The Khaki Pants and That Thing Around My Neck

On Monday I had some business in town and my cleaning job, so I put together this outfit that worked for both. I wore the khaki pants from my February Use It or Lose It challenge. They are comfortable, but the fit just isn’t quite right. I think I figured out why…they are a 14W, so they have more room for tummy and hips. While I do have a tummy and hips, it’s really not enough to keep these pants up where they are supposed to hit my waist, so they sag a bit. Just enough to make the side pockets stick out like a couple of ears – it looks weird and emphasizes an area I’d rather minimize. If I wear a long enough top, untucked, the problem isn’t as noticeable. Will I keep these pants? Hmmm…still thinking about it…

Navy 3/4 sleeve top – thrifted
Khaki pants – thrifted
Scarf – NY Fashion Exchange
Earrings – either from MIL’s collection or made by B (do you recognize them, B?)
**Please don’t look at my blechy hair! I colored it today, so it will look better in future posts!**
Tuesday is Some Postman’s day off (how do you like my new name for my dear husband? he likes it!), so we went to Town to price a window. It’s the last one to be replaced in our House Project – and it looks like it will be the most expensive window! Modern sizes just don’t mesh well with OLD houses. At any rate, here’s what I wore:
Gray stripe top – Walmart
Black jeans – Target
Black shoes – thrifted
Earrings – Avon (old)
Scarf – NY Fashion Exchange
Polka dot belt – Rue 21
It was warm but windy yesterday, so I grabbed a black sweater before heading out the door. Didn’t get a pic of that addition to the outfit, but it coordinated well. As I was coming out of the bathroom at Walmart, a lady coming in commented “I really like that orange thing around your neck!” I laughed and said “thanks!” That orange thing around my neck and the olive & pink one from the day before both came from one of my favorite little stores in our little town – New York Fashion Exchange. Rhonda has the most amazing accessories – scarves, belts, purses, jewelry, etc – and reasonable prices. I blame her for my scarf addiction –er, collection!

Last Sunday in February

This outfit was built around the shoes. Alas, unless I can figure out a way to make the shoes comfortable, this will be the ONLY time I will have worn them! They are a cute pair of Sofftspots that I found at the thrift store; after wearing them for a few hours, I discovered why the previous owner donated them. There is a seam on the inside of each shoe that rubs against the pinky toes. I wonder if sticking a bandage over the seam will work…or if that will just come unstuck after walking around a few minutes? Whatever solution I attempt, it will be done while wearing the shoes at home – so if it doesn’t work, I can kick them off and put my slippers back on!

Cream shirt – JCP
Skirt – thrifted
Tights – Kohl’s
I’m not sure where this scarf came from; either Walmart or Target a few years ago.
Shoes – thrifted
I really like how barn red and brown compliment one another. This skirt got several comments from ladies at church. I was concerned that it accented my chubby tummy too much, but I guess either my friends don’t care about that or it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Purple Again!

You will see me wearing purple quite often over the next couple of years. As an officer in our local LWML society and as a zone chairperson, I will be attending numerous LWML meetings and functions. Since purple is their official color, I try to wear that color when going to LWML activities. I do NOT wear purple to support the local university sports teams. Nothing wrong with that – it’s just not my deal. Just making it clear WHY purple is in my wardrobe. Aside from the obvious fact that purple is a great color!

Saturday morning was a zone board meeting. After I got home, I had to change into a big wooly sweater. For some strange reason, it was chilly at the church (it’s almost always too warm there in the winter – and it’s conversely cold there in the summer). At any rate, here’s what I wore while out of the house:

Lavender gingham shirt – thrifted
Purple scarf – not sure, maybe Walmart?
Jeans – Fashion Bug
Gray flats – eBay

President’s Day

Happy President’s Day! In honor of the occasion, my DH and I wore appropriate t-shirts for our trip to town. He had the day off, so we did some shopping – groceries, thrift store and lunch at our favorite restaurant.

Can you guess who our favorite musical group is? 🙂

The Animal Print Top

For church on Sunday, I wore the black and white animal print top from my February “use it or lose it” challenge. Since I was supposed to have Boo for Sunday School and church, I paired the top with pants to be more modest while crawling around on the floor or chasing him between pews. Sadly, my Boo wasn’t available to go to church with Grammy and Papa. He better be able to go with us next Sunday!

Black/white animal print top – hmm…I forget where this came from! 
Black long sleeve layering shirt – not sure about this one, either
Black pants – eBay
Black Dansko shoes – eBay
Necklace – made by my sister B

Flannel Shirt Re-make

My DH handed me a flannel shirt the other day and said it needed to be retired. The sleeves had gotten too short for him. (We have a hard time finding shirts that fit him well – he’s tall and slim. Eventually shirts shrink enough that the sleeves are too short for his long arms.) Rather than put the shirt in the rag bag, I adopted it and altered it a bit to fit me.

First step was easy – roll up the sleeves one full cuff length (I do NOT have long arms – LOL!). Next, I gathered up part of the center back and secured it with a safety pin. I wanted to be able to take it out in case I need more freedom of movement. As it turned out, I had to let out a few of the gathers; while gathering eggs, the safety pin popped open as I was crawling under the roost to get an elusive egg.
I was going to leave the length alone, but a scooped hemline just isn’t good for my wide hips, so I cut off the scoop and made it a straight hem. Probably should have left the front of the shirt a bit longer; men’s shirts are not shaped for boobies. Even though I am not overly endowed, it’s enough to raise the front hem a bit, making the back longer. Oh well.
This shirt turned out well, I think. I do love me some flannel! 🙂

(Oh, man…not sure I like pics of my backside! egads…)

Cape Casual

Friday night, my DH and I attended our local high school’s musical play, Beauty and the Beast. The kids did a wonderful job, as always, and the house was PACKED! They said it was a record attendance. This is how it should be for every show, folks!

Here’s what I wore for my date night. Please keep in mind this is the middle of Kansas – farm country. It’s considered “dressed up” if you wear clean jeans.

Capelet – Rue 21
Striped shirt – thrifted
Jeans – Fashion Bug
Brown boots – Fashion Bug
Earrings – JCP
The Outfit Inspiration calender for Friday called for a cape. Now, I’ve long admired capes. In fact, when I was a freshman in college, capes were the hot item that fall. However, I’m short and back then, I was tiny. When I tried on the capes they had back then, I looked like a little girl playing dress up! Most capes I’ve seen lately are also just too voluminous for my frame, despite having a lot more substance than I did X years ago. While out shopping with my daughter for her birthday a few weeks ago, I ran across this little capelet and found it to be just right! It’s especially fun to whack seatmates with the dingle balls. Ha ha!