First Sunday of Summer

And it’s hotter than a jalapeno out there! I have to be honest – summer is my least favorite season. The heat and humidity causes me to swell, sweat, and swoon, and that just is not fun in my book. Maybe when our house gets air conditioning I will enjoy summer more, but for now, I just keep telling myself someday it will be fall again.

I found this cool, breezy skirt/dress on the clearance rack at Cato last week. The opportunity to shop at that fabulous little store rarely presents itself, as it is in a town I visit only about once a year, if that, so I took advantage of it. I’ve been wanting to try on some maxi dresses, and I did find one of those that I liked. The problem with being 5’2″ is that maxi dresses puddle on the floor a good 6-8″ even with heels on! This two-in-one piece fit me nicely, however, and the price was nice at $15.99. The straps are removable so it can be worn as a skirt – which, of course, means it puddles on the floor unless I fold the top down half-way instead of wearing it like normal, taller women would do.

Please ignore my half-asleep look in the photo. Yes, I was a bit drowsy from getting up so early, but there was only enough time for two quick pics and I had to be happy with what Some Postman got on the first try.

 2-in-1 worn as dress – Cato
Sandals – JCP
Earrings – from MIL’s collection
Flower ring – JCP
 White sweater – JCP, I think?

I really preferred not wearing the sweater with the dress, but since I was helping to lead the Day of Prayer service during Sunday School, I figured I’d better cover up my shoulders.


Thrifty Fashion Saturday

Only four items were purchased at yard sales this morning: a Salad Shooter for $1 (back-up in case mine gives out), a Rachel Ray cookbook for $2, a large Samsonite suitcase (in anticipation of our Thanksgiving trip) for $2, and this unknown branded jacket for $1 (the tag was cut out – don’t even know what size it is!):


Look at the beautiful embroidery work on the back of the jacket!

Almost all of the buttons were barely hanging on, and one was missing completely. Thankfully, the spare button was still attached inside the jacket. I spent some time this afternoon sewing the buttons back on to the jacket. It fits really well, except that the sleeves are too long – a VERY common problem for me. The sleeves are already cuffed, but I think I can roll them up once and it will still look fine. With the sleeves rolled one more time, the pretty floral inner lining will show, and I kind of like the look of it. A dollar well spent!

Sunday Dressed

White shirt – thrifted
Belt – Rue 21
Navy skirt – Target
Today is Father’s Day. I’m very blessed to have a Daddy who loves me and taught me a lot of important life lessons:  Day-old donuts are cheaper and still taste pretty good warmed up… Truckers are generally really generous, helpful people… Shoot once and do it right the first time… Reading will take you places you could never afford to travel to see… God will take care of the tough stuff…  I was blessed to have a terrific father-in-law, as well. He’s in heaven now, but I have some fond memories. 
Sea Glass necklace – eBay
Today is also my 23rd wedding anniversary. Some Postman is the love of my life, and I can’t imagine being without him. My daily prayer is that I will be a good wife for him, to love, support, and encourage him. I do love that man! ♥
BOC sandals – Vanderbuilt’s

Thrift Fashion Saturday

It’s Saturday! Or as it’s better known around here, Saleday! I visited several yard sales and one thrift store this morning and managed to find a few fashionable duds. Here’s my haul for this week:

 For Boo:
Old Navy khaki shorts, turtle t-shirt, and swim trunks (50¢ each)
These will stay at Grammy’s house so he won’t need to skinny dip anymore and he’ll have clean clothes in case he digs in the garden.
 Tops for me:
Black/cream sleeveless, 25¢ (fits and looks better on me than I imagined!)
Yellow tee, 50¢ (fits, a little brighter than I’d normally go for, but neon colors are popular)
NWT brown/green print, 50¢ (collar too tall for my short neck, sleeves too tight for my fat arms, not going to keep this one)
Bottoms, etc:
Pink plaid shorts, $1.50 (fit loosely, but that’s fine – I can always take a tuck or two)
White scarf, 25¢ (too short to wear as a scarf, but plan to tie it to a purse)
Black cargo shorts/capris, 25¢ (I forgot that cargo style pants look terrible on me, and these have another strange problem – right above the cargo pocket is a seam that is tighter than the rest of the leg. ICK! Not keeping these!)
Overall, a fairly successful Saleday!

Two Out of Three

On Wednesday, my sister B and I attended our great-aunt’s funeral. While a funeral is indeed a sad occasion, it’s also a family reunion of sorts. We enjoyed getting to see a lot of extended family that day, some of whom we’d never met before.

B’s outfit:
Black print top:
Black flats: Target
My outfit:
White shirt: thrifted
Polka dot skirt: thrifted
Belt: came with a thrifted dress
Jewelry: JCP
Black flats: Instant Flats by Dr Scholl’s 
(Nice in a pinch, but NO support or cushioning, just so you know!)
Pre-photo, I was wearing a cute pair of thrifted peep-toe heels.
Here are some of our “goofy” relatives…
 Our Awesome Aunts, D and G
Aren’t they the cutest? 🙂
Our Uncle R and our Daddy
So silly!
And we LOVE them all…SO much!!! ♥

Going Out with Hubby

White tee – Walmart
Yellow skirt – thrifted
Necklace – thrifted
Dansko sandals – TradeHome Shoes
As soon as Some Postman gets home from delivering the mail today, we are headed out to our favorite restaurant to celebrate our anniversary a little early. We’ll have been married for 23 years on Sunday!

Sunday Dressed

Dress: eBay
I think this is the first time I’ve worn this particular dress since baby Boo pooped on it during church when he was just four months old. He’s now 2½, so it’s been a while! And in case it happens to you, don’t worry about it when an infant poops all over  your lap when you’re wearing a silk floral print dress like this. The poop will blend in with the rest of the design until you get home; it will also rinse out pretty well with soap and water. The dry cleaners will get the rest of the mess out, although it will cost you more to clean the dress than it did to purchase it in the first place. In the end, the dress will be none the worse for the abuse and you’ll have a treasured memory in the bargain!
Boo didn’t go to church with us today, so he didn’t have a chance to poop on my dress again.
 Shell necklace: purchased in Mexico while there for nephew’s wedding 5 years ago
Sandals: thrifted