Closet Organization

Do you know how difficult it is to organize your closet, when you don’t have a closet? It’s a challenge! My closet was removed from its old location, in the laundry room, to a “temporary” location, in the room formerly known as our master bedroom but is now the place where we stuff things out of the way during the House Project. Our clothes rod hangs from the bare rafters and our clothes are covered with old bed sheets to keep the dust off. I keep most of my shoes in their boxes, but I do have an old built-in knick-knack shelf that I use for a shoe rack. This, also, is covered with a sheet. So, instead of opening a closet door to consider what I’m going to wear, I pull back dust-covered sheets. And sneeze.

Someday, I’m gonna have a real closet again!

Although, I’ll admit, I do like all the room I have in my big “walk-around” closet. Ha ha!

At any rate, here’s how I’ve been storing my belts:

Yes, it’s a mess. I have tried to wind up the belts and sort them by size and/or color, but when I need a belt, since there are so many in the basket, all the rummaging around messes them up in a heartbeat. For my future closet, I will look into a better way to keep my belts organized, but for now, I used what I have on hand to make it easier to see what I’ve got.

Since there were only two pair of pants on my multiple-pants hanger, I used that to hang the belts that have buckles. Then I put the  hanger on the end of the clothes rod (and covered with a pillowcase) where I can see it at a glance.

The only bad thing about using this hanger for belts is that if I want that wide brown woven belt, I have to take all the other belts on that rod off in order to get to it.

The remaining belts went back into the basket:

To keep the fabric belts from getting tangled up, I put one of those broccoli rubber bands around each one. We’ll see if they stay this neat and tidy…

Here’s what I will get for my future closet:

The Round A Belt hanger will hold up to 40 belts, although I can see that it won’t hold my wide elastic belts. Those will just have to go in a drawer, I guess. This hanger, as well as any other organization tool you may need, can be found at Their prices are quite reasonable and they have everything needed to organize your home. (I am not being paid to advertise for their website, it’s just one that I happen to like.)


My Name is Melissa, and I am a Shoe-aholic

Trust me, if there were a “Shoe-Aholics Anonymous”, my husband would think I needed to attend weekly meetings. Yes, I have a lot of shoes. As mentioned in a past post, at one time my shoes amounted to around 85 pair. Truthfully, though, that number was more likely over 100. I’ve just conveniently forgotten how many.

Due to the recent development of plantar fasciitis, as well as forcing my poor feet to bear more weight than they should, I am no longer able to wear many of the cute shoes in my collection. This saddens me greatly! But what’s the point of having shoes in one’s closet that are only going to sit there, looking cute, but never being worn? And so, today, I have culled the herd once again.

I am now down to a measly 60 pair of shoes, sandals and boots, including outdoor muck shoes. Oh, but I forgot about my old water shoes…so, 61 pair. Nah, I like round numbers, so the old water shoes don’t count. Oh, wait, again…rain boots…so make that 62 pair. That’s it, I promise, unless you count slippers, which I don’t, because they are just extra thick socks. NOT shoes.

Many of the shoes I removed from my collection are being donated to the local thrift store, but a few pair have been set aside to list for sale on eBay.

Loredo cowgirl boots, Sofft loafers, Naturalizer kitten heels, Born sandals

No, these particular shoes were not culled due to causing me pain, but each of them does not fit just right in some fashion, so they are outta here. I have to admit…I did keep a couple pair of those “naughty” shoes, just because they are SO cute. And if I do wear them, it won’t be for very long. Justifiable? Maybe…

Yesterday, I purchased a new pair of workout shoes at TradeHome Shoes. (Yes, I included them in the herd of 60 62.) The salesman measured my feet, and based on my foot issues, he recommended four different athletic shoes in my price range (under $50). His first recommendation was the one I ultimately chose:
These are Ryka OrthoLite cross trainers, perfect for my needs. I do indoor aerobic workouts on a carpeted floor, as well as walking on gravel roads. These shoes feel AMAZING on my poor old aching feet! They are designed by women, for women, and have the perfect shape and support. I just LOVE them! (And, no, I am not being paid by the company to say such things – they don’t even know that I exist! LOL) I wore them while doing the rest of my shopping yesterday, and when I got home, my feet felt just fine. Yeah, shopping is a rough sport – you gotta have the right shoes for the job!

The salesman also showed me some insoles that can be placed inside any other shoe to make it more comfortable for the plantar fasciitis issues. Sadly, I forgot to look at the brand and specs on those, so I can’t tell you more about them. I didn’t buy them, either, but I do plan to get some eventually with the money from my eBay sales. This way, I won’t have to get rid of all of my cute-but-not-supportive shoes! Just pop those insoles inside and let the comfort begin.

I’m so grateful that shoe makers are coming up with more and more styles that are both functional and beautiful. There’s nothing that says “old lady” more than the orthopedic shoes of the past, and I really, really, REALLY don’t EVER want to have to wear any of those ugly things! This shoe addict wants her cake, and to eat it, too.

Wall art, given to me last Christmas by my daughter, who knows me so well. 
It’s still wearing the plastic corners because it’s waiting to be hung on a wall when I have one in my bedroom. Or in my dressing room, if I’m able to turn the gable room into one of those.

Solar Flare

In honor of the recent solar flares on the surface of the sun, I put together a sunny outfit to wear to church this morning:

Orange tee – Walmart
Yellow skirt – thrifted
Floral scarf, worn as a belt – thrifted
Lime green purse – thrifted
White sandals – Vanderbuilt’s
Gold butterfly earrings – Walmart
Big ring – Walmart
Bright colors like this make me feel conspicuous, but sometimes you just need to go out on a limb. Some Postman coordinated his clothing with mine – he wore a lemon yellow seersucker shirt with navy pants. I told him if he’d worn his orange pants, then we would have really matched! (He doesn’t have any orange pants, don’t worry!)
It doesn’t show up in the picture, but I did put on a bit of makeup today. Summer heat just melts the makeup and makes me feel goopy, so I rarely put any on this time of year. Today, however, I felt the need to add a hint of color to my face, since the rest of me was wearing so MUCH color.

Thrifty Fashion Saturday

I went yard saling with The Girls this morning! The Girls are a group of senior citizen ladies who love to go thrifting, and I join them whenever I can. We drove to the monthly sale at the Catholic church in a nearby town this morning, eager to see who would be the “big spender”. Today was their summer clearance sale, so everything was half-price. Belle was the big spender of the day, at $2.50; Ruth was the cheapskate of the day, at 75¢. My own total came to $1.35.

Here’s what I found:

Various bras, to send to Sarah at The Fontenot Four, for her participation in Mrs. Pate’s Blogger Bra Drive.
Self Esteem top
Didn’t notice until I got home that this top has a smeary stain on it at one side near the hem. It fits me really well, though, so I’m hopeful that I can get the stain out.
Left, MixIt jean shorts
Right, Gloria Vanderbuilt denim shorts
Both pairs fit, but the MixIt shorts make me look like an ice cream cone. Those will go into the “donate” bag. Good thing I paid only half a quarter for them! The GV shorts are a bit loose, but that’s what makes them comfortable. I really don’t like tight clothing. How do women DO anything wearing tight clothes???
BandolinoBlu jean capri pants
(These are made in Jordan. Can’t say I’ve ever owned any clothing made there, before!)
Other than being too big in the waist, these fit really well. After a couple of tucks, they will be perfect!
A.N.A. khaki pants
These fit great, except for the length. They are too long, of course, since they are not a petite size. Hemming them up will not be a problem! They are a very light-weight cotton, so they’ll be cool to wear if I’m at a meeting in an air conditioned building. 
There were two other items purchased at the Catholic church sale, but I didn’t take pictures of them – a pair of jean shorts for Some Postman and a t-shirt for my daughter (if she likes it). After we drove back to our town, we stopped at the two yard sales being held today. At one, I bought a lovely bunch of fake flowers for 50¢, and at the other sale, I bought a stack of antique books for 50¢ each.
The two big books are an encyclopedia and a history of Freemasonry. I plan to give these to my Daddy as a gift, since he is a Mason. Since I am interested in history, I’ll be sure to peruse them first before giving them to him. The open book is the only one that might be worth anything significant. It’s a first edition, signed by one of the authors. Since the dust jacket is missing, however, it’s not as valuable as it could have been. I enjoy antique books, so it’s doubtful I’ll be selling any of these.
Did you find any fashionable bargains at the sales this week, or pick up any great finds at thrift stores?

Swimsuit Shopping – YIKES!!

At sister B’s family swim party a couple of weeks ago, I discovered that my trusty old thrifted bathing suit has become past its prime. It was a challenge to move in the water and keep things decent, if you catch my drift. Plus, it was doing nothing to help conceal my many figure flaws. Time for a new one!

 Now, I don’t know about you, but I truly detest swimsuit shopping. I’ve never looked good in a bathing suit, even when I was thinner. Today’s selection of suits leaves very little to the imagination, and trying them on in the store just makes me want to run crying to the nearest airport for a flight to the Great White North, where I’d never, ever have to don such skimpy duds in public.

While it’s rare that I’m able to find clothing that fits well by shopping online, it seemed preferable in this case. The swimwear available in my local stores is limited to bikinis only a stick thin model would dare to wear, and the few one-piece units on the rack look like something my grandma would wear. Yeah, I’m a grandma myself, but hey, I’m not THAT old! Most decent-but-still-cute-and-supportive suits online tend to be priced entirely too high (remember that anything I purchase MUST be a good deal). However, I found something that I think will meet all my needs, in a very unlikely place. – yep, that’s right! I’m not overly fond of most of Walmart’s offerings, but sometimes they surprise me! And you can’t deny the value.

This little beauty has a vintage look that has ME written all over it! At $33 it’s fairly affordable, too. See more details and the back view here: Shirred Halter Swimsuit.

My new suit should arrive by next Monday. I’m actually looking forward to trying it on – but I’m a little scared, too. What if I look like a beached pin-up whale??? Oh dear…

What a Frumpy Hausfrau Wears to…

…go berry picking!

Old baggy t-shirt, now smeared with blackberry stains and thorn snags
A good pair of jeans that I hope won’t show the berry stains
(not shown) Hiking shoes
There’s a big wild blackberry patch on the fence row of the pasture next to our place. Last year, the berries just fried on the bush before they ripened. Surprisingly, considering how HOTT it has been so far this summer, the berries were mostly plump and juicy. God sent us a Blessed Cold Front to break the 100°+ weather we’ve had the past couple of weeks, so I put on my jeans and hiked over to the pasture. It’s a bit difficult getting to most of the berries due to the steep incline of the ditch, but all that yoga practice helped me keep my balance.
Do you like my “manicure”?
My hands were MUCH more purple than that, but I had to rinse them off a bit before touching the camera. ha ha!
Here’s my bucket o’ bounty:
We’ll eat some of these fresh, and the rest will go into the freezer so we can enjoy summer berries in the winter months. Yum!

Thrifty Fashion Saturday

It is entirely TOO HOT to go yard sale-ing. We’ve had a good two-week long run of 100°+ temps, so no one wants to hold a sale, nor do I wish to get out in the hot sun to shop. However, I needed my weekly thrifting fix, so I went to a couple of local second-hand stores.

At the Thrift Store (yes, that’s the brilliantly creative name of the place!), I found this new-with-tags Liz & Co skirt and paid $1.50 for it. It will be fun to wear this fall with a sweater and boots.

Sarah’s Treasures yielded this pretty vintage necklace for $4. One of the little stones is missing, but unless you look really close, you don’t notice it. I like the leaves – another good piece for fall.