My Baby Girl’s Birthday!

This past Sunday was my little girl’s 21st birthday! She’s my favorite daughter (only daughter! LOL), so I wanted her to have a special birthday. One of her favorite things to do is have a mom-and-daughter day, so that’s what we did. Papa babysat Boo, and we girls went shopping! First to the mall, where we had cinnamon rolls and cappuccino, tried on glittery super-high heels at Payless Shoes (neither of us could walk in them!), and made a couple of small purchases at Rue 21.  Next stop was Walmart, where I ended up purchasing the bulk of her birthday gifts. We don’t have a lot of department store choices in Podunk, KS! Our last excursion was Dillons grocery store, where I gave Min a course in coupon shopping. She purchased $45 worth of food for $20.50 – a savings of 64%! This may not sound like the typical 21-year-old’s way to celebrate a birthday, but Min is her mother’s daughter…simple things bring us joy! Especially spending time together, just us girls!

I didn’t get a picture of what I wore in the afternoon (it was just jeans and a simple shirt). Here’s what I wore to church Sunday morning…

Dress – JCP
Scarf – some little store in downtown Manhattan (?)
Boots – JCP
Black bag – mail-away freebie from Dove products from several years ago
Earrings – thrifted

Black & Brown

The black top I got from Kohl’s a few years ago. It has lace shoulders so I wore a teal colored t-shirt underneath. It was fairly comfortable and I felt a little more dressed up than my normal sweatshirt or long sleeved t-shirts this time of year.
The brown top is probably going to go. It looked okay on me, but the material is stiff and it bunched weirdly when I sat at church and the sleeves are elastic and they rode up my arms all day. It looks like I wore the same pair of jeans with each of these shirts. 🙂
The red 3/4 length sleeve top I chose for this is in the GO pile. It was too small.

The Wine/Plum Shell

Jacket – thrifted
Purple shell – JCP
Brown pants – thrifted
Shoes – Target
Necklace & Earrings – Premiere Designs (ages ago!)
The wine colored shell top is from my “use it or lose it” picks for this month. It’s difficult to pair with other items in my closet due to the color. If it were plum, it would be easier. I really like how it fits, tho, so I will keep trying to incorporate it into my wardrobe.
Once again, Abby is making an appearance with me. She is going au naturale, as usual. Both my dogs hate clothing.

What a Frumpy Hausfrau Wears To…

…Bake a bunch of cookies!

Flannel shirt – thrifted
Jeans – Fashion Bug
Apron – gift from friend RL
This is the standard uniform in these parts – jeans and a flannel shirt. When I work in the kitchen, which is almost every single day, I always wear an apron. I’m a very messy cook. This happens to be my best apron (meaning it’s not yet covered in stains) and was a Christmas gift from my thrifting friend RL year before last. It reads: Will cook for shoes – Lots and lots of shoes! RL knows me so well! I love aprons and I have lots and lots of shoes! 
I was going to take a photo of the finished baked goods, but I had some problems with the oven yesterday (the ignitor wasn’t working properly and the temperature was off kilter) and by the time I got done, Hubby was home from work. He developed a blechy cold while he was out delivering the mail, and in trying to make him feel better, I didn’t have time to take pics. I made Candy Bar Cookies, which are just like chocolate chip cookies except with cut up candy bars (leftover from Halloween), and Mini Brownie Cups with Kisses. These are for our LWML “bake sale” this weekend – a fund raiser for the church building fund. If the oven cooperates today, I plan to make a double batch of Cinnamon Raisin Biscuits as well.

It’s Like Wearing a Blanket

No, it’s not a Snuggie or a Slanket! Thursday morning, I decided to wear this newly thrifted velvet skirt (I was really tired of wearing pants all the time). With this fuzzy warm skirt, it felt like I was wearing a blanket all day! Since we’re finally experiencing true winter temps this week, wearing a blanket is a great idea. The scarf and boots were added just before I went to Book Club in the evening.

Navy cardigan – thrifted
Cream ruffled 3/4 sleeve layering top – JCP
Plaid velvet Christopher & Banks skirt – thrifted
Yellow hand-knitted scarf – gift from Book Club friend SK
Black riding boots – JCP
Little Old Lady Dog Abby was a little perturbed that I moved her bed for this pic, but I told her she could pose with me and that made her a bit happier.

What a Frumpy Hausfrau Wears To…

…Do a little shopping with the hubby…

My DH needed some car parts, so I scrapped my plans to play with fabric today and we went shopping. He bought car parts and I bought groceries. Then we had lunch at the grocery store. Yeah, that’s right! Our Hy-Vee store has an amazing Grand Buffet, including the best fresh salad bar. It’s one of the few places I can eat “out” without getting sick afterward. After we stuffed ourselves silly, we stopped by one of our favorite thrift stores, where I found a lovely little Frankoma coffee cup for my collection. It was a great “date day”!

Plaid shirt – JCP
Jeans – Fashion Bug
Earrings – JCP
Necklace – Walmart
Shoes – Walmart
The shirt is one I re-fashioned last summer. Originally, it was about 6 inches longer, with kind of a scooped hem – it made my hips look even more enormous than they really are. So I shortened the length and made the hem straight across. Please forgive the totally unfashionable tennies; I needed shoes that would help my hips not hurt too much from walking around in stores all day. For some reason, the walk we took yesterday really irritated my joints.
Something funny I’ve noticed…when my DH takes my outfit pictures, I look really short, but always have a much more pleasant look on my face. When I use the timer, I look normal height (which is, in reality, SHORT! LOL) and my facial expressions show how awkward I feel taking my own picture.

A Tailoring and Another Pair of Cowboy Boots!

Since I’m only 5’2″, I’ve had to shorten the hem of most of my pants and skirts over the years. Recently, however, I’ve begun experimenting with other tailoring details to make all my clothing fit better. The only thing I haven’t tackled yet is a lined jacket. A retired lady from church (who made her living doing alterations) told me that whatever you want to do to the outer part of the garment, you must do the same thing to the lining in the same place, or it’s going to look bunchy. I got a lined jacket at the thrift store today; the sleeves are too long, so I will be (nervously) learning how to alter a lined piece soon!

Today I decided to tailor the jeans I got from Fashion Bug a few weeks ago. They are the “Blue” Right Fit bootcut jeans, for the curvy figure. I think perhaps I should have ordered a different style. These fit nicely thru the waist and rise, but the legs are quite roomy and too long, despite being a petite size. To tailor them to fit better, first I took them in a bit in the “saddle bag” area. My legs do have saddle bags, but not enough to fill in these jeans. Next, I laid a different pair of jeans on top of these and marked the width of the legs from the knee down. After I stitched a new side seam, trimmed and finished the edges, I shortened the hem by an inch.

I forgot to take a before picture today – here’s a not-very-good pic of them from a post a few days ago:

And here they are, post-tailoring:

They feel a lot less bell-bottom-y now!

This morning, my friend LR and I had our monthly thrifting session. I hoped to find some new-to-me boots…and look what I found!

They aren’t in the best condition, but I like the rustic look. For $2, I can overlook a few scuffs. I’ll need to add some cushion inserts, but they aren’t nearly as uncomfortable as that first pair of boots I found in October. This next  pair of boots I picked up for my daughter as an early birthday gift. She loves them!