Half-way Day in May

Last week the temps were at or near 100°; the last couple of days, we’ve been lucky to hit 60°. If I had some black leggings, I may have worn them with this dress today! But then again, I’m not sure I really go for the leggings-with-a-dress look. Tights are fine, of course, but the whole footless thing just doesn’t quite look right to me. I can see the merits of keeping one’s legs warm, however!

This flowy dress is comfortable and looks better worn than it does on the hanger (so unlike most dresses for me!). The shape must be a good one for me; I got several positive comments at church this morning about it. It’s also the perfect colors to show off the fun and funky necklace B made for me! Check out the close-up:

Dress: JC Penney’s
Necklace: B’s One-of-a-Kind Creations
White Sandals: Payless


A fun little project

While out shopping with Bestie a couple of weeks ago, I saw some cute flower hair clips at Penney’s. They were extremely simple looking – just a silk flower on a bobby pin. I didn’t think I should waste my $10 coupon on something I could make myself for next to nothing! So…yesterday I purchased a package of 12 hair clips (which stay in my hair better than bobby pins) and two flower stems – all for about $4. A snip here, add a little glitter there, pop it with some hot glue — and now I have a garden of clips! I can use them in my hair…or to adorn my hat. FUN!!

Cleaning Day!

Tuesday was a hot, sticky day. The entire area set record highs for the second day in a row. We don’t have our new heating and air unit installed yet, so I dressed as coolly as possible for a day of cleaning. DH had finished putting in the window and outside wall for the laundry room, so my job was to clean and put things back to rights. Plus, I need to give the rest of the house a thorough scrubbing. A sundress and flip-flops fit the bill! No jewelry…sorry, I’m not June Cleaver in nearly 100° temps!

Navy sundress – gift from B (she has good taste!)
Butterfly flip-flops – Walmart clearance
Awesome clear latex gloves – Walmart (oh, yes, clear latex gloves are hot accessories for cleaning ladies!)

Three hours later, the dress and I looked like we’d been crawling through a dusty sauna, but the house was clean and the laundry room intact!

Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, I hopped in my car after church and took a Sunday drive to visit my Mama. Between B, Mom & I, we set a fine Mother’s Day table and enjoyed our time together. And since we sisters had stayed in our church outfits, it seemed a good idea to have A snap a few pics of us together for our bloggety blog. I like that A captured us laughing in this shot. We do have a lot of fun together, B & I! Note that I am standing on a flat stone; even tho I’m also wearing heels, I’m still considerably shorter than my little sister! Huh…I’m shorter than both my little sisters! And, at the time, I’m wider than both of them, too. Hence, my theme song…”I’m a little teapot, short and stout”…. Anyway…I’m chasing rabbits. I think I get that from my Dachshunds.

White jacket: JC Penney’s
Pink tee: Walmart
Floral skirt: I think it came from Penney’s – I’ve had it a long time!
White sling-back wedges: eBay
Necklace & bracelet: JC Penney’s (Mother’s Day gifts from DH)

Stylin’ Sisters

Yesterday, my sister and I spent the afternoon with our Mommy for Mother’s Day.  We brought lunch and dessert to serve to her so she didn’t have to do any cooking but because I didn’t bring a veggie she did the mom thing and fixed a veggie.  We had a lot of fun talking about recipes, flowers, looking at the family wedding scrapbook, and sipping on coffee and tea after we ate.  I’ve always loved having laughs and good times talking with my mom and sisters!  Some of my favorite memories are of my mom being silly and laughing with us!

Before we had to leave, M and I had my oldest take a picture for the blog.  It was super windy so the location wasn’t the greatest.  After about 20 takes (and some photo fusing) this is the best one I got!
I felt pretty in this outfit and M looked so put together and springy in her outfit! 
Top: Kmart clearance $5
Belt: came with a pair of pants
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: hand-me-downs from M
Earrings: Dollar General clearance
Ring: Kohl’s

I think I might be a Hat Girl…

I wasn’t going to take a photo of my outfit yesterday, because I thought it was just ho-hum. However, I picked up this awesomely cute hat at Target…and the cashier at JC Penney’s said “I love your belt…and your necklace…oh, and your striped shirt!” (I wasn’t wearing the hat then, and she probably couldn’t see my jeans and tennies from behind the counter. ha ha!) So I told her how my sister B introduced me to fashion blogs and that I get inspiration from those fab ladies out there in blogger-land. Miss Cashier said it’s working! And so I guess this outfit is picture-worthy after all. The one issue I had with the outfit was how the jeans’ belt loops and button made bulges under the shirt. These are supposed to be “skinny jeans” but they have gotten loose on me, making the waistband slide down and create bulk.

Cloche hat – Target
Striped tee – Walmart
Necklace – Walmart
Floral belt – swiped off a long-gone dress
Jeans – Walmart


Since Easter, I have been busy – going through every single room in the house, weeding out stuff for a garage sale. Had the sale this past Saturday and got rid of a good portion of it. Thank goodness! We are in the early stages of a house remodeling job, so the less stuff we have sitting around, the better.

This outfit was from the Monday after Easter. It was comfortable yet not too boring. Did some shopping that day, as I recall. And walked for miles in Menard’s. That store is absolutely HUGE!

3/4 Sleeve top: JC Penney’s
Brown cargo pants: JC Penney’s
Scarf: thrifted
Shoes: Fashion Bug (before they closed, my fave store, boo hoo!)

Next up…fashion for the temporary bedroom. I was unable to ignore the beach towel curtains, left from when Son lived in this room. I found these homey quilted valences at a thrift store. Originally, I planned to add panels made from a king size sheet that was an eggshell color & had beautiful eyelet along the edge. However, despite the fact they are small windows, a king size sheet did not provide enough material for two panels. So, I dug through my fabric dresser and came across some lace yardage. Good second choice, I think! Except that we now have no need of an alarm clock; the sun beams into the east window quite early. And at night, the yard light in the pasture next door shines just a little too much for me to sleep well. So, to help alleviate these issues, I pinned a heavy white fabric behind the lace of the east window panel. It didn’t help much. But now that summer is approaching, and I like to rise early to beat the heat, this isn’t bothering me anymore.

Last Thursday was Book Club meeting. One of the ladies brought a slew of beautiful hats in the most amazing hat boxes. She’d gotten them at a yard sale for $1 each! (A woman after my own heart! LOL) She wanted us to wear hats in honor of the Royal Wedding – we happily complied! After Book Club was finished for the evening, she let us take home a hat or two to keep. I just adore the two hats she gave me! Since they are both wool hats, I won’t wear them until fall, but I just couldn’t resist sharing them now. I’ve always admired hats, but never knew how to chose one that looks good on me. I’m trusting that the Book Club ladies are correct in saying that these two are appropriate for gracing my noggin.

Now I think I want to find some breezy summer hats! Then I won’t have to worry if my hair looks horrid. Which happens a lot with the wind in Kansas.