my day, but decided my day would go much better if I weren’t uncomfortable in my clothes. And so I switched to the purple layer-front top and a scarf. Much better! That boxy argyle sweater was tossed into the donate box on my way out the door.
Oh…yes, I did get my hair cut. So much for growing it out. Ha!

One, Two, Three – Three Posts in One!

Life has been busy lately, so I’ve not had much time for blogging. It’s quite possible that I’ll be taking care of Boo more often now, too, so that will certainly cut into my time for almost everything. For some reason, when Boo is here, all I do is play with him and feed him. It seems I have forgotten how to balance taking care of a toddler and getting things done around the house. This must come with being a Grammy…

This is what I wore this past Wednesday for grocery shopping and other errands:

Tee – Walmart
Jeans – thrifted
Scarf – thrifted
Jacket – thrifted
Shoes – eBay
I wore the same purple tee yesterday with old brown sweatpants, which looked totally wonderful together. It didn’t really matter how it looked, however; the point was to wear clothing that was already somewhat dirty because I played outside most of the day with Boo. We drew pictures with sidewalk chalk, tossed leaves in the air, fed the chickens, ran up and down the hill, planted stick “flags” in the dirt, picked up fallen apples and tossed rotten ones over the fence, and chased the ducks and cats all over the yard. About ten minutes before Mommy got off work, Boo wanted to read stories. And so….
We didn’t even get through the second book!
The weather was quite warm and humid yesterday and was still like that this morning, so today’s church outfit didn’t include boots and tights, like I think would have looked best with this dress. But I really like the way the red looks with the dark brown.
 Dress – thrifted
Cami – Walmart
Shirt, used as tied jacket – thrifted
Flats – ummmm…Target? Payless?
Earrings – JCP
Necklace – thrifted
As soon as I am able to make an appointment, I will be getting my hair re-styled. I’ve been trying to grow it out, but it just looks ickier and ickier. It’s time to admit that my fine, wavy hair just isn’t going to look good worn very long at all. As much as I dislike having short hair, it seems that being over 40 has changed my hair to the point that it’s time to wear it in a completely different way. Sigh…I hope it will be a good change…

Casual Fall Days

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year – for all kinds of reasons. The food (apples, pumpkins, soup), the clothes (sweaters, boots, scarves), the foliage, the weather. Wonderful fall!

This past week, I’ve kept my outfits quite casual. Well, yes, my outfits are almost always casual, because that fits my lifestyle. But even my church outfit this morning was casual. Jeans! We were supposed to have an outdoor service under a tent this morning, but since the weatherman predicted a hard freeze overnight, they wimped out and had the service indoors. So I could have dressed up more, but decided to leave it as originally planned. Lots of other people wore jeans, too.

Striped shirt – JCP
Sweater – thrifted
Jeans – thrifted
Boots – Fashion Bug
Earrings – JCP
Little Old Lady Dog Abby posed prettily beside me. She had a birthday a few weeks ago, and now she’s 15 years old. It’s kind of difficult dealing with a geriatric wiener dog at times, but we love her dearly.
Since I never got around to posting the following outfit earlier this week, I’ll just tack it on here…
Shirt – JCP
Sweater – not sure
Pants – given to me by Mom
Shoes – eBay
This is what I wore on Thursday to a meeting at church, then to run errands around town. The pile of fabric next to my feet is a quilt top that I found at a thrift store for 50¢, matching fabric given to me by a quilting friend for the binding, and some blue flannel I had in my stash which I will use to back the quilt. This is a project I fully intend to accomplish over the winter.