Sort of a Date

Dress – thrifted
Tee – ?? (either Walmart or Target)
Belt – thrifted
Sandals – Vanderbuilt’s
Ring – JCP
After Some Postman got home from work today, we went to the County Seat to pay for all our many vehicles’ tags. That took a while, but not nearly as long as it would have been if we lived in a more populated county. We’ve heard that some folks have to wait in line for DAYS! Kansas updated their motor vehicles department computer systems, and they are having all kinds of glitches. One more really good reason to live out in the middle of nowhere!
So, after the pain of writing out that big ol’ check at the court house, we traveled on down the road a little way to our favorite winery. I have eaten very little today, so I was careful to take small sips of the samples we tried. The lady working behind the counter was quite chatty (had she been sampling as well? he he) and quite generous with the samples. We went home with six bottles of wine. That should last us a while!
Some Postman and I have not gone out in a while, so I’m counting this as a date.
About the outfit…I’m not sure I really like wearing this dress as a jumper. Jumpers are just not my favorite thing; they remind me too much of the ugly school uniform jumpers I had to wear as a kid. However, it was too cool to wear it alone and I didn’t want to wear the pink sweater shrug over it again. When we got home, I traded in the dress and sandals for fleece pants and thick socks & slippers. That north wind today is downright chilly! I’m not complaining, though. I’m soaking up this coolness as much as possible, to remember it next week when it gets stokin’ hot again.

Sunday Morning

This Sunday morning was a very special one. A friend of mine was ordained during the late service. He worked hard for 6 years to achieve this…and the day finally arrived! I’d never witnessed an ordination before; it was so moving and inspiring! My eyes leaked a lot. I am so proud of Rev C! His lovely wife and two beautiful daughters and sweet mother-in-law stood beside him, so proud and happy, too. Praise God for such a willing family!

Yesterday was also Pentecost Sunday; the color on the altar is red. Rev. C’s new Pastoral stole is also red. I had thought to wear red in honor of both occasions; however, I felt more like blending into the background, so I went with this neutral outfit instead.

White shirt – thrifted
Long skirt – thrifted
Belt – thrifted
White sandals – Vanderbuilt’s
Now, I’ve always thought that the maxi length was not a good one for me, but this long skirt seems to work. Perhaps I should try on a maxi dress or two the next time I’m at Target…. Decided not to wear any jewelry other than small silver hoop earrings. The belt was enough decoration. Besides, a bracelet or big ring would have gotten in the way as I mixed punch and served cake at Rev. C’s reception after church.

Thrifty Fashion Saturday

There were no yard sales in our area today, due to the holiday weekend, so I went to the thrift stores instead. Only one “fashion” item was purchased – this Old Navy sundress. Once I got home, I made a couple of quick alterations to it and am wearing it now. It’s so lightweight and comfy, something I desperately need today. The weather is quite hot and humid today, with the ever-present Kansa (South Wind) gusting its hot breath at 30mph. Bleh….

Not very fashionable, am I? No shoes, no makeup, no accessories. Can’t even wear my wedding ring, due to swollen hands! Do I care? Hardly. See y’all later…I’m going to soak my toasty self in Boo’s wading pool in the shade….

Going to Town

Striped top – thrifted
Yellow tank – JCP
White capris – thrifted
This is what I wore to grocery shop yesterday. It was comfortable, kind of bright, but after looking at the pictures, I realize that I look like I should be living in a retirement village or on a Senior Citizen cruise! I don’t know about wearing a shirt as a jacket like this…seems kind of an old lady thing to do. And yeah, I’m over 40, but I’m not OLD!
 Bracelet – thrifted
Born sandals – Vanderbuilt’s
My lovely hairdresser told me that Vanderbuilt’s was having a half-off sale on ladies’ sandals, so after she cut my hair, I stopped in to see what they had to offer. I’ve been hoping to find a pair of sandals exactly like these, so how could I resist half-price?! The pair of Clarks that I’d spotted at Dillards were terrific, too, except for the price of $80. These Borns were $32 – much more affordable! Since yesterday was the first time for me to wear them, I wasn’t sure how my painful feet would tolerate them, so I packed my Danskos in the car just in case. These were fine until about the last half hour…by then, the “toe thing” was starting to bug me. They should be just right for wearing to church or on a date or someplace where I’m not on my feet constantly for 4 hours or more.

Sunday Dressed

Dress – Walmart
Sandals – Target
Belt – Rue 21
Earrings – JCP
Necklace – gift from MA
This is the second pattern of the same dress worn a few weeks ago to church. Normally, I don’t purchase more than one version of any article of clothing other than t-shirts, but I love the ease and fit of this dress. The price was nice, too, at $14. I think I would have liked my natural-toned sandals with this dress better, but my hubby suggested the black so I went with those.
The Kansa (South Wind) has been blasting us the past couple of days, but sometime last night, the quiet, cool strength of the North Wind pushed Kansa back down and brought with it some cooler temps and much more pleasant outdoor photo-taking conditions. This same shot, if taken yesterday, would have been crazy, to say the least!

Thrifty Fashion Saturday

My daughter and I went to a community-wide yard sale this morning. It was a lovely lake-side neighborhood; we enjoyed looking at the houses and yards as much as we enjoyed shopping! Here are the fashionable finds that came home with me:

 The long sleeve animal print top on the left is somewhat too big in the shoulders and bust, but since I won’t need it until cooler weather, I’ll figure out if I can alter it later. The one on the right is a one-piece “twin set” with 3/4 sleeves. I have such stumpy arms that, as usual, the sleeves appear to be “high waters” instead of 3/4…so I will shorten them by a couple of inches. I paid $1 each for these.
More animal print! I love the fluttery sleeves of the top on the left, and the top fits well. It was purchased for $1 at the same sale as the first two tops. The orange top was originally purchased at a small, pricey shop downtown in the City – I got it for a mere 50¢! It’s slightly roomy under the arms, but not enough to show anything, so I won’t bother with any alterations. It does hang lower in the back, as you can kind of tell in the pic, and I’m not sure just how fond of that I am, but if I wear it with slim-fitting pants, at least it will cover all of my big behind.
 My most expensive clothing purchase today…these ordinary Old Navy jeans were $3. They fit…but I am not sure I like how closely they fit on my upper legs. Again, it is entirely too warm now to wear jeans, so dealing with that issue can be put off until fall.
 Two quarters bought this cute skirt that is several sizes too large for me. I didn’t even bother trying it on. For one thing, it stinks like a smoking cat and is going directly into the washing machine. For another, it will either be altered to fit me as a skirt, or will be re-fashioned into something else. Stay tuned!
This is a 100% wool sweater jacket that was purchased at the same sale as the cute skirt, also for 50¢. It makes me look like Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs….but I didn’t buy it with the intention of wearing it. This piece is “crafting fodder”. It will be washed & dried with a load of whites until it’s nice and small, and then will become something entirely different!

Sunday Morning

This is what I wore to church this morning. This weekend marked the 60th anniversary of our church ladies’ group, so to celebrate the occasion, many of the ladies wore hats and gloves. This is the only pic I took of my outfit this morning, and it’s without my hat, so you’ll just have to imagine it with one. The gloves stayed at home; it’s just too hot for gloves today. Besides, my white gloves are all stained up.

White shirt – thrifted
Skirt – thrifted
Earrings – LWML store 
Necklace – put together by me
Shoes – eBay
Bleh – I do not like the angle the camera was at for this pic! It must have caught the dizzies from me (I had an inner ear problem yesterday and the world was all a-kilter for a while.) The skirt had a sash attached at the waist, which I removed, since I almost always wear my shirts untucked and a sash would add extra bulk right where it’s not needed. I’m thinking of putting these shoes out in the yard sale stash. No arch support and not very comfy, especially when compared to my Danskos.