Wearing Purple for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

This is for my buddy Cody, who lost his beloved step-dad about 18 months ago to pancreatic cancer. November has been Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month, and Cody has requested that all his friends wear PURPLE today in memory of his step-dad, Chris. Chris was indeed a wonderful man, and heaven is surely a little more fun with him there.

Purple gingham shirt: thrifted
Dark purple layering top: Walmart
White skinny belt: thrifted
Khaki pants: thrifted
Born shoes: thrifted
Earrings: thrifted
Scarf: not sure, maybe Walmart?
Big flower ring: Target
(sorry about the granny glasses; I forgot to take them off before snapping the photo)
I don’t really like the khaki pants with the purple, but it was the best I could come up with. Jeans just didn’t look right, nor did black pants or navy cords. My pants selection is rather limited; I’m still hunting for a pair of charcoal gray pants. Or, if I could shed about 20 lbs, my favorite pair of charcoal pants, currently in storage, would fit me. Considering my luck losing weight lately, I’d better keep shopping.
For more information about pancreatic cancer, please visit www.pancan.org. Be well!

Posting on the same day the outfit was worn…I know, it’s a shocker!

This is what I wore to church today. Yeah, I know…it’s so unlike me to blog about an outfit the same day it was worn! But I might not get a chance later in the week, so I’d better do it now.

That should be my goal this holiday season – get stuff done right away! I might try that, if I don’t procrastinate too much.

Anyway…it’s cold and windy today, so a long skirt and boots appealed to me. Wish this sweater had longer sleeves, but it’s the only top I have in this color, and darn it, I wanted to wear olive with this plum skirt! Thankfully, the church is typically considerably warmer than my house, and today, no one cranked up the ceiling fans. Now that I’m no longer experiencing hot flashes, I really don’t appreciate a cold breeze on a cold day.

Olive sweater top: no idea…I’ve had it a LONG time!
Plum Coldwater Creek skirt: most likely thrifted (another item I’ve had a long time)
Black boots: JC Penney
Originally, the sweater had an olive green tie woven into the neck. To tie the top and bottom together, I replaced it with this floral sash. I really like how it turned out. Usually, long skirts make me look stumpy, but this one doesn’t. It must be the shape and structure of the skirt. 
Premier Designs bracelet & earrings: thrifted
Ring: found in a pocket of a denim jacket after I brought it home from the thrift store
My buddy Cody reminded me today that November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month, and he’s asking his friends to wear purple in honor of his dear step-father, whom he lost to pancreatic cancer about a year and a half ago. November 30 is the day in particular that Cody has deemed “Wear Purple Day”, but I’m glad it worked out that I chose my plum skirt today. And I’ll put together another purple-rific outfit for Wednesday, as well.

Last Weekend

I sense a trend…take pics of an outfit, then delay posting about it so long I’ve forgotten what I wore without going back to look at the pics! Hey, I’ve been busy; Thanksgiving was just a couple of days ago, you know.

Last Saturday’s outfit:

Jacket: Kohl’s
Polka-dot tee: Walmart
Brown pants: Walmart
Black scarf: no idea???
Dansko clogs: eBay
Earrings: old
Bracelet: thrifted
Last Sunday:
White button-down shirt: JC Penney’s
Polka-dot skirt: thrifted
Red belt: Rue 21
Black platform heels: Dillard’s
Red sea glass necklace: eBay
Silver earrings: JC Penney’s

Sweater Style

I needed to wear something dressy but appropriate for climbing up onto the camera “booth” (a makeshift platform next to the sound booth) so I could run the camera for church.  We have a step stool to get up onto the platform and a tall bar stool to sit on while running the camera so I didn’t want to wear a skirt at all!  I really haven’t been wearing skirts for quite some time partly because I don’t really have any that fit right anymore and now because it’s gotten cold.  So this is what I came up with and liked how it looked together.  I did get a bit warm with the scarf while I was “working” but it wasn’t too bad.  I got a complement on my shoes after church which wasn’t surprising as they are quite noticable from up there in the booth as everyone walks by!

I forgot to take a close up picture so you could see my jewelry so I’ll just have to tell you about it.  Earrings: silver rounded triangular dangles (don’t remember where I got them), Scarf: silvery-gray with black paisly pattern (Wal-Mart), Sweater: dark teal (either JCPenny or Wal-Mart), Slacks: gray Old Navy (thrifted), Shoes: silver flats with patina buckles (Famous Footware), Ring: cute little silver and chrystal turtle stretch (Payless Shoes).

Last Sunday

This is what I wore to church last Sunday…

Denim Jacket: NY Fashion Exchange
Floral skirt: can’t remember (I’ve had it a long time)
Teal t-shirt: thrifted
Gold silk scarf: thrifted
Black cowboy boots: thrifted
I finally located a well-fitting pair of cowboy boots! While they aren’t as comfortable as my Dansko or Born shoes, they are certainly MUCH more tolerable than the first pair of old boots I’d thrifted earlier this fall. I’m looking forward to wearing these boots quite often.
Gold leaf earrings: ???
Teal flower ring: JC Penney

Sister Fraus!

An unexpected blessing floated down on me early this week ~ my little sister Bev stayed overnight after our cousin D’s wedding Sunday evening! She’d planned to drive home after, but she was tired and between her Dear Hubby and me, we convinced her to rest up at the G Farm B & B and travel home the next morning. Bev was nestled snug in the ancient old bed in our Gable Room (fancy name for the second story, huh?) and claimed she slept perfectly. She told me later that she awoke before my hubby and I did, so she dreamed up visions of how we could remodel the Gable Room. She had some fantastic ideas, let me tell you! And right along the same lines I’ve been thinking…great minds, eh?

The plan was for her to head home shortly after breakfast and for me to follow soon after so I could do my grocery shopping. However, the best laid plans of timely departure…well, they depart when it comes to two sisters who don’t get to spend  much time together! First of all, I simply had to bake Espresso Chocolate Chip Scones for my special guest…and then we had to kick around ideas for the Gable Room…catch each other up on life as we know it….sip coffee….choose an outfit…and then, of course, do a photo shoot together for this post! We finally said our goodbyes around 11:30am, agreeing that it would be SO wonderful if we lived closer to one another….but that we’d probably never get anything accomplished! LOL

Here we are in my front yard (as far out of the chilly wind as we could get); Bev is wearing the fabulous outfit she wore to D’s wedding and I am wearing a comfortable grocery shopping outfit that she helped me put together.

Melissa’s outfit:
Striped shirt: JC Penney
White ruffled cardigan: Kohl’s
Brown corduroy pants: JC Penney
Red Born Mary Jane shoes: thrifted

Bev’s outfit:
Rusty orange top:
Brown cardigan:
Suede brown shoes:
Bev’s closeups…
(Doesn’t she look like a super model, with her hair blowing in the wind like that?)
Melissa’s closeups….

Necklace: from my dear MIL’s collection
Ring: thrifted
Nails: East Village by NYC
(Yipes! my hands are already starting their winterly dry old hag look!)

Another Wedding!

This has been The Year of Weddings in my family! First, my brother, then my brother-in-law, and now, my cousin. My lovely cousin, D married her sweetheart J on Sunday. It was a simple but perfectly wonderful wedding, and D was a beautiful bride. May God bless you with many happy years together, D and J!

D’s mother, my Aunty D is just a few years older than me, so we are more like sisters. I snapped a quick pic of the mother of the bride – and warned her that since she looked so lovely that she might find herself on this blog!

Doesn’t my Aunty D look wonderful? I particularly adore her shoes (of course! you know me and shoes! LOL) and I think she looks like a lovely autumn afternoon. Love ya bunches, Aunty D!

In light of the two beauties pictured above, I hesitate to post the picture of what I wore to the wedding. After seeing the photos I hurriedly snapped before leaving the house, it’s obvious that this is NOT a flattering outfit for me. Alas, it is what it is. Please know that I will never wear this combination in public again. Ever.

Teal kimono tunic: Walmart
Brown leggings: JC Penney
Brown cardigan: ?? (I’ve had it a long time.)
Animal print cami: JC Penney
Shoes: eBay

I did like my accessories, however. The necklace and bracelet are both from Walmart. The nail color is East Village by NYC. I thought it would be as dark as it appears in the bottle; I don’t really care for how light it is on me, even after two coats. Bev suggested I try four coats to see if it comes closer to the shade I prefer. Next time…